Where does GRID fit into EA's lineup?

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It feels like technically speaking, EA now has three "semi-sim" series in its hands: GRID, Need for Speed Shift, and Project CARS. I, for one, do not think all three are necessary under a single publisher. The obvious one that I think can go is Need for Speed Shift, as I don't think it really gels well with the rest of the Need for Speed brand. Meanwhile, it does seem like the Bell brothers are very much passionate about the Project CARS series, so if I were at EA, I'd feel bad about axing that series. That leaves us with GRID. I'd personally axe it so that it doesn't end up competing with Project CARS, and also so that CodeMasters can have more time/staff to work on the F1 series, the DiRT and DiRT Rally series, and eventually, the officially-licensed WRC series, as well as any other projects they may want to do. Making CodeMasters work on GRID as another IP could very well be too much for them, though I'm not personally sure.

This being said, there's also the factor that CodeMasters could end up assisting with the Need for Speed series, which I would personally welcome given that CodeMasters seems to have a generally positive reputation as a racing game developer. Indeed, CodeMasters feels like one of the few racing game developers left that remain open to multi-platform releases, in contrast to Turn10 and Polyphony Digital - not to knock against those two, though.

If I were an executive at EA, I just don't see how GRID as a series could have its own niche compared to Project CARS. Meanwhile, I think Need for Speed Shift as a spin-off series is largely unnecessary, both because it doesn't really fit into the Need for Speed brand of police chases, but also to avoid having yet another "semi-sim" IP when the Project CARS series exists. However, I see less harm in re-releasing the older GRID games for newer consoles, though I'd imagine car/music licensing would be a serious barrier to that.

I think GRID's existence made more sense when it, Project CARS and Need for Speed Shift were all under different publishers, but now, I really do feel like at least one franchise will be getting the boot, now that all three are under EA. And I don't think I'd want to axe Project CARS and risk pissing off the Bell brothers, even though Slightly Mad Studios put out the abysmal Fast & Furious: Crossroads and the mediocre Project CARS 3. I'd personally give them one more shot with Project CARS 4, at least. I also hear the GRID reboot from a couple years back did leave a bit to be desired, too.
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Shift 1-2 basically laid the groundwork for PCARS 1, and PCARS 3 is basically Shift 3, so you already answered your own questions there.

If the next PCARS goes back to being a sim, then GRID can still stay simcade, and NFS being the usual arcade. This is EA we're talking about, they're not gonna miss an opportunity to milk buyers to death with multiple titles (that likely will share assets).

Having said that, the last few GRID games have been utter crap so I won't be sad to see it go.
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I think that Shift days are over. NFS will probably stay as open world/street racing arcade franchise, PCars will go back to be more "sim" and GRID will remain what it is (or discontinued because of poor GRID 2019 sales)
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Or better yet, Need for Speed: Shifting Grid?
How about "Grid for Speed: Shifting Need"? I'll show myself out...

I'm pretty sure poor sales of both recent Grid and Dirt 5 mean no new games in these series are going to be developed in the nearest future. I think getting these teams to work on the future NFS titles might be what EA actually wanted. Despite both Grid and Dirt 5 were not very successful, there are definitely some talented people behind them. With the right vision and strategy they could actually pull off something decent with NFS.
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There hasn't been a Shift game for 10 years, as others have said that's essentially pCARS now. So i'm not sure why you mention that one.

So I don't see why they won't go forward with GRID and pCARS, so long as pCARS goes back to more like 2 and not 3.
After watching the announcement I think it will go like this:
GRID LEGENDS: Narrative-driven simcade.
Need for Speed: Maybe an open world game?
Project Cars: Back to simulation racing.
Dirt 5: Arcade
Dirt Rally: Simulation.
F1: Like Madden/FIFA...
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I would not classify NFS as "Semi-Sim" That is very much on the arcade spectrum.

Slightly Mad is already talking about making PC4 the "most realistic racing game ever". So That would cover the Sim side, NFS on the Arcade side and Grid will likely be somewhere in between.
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There's room for a lone ToCA. PC might cover touring cars as they've done in PC2 & PC3, but it can be done properly like F1.

Well, guess I'll be waiting for reviews on this Legends version.
I think that @Sage Ages is right and you all overthink it too much. This would be just seperate racing games coming all along together. More racing IPs and studios EA have then more games they can sell every year. Just it.