What did you do in GT7 today?

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On the GTP account, I did the new one-time support races for Manufacturers/Nations Cups. First, I took a rented Porsche to Nurburgring, where I got an easy win in 8:35 and 300,000 Cr from the Manufacturers Cup support race. The rented X2019 at Spa was a bit trickier, though a closer win in 9:27 was good enough for 380,000 Cr. The 4-star Wheel of Despair was its usual cheap self, giving yet another Stroke Up S for the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept (never mind I already had one for the single tuner car I'll have).

On the Plus account, except for the choice of cars in the Manufacturers Cup (the Subaru this time), it was much the same. The time was a bit faster in the Subaru (8:30), and the 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing 30,000 Cr.
Did a couple of abarth races , get close to 100 millions and spend some time on club plus races witch proved difficult even on easy level.
At least they add some variety but is a bit of headache to choose the right car track compo.
Anyway, am full of credits, did enough swaps and i don't know what to buy 👀 yet .
I don't have and the appropriate invitations to duplicate the cars i want and am stack where to spend.
Any ideas will be welcome.
Just done the new License test in the old 911 at the Barcelona Rally Cross track. What a great combo. Where has this track been? It is brilliant for time trails, but would be hopeless for racing of course.
It's been in the game for awhile.
I finally defeated the 10 lap super GT race in the weekly races. After I'd tried none stop on hard tyres and ran out of fuel on the last lap, then equipping a high turbo in my McLaren F1 long tail. I pitted at the end of lap five fully refueled and ran out of fuel in 130R. I watched the 2nd and 3rd place cars pass me on the run to the flag... I finally nailed it running 6 fuel I could get to lap 8 before refueling, I also fitted soft race tyres for the last two laps, passed the leader on the last lap and claimed my win in this event.
On the GTP account, I ran around Daytona a bit in some rental Gr.3 cars. Despite only being the 2nd-fastest among the American cars in my test, and against the consensus in the Nations/Manufacturers Cup thread, I think I'll go with the Corvette.

My SIXTH 3-star Wheel of Despair of 16 (and, pending the Plus run, my TENTH of 31) this month puked out the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr.

As I had time before the 10 am CST GT3 Nations Cup slot, I fired up the Plus account and ran the Corvette Gr.3 at the Daytona GT Cup Gr.3 race. It was a simple case of running high until I got clear, then hugging the bottom for 6:07. Like most oval races, it wasn't clean, so it was only worth 56,000 Cr. Even with the CRB, it isn't worth a repeat.

I didn't yet have my Wheel of Despair, so I headed to Red Bull Ring for the last race, the GT Cup Gr.3. It looked moderately wet, so I put intermediates on my Corvette. I bailed immediately when I saw it was almost soaking wet, switching to full wets. The Lambo shot past and ran away, so I switched to the old BoP standby, the Subaru BRZ GT300.

Even without the Lambo in the race, it took a lot of blocking to hold off the white Ford GT LM and McLaren 650S (by just under 0.2 seconds) for an clean (?!) win in 12:41. Yet again, a not-repeatable race. At least I didn't get a 3-star Wheel of Despair. Instead, the 4-star gave the ultra-high rpm turbo for the Bugatti Chiron, which I immediately put on my tuner car.

Back on the GTP account, I double-checked how many points I need to get to wipe out my current lowest-counting score - it's 13. Given 15th and last gives 14 points, that's doable. I was the only Vette in, with door number 10. I qualified 8th in 52.500. Pole in a Honda NSX was 52.244. Some overly-aggressive driving by somebody ahead got me 2 spots by the backstretch on, first from somebody who got punted, then as the punter served his 5-second penalty.

I saw I was holding up the 3 remaining front-runners, so I let them by in turns 1-2 on lap 6, hoping to still stay in their draft. That didn't happen, and the front 8 pulled away. I was holding a 4-second lead over 10th until I had to obey a pair of yellow flags on lap 13. I was about to pass the casualty of the first wreck when the second yellow flag came out, which allowed 10th though 13th to pass. I was able to pass the casualty of the second wreck to start the 14th lap in 12th.

