What Grinds your Gears?

Discussion in 'The Rumble Strip' started by MadMike'86, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. MadMike'86

    United Kingdom Norwich, UK

    Had a bad day?

    Someone Pee'd you off big time?

    Get it off your chest here!

    Rant, Rave and Vent some steam.


    Also, please do not comment negitively on someone's rant, if you dont agree with someones Rant, dont add fuel to the flames :tup:
  2. MadMike'86

    United Kingdom Norwich, UK

    What Grinds my Gears:


    Old, slow, dangerous and an accident waiting to happen, nearly had my car ruined by some old fart in a Micra....Didn't even look, just pulled straight out infront of me! How I stopped I'l never know, lost a few miles from my tyres though, thats for damn sure!
  3. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom Not so Great Britain

    I'll tell ya what really grinds my gears, when you can't find the droids you're looking for.
  4. Alex.

    England Northamptonshire

    Yeah what gives with that?
  5. Blank_Redge

    United States Los Angeles area, CA


  6. Joey D

    United States Holladay, UT

    You know what grinds my gears? Missed shifts.
  7. Terronium-12

    Online Now!
    United States Brooklyn, NY

    You know what grinds my gears? A slipping clutch. :grumpy:
  8. Type S Tony


    Uno what Grinds my Gear's

    Organinsing a trip overseas.

    Noticed my passport was expired so I applied for a new one, had my application interview on the 1st of February, was told it takes no longer than 10 days for it to be issued, 24 days go past still no passport, Ring them up only for them to tell me that they recieved the application 1 day prior and if i want it quicker i need to pay an additional $250 otherwise i would have to wait & miss out on my trip.

    So anyway go down to the interviewer guys office & go crazy at him telling him im gonna take him to court & sue his ass for my costs etc, long story short police were called and arrested me & him as our altercation became violent.

    Passport office rings me & tell me to come collect from an office of theres in the city, takes me 1 hour to get through traffic, another 15 mins to find parking, another 20 mins to walk from the carpark to the building only to have them tell me that the offices close at 4pm, i look at my watch and its 4pm on the dot! anyway start raging at the security guard and he locks himself behind the glass doors, so irritating!

    went again today and it took me yet another 2 hours to drive in through the traffic, park & walk, finally got my passport and cant wait to get the Fk outta this country on Sunday!
  9. TB

    United States NoDak

    ^ While I feel for you, it sounds like someone needs to settle down. :odd:
  10. Joel

    Canada Halifax, NS

    "as our altercation became violent"

    [/Adam Savage] "Well, there's your problem" [Adam Savage]
  11. Omnis

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Sort of Back

    What grinds my gears? People that don't use the edit button.
  12. Type S Tony


    the problem here is the douche who interviewed me held onto the application for a fortnight before submitting it thus rendering me unable to fly by my flight date, ive paid close to 5K for me & my wife to have this holiday and im not letting some imbecile ruin it for me. Didnt have to turn violent, all he had to do was tell me he stuffed up but he was on a high horse so i had to bring him right back down, I guarantee he will never send a passport application in late ever again so its kinda like i did the community a favour in a way.
  13. Villain

    United States Golden State

    Gossip. In some of the departments where I work, it is out of control. It takes all that I have to stop myself from going up to some people (namely a particularly immature supervisor) and telling them how far out of line they are and how childish I feel like they are acting. Also: people that can't handle disagreements. I'm by no means a "yes-man" and I'll regularly give feedback to my boss and tell her when I think something should be done a different way and she's always receptive to my ideas even if she doesn't nessesarily agree or goes another way. I absolutely love this. But then there are other people here who can't take it at all and get very defensive. I can't stand that at all. :banghead:
  14. AMCNUT

    Canada ON, Canada

    When I'm at university and there are smokers outside every building, even in the middle of winter, ignoring the 'NO SMOKING' signs, asphyxiating me every time I step out...:rolleyes:

    ... then when I have to follow more smokers down the narrow campus walk while dodging people who seem to see no problem walking on the wrong side of the path!:banghead: (who let THEM in anyways???:grumpy:)

    Long story short: university is great - getting from class to class ain't!
  15. Talon


    Stupid people. Plain and simple. They seem to be everywhere, ruining the rest of our lives. :grumpy:
  16. Villain

