What did you do in GT7 today?

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I bought 10 Cappuccinos
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It was an expensive weekend! Sold off a bunch of cars to buy the F1 road car that popped up in the LCD. Then, I got my daily workout ticket that yielded the only invite I wanted, Aston Martin. Once I got that, I sold a few more cars to buy the Vulcan. The Vulcan drives so much better now than it did in Sport. I now have all the cars that I want!
Got some cars out of storage that I haven’t driven in a long time and raced Sarthe once with each.

First up was the swapped RX-8 which I haven’t driven since suspension settings affected PP. Changed my suspension tune and had a blast with it. Handles so much better than I remember now that you can actually adjust suspension appropriately without getting dinged for it by PP system.

Second up was the swapped Tundra. Again, haven’t driven this since shortly after the engine swap was possible so it’s been many months. Made some minor tweaks to suspension and also power since the PP was now lower than last time I drove it because PP calculations changed in updates since. Remembered just how fun this truck is and how good it sounds with the swap.

Finally I pulled out the 2019 Supra Race Car. This car was one of my “go-to” in the beginning. Again, adjusted the suspension and made some power changes as result of previous update changes and had a blast. I forgot how close this race can be on a dry day on Hard while using a Gr.4 car instead of grinding with something like a Gr.B or Gr.2 car.

Got a 4 star and won an S part I already have 2 of so saved it in hopes I get something better after an update.
I had to make up for a weekend off the PS5 (except to check Hagerty's and the UCD). On the GTP account, I grabbed a pair of Fords to do the Grindy Double. The GT Race Car made short work of Sardegna, while a tuned Focus rally car carved up a dry Sarthe.

The 4-star Wheel of Despair was a bit more helpful than usual - it gave the low-showing 30,000 Cr. instead of the lowest-possible 10,000 Cr. I'm still over 6,500,000 Cr. short of a 20,000,000-Cr. Hagerty's unicorn.

On the Plus account, it was the Subaru WRX's turn at the Grindy Double. The Gr.3 flew through Sardegna, though on FM1, it didn't get nearly the mileage of either Hizal's or Miyazono's cars, barely making it 5 laps.

The Gr.4 was an interesting race. It's almost efficient enough to do 4 laps and almost fast enough to do a 2-stop win in the dry. It was anything but dry, with an initial round of rain at the end of lap 2 and a second round on lap 5. I stupidly tried a 3-stop strategy (intermediates on lap 2, full wets on lap 4, RH on lap 6), which would have worked had I not been punted in the second Mulsanne chicane on lap 7. A second attempt was aborted after I slid through Mulsanne Corner. A third attempt was thwarted by unnatural grip in the wet by Haywood, who did his usual 1-stop strategy and never switched to rain tires. I finally manged a 2-stop win by stretching the fuel 4 laps to lap 6.

I managed to avoid getting a 3-star Wheel of Despair, and the 4-star was far kinder than usual, giving the mid-showing (though lowest-legal as the low-showing was 5,000 Cr.) 500,000 Cr. Still, I'm just over 2,100,000 Cr. short of being able to buy two 20,000,000-Cr. Hagerty's unicorns. I held off on the McLaren F1 for now, hoping against hope I can still afford it on the GTP account before it sells out.
Some laps on the current TT, no improvement of my "best" lap but a good string of 10 laps where the worst was still bronze worthy so I take it as good progress.

Plus some test laps with various TCS settings, with no conclusion.

Got a "nice" 3* ticket which brought me the tremendous amount of 10k, hooray.
Went to Sardegna for a few grind races, because I like a few dry races again. Rain on Sarthe is your friend, but some dry races are really nice too. Got 67M in the bank now and still too stingy to buy something. 😂

Did my grinds in the BAC Mono '16. Won fairly comfortable on FM6 and RS tyres, needing 2 stops for fuel and just 1 for fuel and tyres. I know Portilla stops 3 times, so that gives me a 20-25 seconds advantage.

Then tried a meeting room at the Nurburgring. What a laggy place that was. No wonder there is barely anyone in there, or are empty.

Got this nice 3 star ticket from the daily mileage, with a whopping 5K credits. Glad I didn't get the 10K or any of the 3 cars on the wheel.

said no one.
Ahhhh, what a lil' time away can do..