One of those who got by had to serve a 3-second penalty for passing under the second yellow. Naturally, neither of the causes got a penalty, though an innocent victim got a 4-second penalty. Some more rough driving by the pack ahead0 got me to 10th as the last lap started. 9th place went high in turn 3, allowing me to get that spot. I had to go high coming out of turn 4 to try to get 8th, and was almost successful, losing out by a splitter after a slight side-by-side touch. I'll take my 22 points and run.
Finished the Weekly Challenges, bought the Lexus and Road-Going Racers cars for the menus, got the Master B License and Silvered Lake Louise CE (not bothering Gold)
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I finally defeated the 10 lap super GT race in the weekly races. After I'd tried none stop on hard tyres and ran out of fuel on the last lap, then equipping a high turbo in my McLaren F1 long tail. I pitted at the end of lap five fully refueled and ran out of fuel in 130R. I watched the 2nd and 3rd place cars pass me on the run to the flag... I finally nailed it running 6 fuel I could get to lap 8 before refueling, I also fitted soft race tyres for the last two laps, passed the leader on the last lap and claimed my win in this event.
I tried it for the first time in a stock NSX GT500 '16 and got my arse handed to me. I could only manage 5th, although I was taken out by an AI BMW McLaren :rolleyes: But even then, I don't think I could have got 3rd. The AI was miles ahead of me, which was a pity because I was rather enjoying the WTC900 as a replacement for a JGTC tournament - the other races have been very enjoyable, but this one seemed a bit too hard for a stock GT500.
Spend some time on clubman plus races at Daytona.
The trioval was very hard even on easy level with the AI spin me out in every try , must try it about 7-8 times with different cars and always end up in the gravel 😵‍💫 .
Finally i did it and then i switch to hard level to see what's the difference.
I win that on first attempt but i didn't notice any difference from easy level except that the AI was more polite ( that's my impression ) .
After that i gold full lap CE to raze my bonus from 362 up to 400 as long the abarth glitch works .
Now that am full of credits, there isn't cars to buy from LCD that i want 🤐 .

At least the newer players ( and not only ) have the opportunity to collect cars that is hard to get as long the glitch " works " and reach level 50 very soon.
Some grinding, got a 3* that brought 5k (LOL)

Bought all the cars from UCD that I don't have in my garage (some I've had in the past but sold not knowing you have to have them in the garage for the extra café menus)

Already bought all cars currently at LCD yesterday.

Grinding back to +99M Cr.
Did an auto pilot Daytona 500 in my Jeep
Bought and painted this
Raced with the Geezers for a couple hours

Got 150k on the Nurburgring 24h event, 500k for completing all 5 of the weekly challenges and a 3 star roulette that bagged me the A45 AMG that I promptly sold 🤣 Good day all in all
For me? I must've spent a ton of time today trying to break into silver range for the online time trial featuring the GR Yaris at Lake Louise, but I think this time trial will end up being my first bronze. But I have faith this'll be an anomaly.
Well today was a bit chaotic as I lost track of the deadline time for the Mclaren P1 TT, so firstly I tackled that. it took me a long while to get a 1:23 sumthing which resulted in a silver medal, not bad for a controller, but the 1:19 that is at top is crazy with the P1's dodgy handling mechanics. Understeer here there, rant here there! The car is way too understeery for a racecar or is it me?

Then I also did the Porsche TT at Daytona, faired a bit better there with a 1:48 or sumthing, which also gave me a decent silver medal.

I did the Master S9 licence woth the Valkyrie, got silver in that and then did the Mclaren MP F1 car at Suzuka and got silver there on my first try, will tackle them more tomo and see if I can crack GOLD on more licences. :cool:

Also got a 5bars = 500,000 in a roulette spin so yay!
Did the cafe menu for the RB cars (is it 49 or 50?). Ran RS tires no stop on Interlagos where the RR was full red by the finish; used the RM tires no stop in Sardegna where both rears were full red by the finish; and used the RM tires no stop on Dragon's Trail where the LR tire was full red by the finish. Won all three and cashed in my 6* ticket for a Toyota Gr1 hybrid... which I already owned so I sold it for ~1.5mil.

Then I went and bought the RB19 Champion Editions (because my Anniversary Edition didn't count for the menu) for the 3mil which got me a 6* ticket worth 1mil.

Last but not least cashed in my 3* daily marathon ticket for 5k.

