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Did you receive a wheel for Xmas? Now you need a stand or even a new cockpit. Looking to upgrade?

Maybe you are not the handiest person, or just do not have the time to build your own rig.

After spending more time than i want to admit looking up stands and cockpits I found myself looking at the same rigs, just different pages. I needed a better system to store all my locations so i could later do some comparing.

Here is a list, a working list, I have compiled.

I am not saying it is complete, If you have a site , list it.

Hopefully this will help others spending to much time looking up wheels and rigs when they could better use the time to race.

Cockpit and wheel stands

4playracing. ebay store only http://stores.ebay.com/4playracingusa
6 Sigma sim racing https://www.6sigmasimracing.com
Aeon Simolators http://www.aeonsim.com/
Apiga http://www.apiga.com.hk
ARC Team http://www.f1driving.it/en
Bernax http://www.bernax.nl
Ball Racing BRD Velocity V1 250 motion system http://www.brdsim.com
Carriage works VCR 1000 www.racingsimulatorseats.com/
Classic Race Simulators http://www.classicracesimulators.com
Cobra Racing Sim http://www.slicksteel.co.uk/cobra.html
Cockpit Extreme racing http://www.cockpitextremeracing.com.br/blog/
Converttable http://www.converttable.eu/
Custom Cockpits http://www.custom-cockpits.com/
CXC Simulation Professional http://www.cxcsimulations.com/
DOFreality https://dofreality.com/
Dxracing http://www.dxracer.com/us/en-us/
Ellip6 http://www.ellip6.com/
eleetus motion rig http://www.eleetus.com
Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit www.fanatec.de
Fast track Sims http://www.fasttracksims.com/
F K Automotive http://www.fk-shop.de/en/Sport-Seat...PC-gamers-and-game-consoles-fabric-black.html
Force Dynamics http://www.force-dynamics.com/
GamePOD GT2 http://www.gamepod.co.uk/
Gamers cockpit http://www.gamerscockpit.com.au
G force sim http://www.gforcesim.com/
Gekosystem http://www.gekosystems.com/
GT Omega Racing . http://www.gtomegaracing.com
GTC pro racing cockpit http://www.granturismocockpit.com
GTR simulator http://www.gtrsimulator.com/
Granstand http://www.granstand.com/
Grandturgismo http://www.granturgismo.com/rkdmini.html
Home Racing by DCM www.homeracing-seat.com
Humanracing GT Chassis http://www.humanracing.co.th
Imsim http://www.imsim.eu.com/index.php
JCL Sim Racing http://www.jcl-simracing.com/en/#blockbestsellers
Joy Ride Simulators http://joyridesimulators.com/
Monsta s Gamimng systems www.monsta.cc
Next Level Racing http://www.nextlevelracing.com/products/
Nixim http://www.nixim.com
Obutto http://obutto.com/
Open Sim Rigs http://opensimbuillds.myshopify.com/
Open wheeler http://www.openwheeler.co.uk /
Oring F1 Simulator http://www.motionsystems.eu/
Pagnian imports http://www.pagnianimports.com.au/racing-simulator-cockpit.html
Playseat (http://www.playseat.com/en)
Playseat Challenge http://www.playseatstore.com/challenge.html
Profisim http://www.profisim.cz/
ProSimu http://www.prosimu-shop.com
Racing Cockpits https://racingcockpits.com/
Race Room http://www.raceroom.com/shop_usa/
Redline game theater www.pinballsandgames.com/sitdowndrivers.html
Ricmotech Driving Sim http://www.ricmotech.com/diy
Rinoseat Revolution (http://www.rinoseats.com December 2012 purchased by Fanatec
Rock Solid Rigs https://rocksolidrigs.com/
rSeat http://www.rseat.net
Race star shop http://shop.race-star.com/index.php?XTCsid=99v89724bmnmcs6amggogo25a0
Sim Craft http://www.simcraft.com/
Simetik https://simetik.com/web/
Sim Lab http://sim-lab.eu/product/p1-chassis/
Simxperience http://simxperience.com/en-us/home.aspx
Sim Racing Station www.simracingstation.com
Sim Seats http://www.sim-seats.com
Simwor simulators http://www.simworx.com.au/simulators.html
Speed Master 2 http://speedmaster2.de/index-1.html
Spenard Simulation http://spenardsimulation.com/
Symdeck racing http://www.symdeck.com/
TL1 Simulator from Ariel Atom http://www.motionsimulation.com/
Total Spanish Simulators http://www.totalspanishsimulator.com
Track Racer http://www.trakracer.com
Virtual Motorsports http://virtualmotorsportsinc.com/
Visionraccer VR3 us. http://www.visionracer.com
VRC racing chassis http://www.bobearlracing.com
VRX Simulator http://vrx.ca/
Vesaro racing sim http://www.vesaro.com
Volair Sim http://www.volairsim.com/
Wagner race products http://www.wagnerraceproducts.com
Xpit http://www.xpit.hu
X6 Simulator http://www.x6-simulator.com/
Zalem http://www.zalem.es