Just got back from a nice 3 day vaca. to the coast (Oregon, Lincoln City), checked out one of my fav. rockers of all-time George Thorogood..

.. yeah, even at 72, dude kills it like he did 40 years ago.. absolutely amazing!

.. anyways, got back home, fired up the ol' PS4, threw on the JBL's, raced a couple low-levels at deep forest with the '14 Golf-GTI, blew that field to pieces just to get back in the feel.. once that was out of my system as a warmup jumped into the '06 Ford GT at the TM 700 Clubman Cup.. smh.. enema time.. not even fair.. kicked that field like I was standing still,behind me@ -:43 in 2nd place..

So to end the day, Enzo time!.. again, smh.. 2nd place was -34.7 behind.. good to be home.. missed racing ?? sure.. but there's still nothing like taking time off, opening up the IRL ride, get'n away from all the RL BS, enjoying life, coming back & picking up right where ya left off.. feel me ??

.. definetly a good 96 hours!

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Update my car liveries to:

1) Herbie Goes Bananas for the VW Beetle
2) Southpark Bus for the VW Sambabus
3) Brian O'Conner's Orange scheme for the Supra
4) Duke's of Hazard (sans flag) for the Dodge Chevelle
Did a lot of grinding over the past few days and I now have 2 911 GT1, 2 F50, 2 F1, and 2 of each of the cars from the Ferrari and Pagani invitations, one 917k and one 2J and I have over 40 million credits which gives me enough for the two 20 million credit cars I don’t own yet. Not too long until I have all the LCD cars (the W194 Mercedes will be the last) and then it’s just duplicates for the cars I really like and of course Brand Central to buy out down the line.
Continued on the Tokyo circuit experience quest. First layout I landed a solid .600 with .500 needed and then started struggling again. Activated the ghost and subsequently smashed it with a .1XX. Now going for the counterclockwise variant of the same layout and it's a pain all over again. More pain from getting two invites in a row, both which I don't need again (Ferrari and Bugatti).
A small 15 laps on the TT for lunch break, tried TCS 0 just in case, did not finish the lap, too snapy! wnet back to TCS 1 which I find much more manageable.

Not very good laps, some big bottles, but overall the optimal lap time continues to go down. Just wish I'd be able to "nail" a corner and not immediatly butcher the next one, and if possible not alternate the list of butchered corners from lap to lap, at least if it was the same corners, I'd know which to work on.

Received another 3* ticket for my daily marathon, resulting in the lowest price as 99.99% of the time, with 5k, thanks PD !

Learned more about Logitech Trueforce in 10 mins than what I had seen watching multiple reviews for the G Pro wheel.
Just curious how we can combine it with additional tactile transducers and make effects in Simhub work well with it for seat/pedals.

I am all for taking tactile immersion with GT7 to a new level with some approaches not shown/done before and beyond the norm. :)
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Yesterday I tried the Gr.2 daily races in Spa.
I run two races with the gems of GT1 era!
Mercedes CLK-GTR and McLaren F1 GTR
Far better handling from LMP1 cars.
It's shame that brilliant cars are so expesive to aquire them (when they will appear in Legendary dealership)
Bought another used Pantera. I put the wide kit on my first one. Probably the most hideous Need for Speed like tweak we can make. Cartoonish.
I gilded all the license tests, went from menu #20 to #30, finally bought my beloved BRZ GT300 and searched for the SUPER GT liveries for the car.

Also, equipped Alonso's 2023 Helmet as well as the BRZ SUPER GT suit.

I’m now starting to love this game as much as GT Sport, looking for all the liveries and complimenting other users was one of my favourite things about that game.
On the Plus account, I finished off the "twins" portion of the Grindy Double with the Toyota GR Supra. The 2018 Racing Concept was a boring, safe drive around Sardegna. The 2019 Race Car was a bit tail-happy at Sarthe, and it won't quite do 4 laps on a tank of fuel, but it's still serviceable.

The 4-star Wheel of Despair gave a Stroke Up S for the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept. Well, it's better than nothing, and I'm less than a grindy race away from 40,000,000 Cr.

