Where to adjust back to default settings on the Controller?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by GA 52, Jan 14, 2018.

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    GA 52

    Good morning all - In the Mission Challenge I was trying Stage 4 - number 4 (straight away test at Tokyo Expr. - Easter Outer Loop) - to adjust the Controller settings (in the Detailed Settings section) I was only able to reach speed of 246mph so I thought I might need to try to adjust a few things there..... and by mistake I adjusted some of them very wrongly - so I gave up on it for now. I know I should have written them down before adjusting but thought it can't make that big difference - holy tolido ...it sure did! Then I went back to Sport and Race entry - went for the Qualifying Time Trial at the Panorama - and noted I had some serious problems with my steering. I understand that I have caused this by the settings in Mission Challenge - but it all stayed the same - doesn't matter which car I tied. Can I ask if anybody have the time to give me your Default Settings on the Controller (Steering Control). Can't find any default buttons for this on the game itself..... THANKS for your time!