Wheel Stands

ApexVStand www.apexvgear.com
Apiga http://www.apiga.com.hk
Cockpit extreme racing http://www.cockpitextremeracing.com.br/blog/
Fanatec Rennsport wheelstand www.fanatec.de
GamePOD GT2 http://www.gamepod.co.uk/
Granstand http://www.granstand.com/
GT Omega Racing . http://www.gtomegaracing.com
GTvRacer Wheel Stand www.gtvracer.com
Home Racing by DCM www.homeracing-seat.com
Ionrax http://www.ionrax.com/shop/
Next Level Racing http://www.nextlevelracing.com/products/
Pagnian imports http://www.pagnianimports.com.au/
Playseat Challenge http://www.playseatstore.com/challenge.html
Proto Sim Tech http://www.protosimtech.com/
Sim Racing Station www.simracingstation.com
Track racer http://www.trakracer.com/
Wheelstand pro www.wheelstandpro.com
Wheelstand racing http://www.wheelstandracing.com/
Xlerator Wheels Stands www.xwstands.com
Virtual Cockpit www.virtualcockpit.com.ar

Wheels, Pedals, controllers, seats and springs

Arc Team http://www.arc-team.it
Corbeau seat base http://www.corbeau.com/products/accessories/gaming_base/
CST Pedals (http://www.cannonsimulationtechnologies.com PS3 model not yet available
Derek Spears Design http://www.derekspearedesigns.com/
ECCI 6000 for G25 (http://ecci6000.com
Fanatec Wheels http://www.fanatec.de
Frex GP International http://www.frex.com/gp/
GTEYE spring http://www.gteye.com.au/
Heusinkveld Engineering http://www.h-engineering.net/shop/sim-pedals-ultimate/
HKS Racing controller (https://eagl3.com
HPP pedals http://www.hppsimulation.com/
Logitech Driving Force GT (http://www.logitech.com
Logitech G27 (http://www.logitech.co
PXN https://pxn-game.com/
Ricmotech http://www.ricmotech.com/default.asp
Sensodrive http://www.sensodrive.de/EN/Produkte/Force-Feedback-Wheels/Force-Feedback-Wheels.php
SIM Pedals http://simpedals.com/
SIM SPORT The Perfect Pedal (http://www.sim-sport.net/
Thrustmaster T500 RS (http://www.thrustmaster.com
Ultra force Sim Seat http://ultraforcesim.com/
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maybe you could list them in order of cost low to high

Good idea, but nearly impossible to manage. I would have to check each site daily and then update. Do not forget Shipping would be different to each part of the world.

gamepod in the wheel stand section

cockpit professional simracing
virtual cockpit
homeracing by DCM
Awesome list. My dad just asked me to get a list together for him of rigs/stands and I used quite a few of the less expensive units in my email to him.

I'm really liking this one: http://shop.sim-seats.com/SR-2-Driving-Simulator-SS-20-SR2.htm

Does anyone have any experience with that particular model?

The one you showed has a post in the center which I would avoid like the plague. For a second rig I bought a http://shop.sim-seats.com/SR-X-Driving-Simulator-SS-20-SRX.htm and best of all no center post.
RE GamePOD link.

Sorry about that. You were correct the link was wrong. I do not know what happened. The link has been corrected.
Under the Cockpit and wheel stands and the Wheel Stands headings you have the same item and URL listed:

FANATEC Rennsport Cockpit www.fanatec.de

Fanatec makes a Rennsport Cockpit and a Rennsport Wheel Stand.

You may want to differentiate your entries, although you cannot change the URL.

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