    United States Golden State

    +1 AMCNUT

    Smoking in college is out of control. Maybe it's because I don't go to dive bars very often, but I never have a problem being around smokers. None of my friends smoke and nobody smokes at any of the places that I go to for fun. However, once I step onto a college campus I swear some of those planters have more ash than soil. It's ridiculous. I don't know what it is about these schools, but all these 18/19 year olds that just got out of high must be so happy that they can smoke at school because they are legal adults. It's awful. :yuck:
  17. Jay

    Australia Australia

    You required a interview? I renewed my Passport a couple years ago and my nephew got his first last year and no interviews were required.
  18. Type S Tony


    Yeah, got my original passport as a minor so I dont think an interview was required but because I had to renew from a minor to an adult the interview is recquired. stupid system in my opinion. felt sorry for the people in the citizenship que, must have been atleast 150 people deep and all cramped into a little room.
  19. Steele_obsidion

    United States Michigan US

    Ya know? this happens to me on a regular basis! i hate it so much!

    What else grinds my gears? My wifes smoking! but i understand you cant just quit. ugh and her friends smoking...

    Smoking grinds my gears!
  20. W3HS

    Thailand Thailand

    What grinds my gears?

    People who stop in the street right were I'm walking for no reason.

    No smoking signs in open spaces (The whole of Hong Kong)

    People who don't queue (The whole of China)

    People who don't fully put out a smoke and leave it burning in the ash tray.

    Kids who pick they're noses in my classroom after being told to do it in private.

    Taxi drivers who don't know where they're going and rely on me to guide them.
    "You're a ****ing taxi driver for Stig's sake!" - Me
    "Ting bu dong." - Taxi driver

    Native English speakers with worse grammar than non native speakers.

    My bank for not letting me be premium on this site because they're debit system is majorly flawed.


    People calling me American. (not that I've a problem with Americans, I'm just not one)
    "Mei guo ren!" - Them
    "No, English actually." - Me

    Racists who claim they're not by saying "I'm not racist but.....".

    Paper money.

    People who don't indicate when turning.

    B-specing just because I feel like I have to.

    Warm beer.

    I think that's about it and boy, do I feel better now. Time for my meds. Rant over.

    Oh and where did I leave that droid?
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2011
  21. RikkiGT-R

    Northern Ireland Nordschleife.

    Other people at ATMs. The process is simple:

    • Insert card
    • Enter PIN number
    • Select amount/service
    • Select whether you would like a receipt
    • Take card, money and receipt (if applicable)
    • Leave

    This whole process should take no more than a minute, so what on Earth takes people (who are usually in front of me) so bloody long!? :mad:
  22. Skython

    New Zealand Wellington

    What grinds my gears: Girls that give all the signs then turn away
  23. maSonn09

    Scotland Scotland

    What really grinds my gears? When you make the most monumental effort to push what feels like a baby elephant out your arse to then find the smallest pebble on inspection of your hard work.
  24. RikkiGT-R

    Northern Ireland Nordschleife.


    But so true.
  25. MadMike'86

    United Kingdom Norwich, UK

    I lol'd hard at this....

    Some great rants guys keep them coming!

    Im a major +1 for:

    People stopping in front of you for no good reason

    ATM retardation

    And recently my own personal "grind"

    The Royal mail!

    Sign on my door says leave parcel behind gate (A pair of boxing gloves)
    they dont need to be signed for so just leave then behind my gate.
    What does he do? takes it back to depot *facepalm*
  26. zedextreme8177

    Maldives Maldives

    Whenever my cousin starts talking about Justin Bieber.
  27. granturismite

    Australia Central Coast,

    People who play cricket in a low grade, and are uber competitive about it. its not for sheep stations* fools!

    There is a section of the "Laws of Cricket" that talk about the spirit of the game!

    (*refers to an Australian saying "not playing for sheep stations", meaning there is nothing riding on the outcome)
  28. lbsf1

    United Kingdom Warwick Uni
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    All the people who make stupid articles on how any video games are bad and the such with no real evidence and yet my mum still believes them.
  29. Feral Pigeon

    United States Houston, TX

    Camry drivers. Toyota Camry drivers are all idiots, and all do the WRONG things when driving.
  30. ranhammerR34

    United States Indianapolis

    "You what grinds my gears...." ---- Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Well, all the ones mentioned are pretty interesting... especially the ATM deal. :lol: Anyway, lazy people grind my gears.:grumpy: Those who don't want to do anything at work really makes my gears grind. :mad::grumpy:
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