This was the first time in memory I put an appreciable amount of time into the game (say one hour plus) and didn't do anything in Sport Mode.
On the Plus account I got my Master National B license in all gold. That gave me another Ford Roadster, a parts ticket "worth" a second Bore Up S for the 2015 Peugeot RCZ GT Line and a 4-star marathon Wheel of Despair puking out a Lamborghini invite.

On the GTP account, I collected my 2,230,000 Cr. for getting silver in all 4 of the Nations Cup rankings. It took a few tries, but not many miles to get gold at MS-2. It took enough miles and tries to get gold on MS-3 to pick up a no-cash 4-star Wheel of Despair dispensing the third, and second unwanted/unneeded stroke up S for the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept.
30 laps at Laguna Seca in my Group A custom race.

Drove the E30 M3 this time. The field made of of 19 other cars, including the Supra Turbo A, R32 NISMO Skyline, 190E, and the Cossie (which were all slow and kept crashing).
Grinding again.

Bought some Ferrari 250 Berlinetta to sell later.

Got a 4* -> camshaft for Maserati MC20 💩

Only 2 days left to finish weekly event... full on work now (with a fast break every 21min to launch a new grind) tonight maybe
Finished out some more of the Master license stuff...this has become more time consuming than I'd planned. It's not that they're impossibly hard (mostly, anyway), I just didn't count on 'getting into' doing more licenses:
  • A - Wasn't bad and didn't get hung up on anything too long
  • B - Again, no stand-outs that were impossibly hard, some just took more practice/patience than others
  • IB - IB-3 can go screw itself. Seriously. Struggled here and on IB-5 but hit gold on the balance pretty confidently. Will circle back to IB3/5 once I am no longer trying to physically CRUSH the controller at every apex. Can't be good for fine motor skillz...
Finished the PP900 race for the weekly's. Since I was there and had just practiced the course I went ahead and checked the CE for Suzuka off the list. In hindsight, I probably did that backwards. Being good and comfy in the Gr.2 led me to finish out the races for Menu Book 48. Pretty stoked as I got a GTR-GT500 motor on that ticket...gotta research what I can wedge that into. Got an Escudo motor this weekend, too.

Rewarded myself and picked-up the Huayra before the invite expired. Couple hours here and there throughout the weekend netted a whole bunch of crap done. 👍

On the GTP account, I struggled to get gold at the MS-4 license, but eventually did. The all-cash 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing/lowest-possible 10,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, I struggled, but golded all the Master National A licenses to pick up another Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and an engine ticket granting another 1992 Porsche 911 engine. The 4-star Wheel of Despair puked out another unwanted/unneeded invite, this time the Citroen.
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Menu book 48 with Porsche 919.

Got a 3* for DM -> 5k 💩

Received 5* for Menu 48 -> 100k 😞

Got the reward for the 5th weekly challenge -> 500k 😊
On the Plus account, getting the Master IB license in all gold was easier than the Master A. I picked up a second Lexus LFA and a pair of 5-star tickets for the effort. The no-cash Wheel of Despair from the licenses gave yet another 1992 Porsche 911 engine (making 5, with only 3 needed for swaps), while the no-cash from the workout gave another Mazda Atenza Gr.4.

On the GTP account, MS-5 wasn't nearly as easy, taking many tries and almost 80 miles. The all-cash 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the 2nd-low-showing/lowest-legal 30,000 Cr.
Gave another try on the TT with the Porsche at Daytona. Was not far from bronze with my initial 2 lap test.

Did 6 laps, 5 of which where invalidated... mostly because I was braking far too late when going into the infield. The 6th and last was the fastest and put me firmly into bronze territory, not far from silver. Maybe I'll try again.

Gave another go at TT on Lake Louise, I am just awful with this combo.

DM brought the usual 3*, but there must be a bug, it gave me 500k 😱 so 100x the usual amount 🥲
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On the Plus account, it took way too long (over 53 miles) to get gold on MIA-1. At least I neither got a 3-star Wheel of Despair nor the lowest-possible cash from the 4-star I did get, though the 30,000 Cr. I did get was the low-showing prize.

It took almost as long to gold MS-6 at the same track on the GTP account. Did I mention I hate Road Atlanta? The better-than-expected 5-star marathon ticket gave a better-than-expected older Lamborghini Aventador.