What's your DS4 set up?

Left stick = steering
Right stick = throttle/brake
L2/R2 = up/dn gears
Circle = handbrake

Similar to @cousinmaynard above.

When you say "motion control" are you meaning the pad in the middle of the controller?
Nope, you can use the motion sensor to steer by tilting the DS4.

I don't use a DS4 anymore, but I used to run R2/L2 and left stick. X/Square for gears.
When I played GT3 or 4 though, I had this pretty cool layout which I used because of my dad, accelerate on Circle and brake on R2. Felt really good!
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Pretty much all stock -

Left stick steering
Triggers throttle (r) brake (l)
X upshift, Square for downshift
Rear view R1
Overtake L1
Steering sensitivity - maximum.

I unmapped the right stick as on my PS4 my Bluetooth receiver was broken and right stick would do random inputs jiggling the camera - particularly when braking for some reason. I unmapped it and got very used to no side view etc.

I'll also note here that I find the DualSense a much better controller than the ds4. The triggers have much smoother travel and it seems to me they have more distinct positions than ds4 had. Having experienced the haptic feedback on the triggers now - from No Man's Sky ps5 version - I'm REALLY looking forward to how GT7 will implement the new controller features.
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Mind blown! I didn't know that was possible! Might have to give that a bash.

Yeah, I really like the motion controls, super tight. I had to adjust my grip though. Adjusting the way I hold the controller made face buttons for throttle really ineffective. I eventually got used to using right stick for gas/brake. "Eventually" being the key word there. Totally worth it though.
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