I didn't waste time while doing the Grindy Double on the GTP account. The RH-shod Honda NSX GT500 polished off Sardegna, and the Red Bull Junior knocked off Sarthe. The winnings, plus the low-showing 30,000 Cr. from the 4-star Wheel of Despair, left me just under 5.2 million Cr. short of being able to buy the McLaren F1.
Finalized a tribute livery today. Mucho happy about that. Did a few usual grind races on the usual tracks, torrential rain on Sarthe each time. Went to Sardegna for dry races.
Took some racing screenshots, a few scapes and a daily mileage race for the ticket. 30K worth, so that's not the worst. Bank is up to 67M now, but I might buy the Aston Martin DB3S soon. Liked it in GTS and feel it'll be nicer in GT7.
First I installed the Audi Pikes Peak engine into the white Golf GTI that I got in the UCD and tuned it for 700pp and won easily at a completely dry Le Mans with only one pit stop needed. Then I took the Sauber C9 to 1 hour Spa. Then I fully upgraded and tuned my wide body McLaren F1 and ran it at Sardegna which required a little short shifting to manage a 2-stop race but went well overall. After that I had enough credits to buy the Aston Martin from the LCD and still have 40 million credits leftover. I got a 3-star ticket worth 5k which wasn’t a big surprise since I’ve had better than usual luck lately which never lasts very long.
I did the lazy way:

If you're not home or can't sit in front of your PS, you can set a custom race at Special Stage X with (example) a SRT Tomahawk S on RS tires, a custom grid of 20 "normal" cars, no tire wear, no fuel loss, real grip, real slipstream and cook for 11 laps per hour. Set the number of laps for the amount of time you will be gone or sleeping. Rig the throttle on the controller with a rubber band and the L stick to the left some. To much will slow the can to much. (The offered one lap race can be used to find the sweet spot. Yes, pictures are to the right but, you get the concept) Then let fly! Granted, you don't make as much however, you don't need to even be home or awake. Best thing short of B-Spec Bob.

Oh, remember to plug in your controller or it will die!
No promises you will win the race however, it seems to give the clean driving bonus regardless.
More Tokyo circuit experience. I find myself enjoying the tracks more now that I'm more comfortable on them, particularly Tokyo since I've struggled quite a bit compared to other tracks. Spent some of the earned cash on a McLaren P1 GTR but didn't have time to test it out, will be sure to do so tonight.
I bought an AMG Black series after watching Naffantait's video about a glitched build but I didn't finish setting it up because I didn't have a long time to play. I took the Aston Martin VGT too Tokyo but I kept crashing into the AI so I left it alone. I took the A220 to LeMans but I had a bad crash 1st lap caused by a out of control AI that spun out and I was collateral damage. I quit the race and changed to the stealth RX7. I had a dry race and I got to lap 5 with about 2laps of fuel so I decided to put because I didn't want to run out of fuel on the last lap. McEwen took the ead but I was to catch him by the end of lap 6. Ended winning by about 40 seconds. Got 10K from the wheel
A couple laps in the TT, shaved a tiny bit of my record time.

Got a 4* stars for the daily marathon, ending up with the worst price as most of the time. Each time I want to throw the game away and insult Kaz. I can't see how it can be a game design choice, except from a sadistic editor. Why would you put a functionnality that makes player hate you everyday they play your game ? Dont' want to give them too much* ? Then don't put this damn wheel. Don't show them a bunch of prices they can win to give them the lamest of all 99% of the time.

(*Credits are so easy to win in a non boring method, without repeating the same tasks over and over... said no one in GT7)
I bought an AMG Black series after watching Naffantait's video about a glitched build but I didn't finish setting it up because I didn't have a long time to play. I took the Aston Martin VGT too Tokyo but I kept crashing into the AI so I left it alone. I took the A220 to LeMans but I had a bad crash 1st lap caused by a out of control AI that spun out and I was collateral damage. I quit the race and changed to the stealth RX7. I had a dry race and I got to lap 5 with about 2laps of fuel so I decided to put because I didn't want to run out of fuel on the last lap. McEwen took the ead but I was to catch him by the end of lap 6. Ended winning by about 40 seconds. Got 10K from the wheel
Thank you @kjb for making this post I looked up that user on youtube and his video goes into full detail with what parts you need to buy and all not like some that just post a picture and expect you to get it. :rolleyes:

As for what I did today just grind close to 30M now.

The 4 star ticket stuff gave me a Nitrous system for some GT race car I have but don't care. :lol:
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