What Would be Your Dream Classic Collection Game?

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From the maker of "Best and Worst Classic Collection Games" ( https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?p=3208874 ) comes this thread. This is one of the rare wishlists I've made. I ask you here about what you want in a game that has multiple classic games in one package. It can be one series, one maker, or whatever. The gaming people may not fully listen to you, but at least be able to make your own ideas in regards to what you'd like to see in a classic game collection. I will name a few to get things started.

Dream Game Collection: Sega Arcade Racing Games

I've had a strange love of Sega for Sega racing games. It's the kind of love relationship I've had with XBOX Racing titles (namely the PGR series and Forza 1). But when you think about it, Sega does a pretty good job with racing titles. Part of what drives me about past Sega titles has been their innovative use of technology. Some of Sega's past games like "Galaxy Force 2," "OutRunners," "Super Monaco GP," "Time Traveller," "After Burner," and games like that. This dream game collection for me consists of titles that I'd be happy to see in a classic collection focused on Sega racing titles. They include titles in 2D and 3D. Even with all-time classics, I want little-known titles to show up. Here is my model with games sorted from earliest to latest:

! - could it fit onto one disc (have PS2 and PSP in mind)?
# - not truly likely, but would be cool!

* OutRun
* Turbo OutRun
* OutRunners
* Hang-On
* Super Hang-On
* Power Drift
* Super Monaco GP
* Rad Mobile/Gale Racer
* GP Rider
* F1 Exhaust Note and F1 Super Lap (since both are pretty unknown)
* Virtua Racing
* Daytona USA!
* Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge (or even Daytona USA 2: Power Edition)!#
* Super GT/SCUD Race! <<< what I've called the best racing game to never be released for home consoles or PC; very unsure of "SCUD Race Plus," which has a bonus track where you race an oval with toy cars
* SEGA Rally Championship!
* Manx TT!
* Le Mans 24!
* Ferrari F355 Challenge!# <<< maybe with three-screen support?
* Club Kart <<< just for diversity
* Sega Rally 2 Championship!#

Interesting things to consider is perhaps online play for some games. Prime contenders would be the games that offer network play and can be linked together. These include games like Daytona USA, OutRunners, Manx TT, Super GT/SCUD Race, and other games where the actual arcade units can be linked together. There could be room to improvise to make these 20th Century games come alive in this new generation. I'd prefer sounds and music to be as authentic to the classic games as possible. Maybe offer some remixes and other variations of classic songs, but I'm more a purist. So games with terrible sound tracks should remain terrible as the true to the classic arcade unit as possible.

That's one such model. Express your own dream game collections by replying away. I may have a few more I wouldn't mind seeing. Maybe I'll get to them in the future.
A Fighting collection series would be nice:
Marvel vs Capcom 2
X-men vs Street Fighter
Street Fighter Alpha : Third Strike
SNK vs Capcom 2
Tekken Tag tournament
Street Fighter 2
Soul Calibur 2
Guilty gear 2

(seems to me like a list that they use at the Evolution Tournaments...)


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This model is dedicated to old-school first-person shooter fans. I've tried to remain within one brand like the previous one I did. So here's another.

Classic Collection Model:
"Apogee and 3D Realms First-Person Shooter Collection"

* Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
* Blake Stone: Planet Strike (a retail-only game)
* Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (all the classic levels plus "The Birth" episode)
* Max Payne
* Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
* Prey
* Rise of the Triad (including various add-ons like the Extreme ROTT and the full package which was specifically for network play)
* Shadow Warrior
* Terminal Velocity (only flying shooter game)
* Wolfenstein 3D
* (maybe) Return to Castle Wolfenstein

not likely:
* Unreal Tournament- Game of the Year edition

A push to make these games playable in Windows without needing DOSBox would be great. Like that DOOM collection from 2003 or so? You used that DOOM95 thing to play classic DOOM in a non-DOS environment. I've been fond of classic first-person shooter games even if they're severely outdated by today's standards. Something like this would be a chance for people who never played these titles before will have a chance to play these again and enjoy the '90s style of first-person shooters.

There's been several classic collections like the Diablo collection for PC, a Need for Speed collection of classic titles, and more. Any more dream classic collections?


bevo francis
Most of the games in your first list could be put on your psp. I'm pretty sure you could get an emulator that runs most of those games.

My list would be commodore 64 games sports games.
1. 4th and inches
2. hardball
3. magic vs. bird
4. summer games
5. winter games
6. california games
7. fast break
8. monday night football