Which Cars to Buy Extra Copy/Copies of….

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It all depends…

If I can wide body it? At least 2
If I can engine swap it? At least 2
Can I do both?…well then it’s at least 4

Then there are the 0 miles prize UCD or LCD cars…I’ll get extras if I don’t want to put miles on them…

I don’t have 10 of any yet but I will buy a UCD if it has extremely low miles on it
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I have three versions of the Toyota MR2 GT-S '97, because that was the first car I can remember driving in a Gran Turismo game back in GT4 and I have had a soft spot for it ever since. One I’ve left stock, one I’ve tuned a little bit, and one I’ve tuned a lot. That one gets a lot of air at various points of the Nordschleife when I take it out for a spin.

I’m not a big tuner, so for most other cars, I only have one copy.
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I like to keep one stock, so if I plan on upgrading one, I buy another. I also try to collect one of each color of each car available in the UCD and LCD, just because it's fun to collect them.
A few of us have pointed out the multiples of Pony & muscle cars we have. Thought I'd share this, as Jay Leno says, there are a whole generation that do not know what Trans-Am is. Might add some interest and/or knowledge why these cars were important back then and today.
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A frankly daft amount of Silvias and other jdm stuff of the same era for custom races. Most of them fit into a 300bhp sex spec/Max Power series i made up, then multiples for engine swaps, multiples for all motor/turbo tunes. I've got around 12 sierras again doing different tunes/styles and speculating on an eventual V8 engine swap option I want to be ready for. I've also got 4 3000gt in the puma RM livery from gt2 in various colours.
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I’d love to see the vintage Can-Am series’ in GT7. I’ve seen a lot of them in the flesh at Road America. Just incredible.
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R32, R33, R34 GT-R's (from stock to max tune)
RS500 Cosworth (all colours)
GR Yaris (all colours, modest road tune, hotter version)
911 RS CS (all colours)

I also have a bunch of 22B's & Makinen Evo 6's, but it seems like sacrilege to start messing about tuning them!
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I buy two of every car if:

-They are road cars;
-They are race cars that have two liverys in-game;
-They are race cars that have permanent tune changes;
-There's an engine swap for said car.

Basically, I want to have one of EVERY Road car, at the very least, to have one stock and one fully tuned with widebody. And then if there's cars that have engine swaps, I'll buy even 3 or 4 of that car to have those engine swaped (also fully tuned later) cars.

If the Race Car is available in the game with two different liveries, like for example some GT3 cars, the 2016 LMP1 cars and the Toyota GR010 which have two liveries with different numbers, I also buy those.
I however don't buy duplicates of race cars if they don't have an extra livery, as most of the race cars can be tuned without having permanent changes.

However, some Race Cars that have permanent tune changes that can't be undone, like the Ferrari 250 GTO or other older race cars, I'll buy duplicates of them as well.
Even the Chaparral 2J or Porsche 917K which only have one permanent change (Body Rigidity) I'll buy two of those as well.
Cars like say, the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP, have no permanent tune changes and only have one livery so I'll buy just one of those.

All of this requires a crapton of credits though. I have about 80% of the cars fully tuned and have duplicates of every single one of them aside from the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 which hasn't been in the LCD for about 3 months now...
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Previously, I was thinking of buying two of most road cars, with one to leave stock and one to modify, but then I realized it's a far better use of credits to only buy one and modify it, as there doesn't seem to be any benefit to leaving a car stock. If there's an event where you're not allowed to equip a widebody - such as this week's Daily Race A, featuring the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth at the Watkins Glen Short Course - I just rent my car. I've never seen a Sport Mode event, whether it's a race or time trial, where you're not allowed to rent a car and not allowed to equip a widebody.

I also avoid buying and installing performance upgrades for cars that I know can get an engine swap when I don't have the engine yet, like my green Mini Cooper S '65. I'm really looking forward to potentially obtaining my first K20, as a result. Similarly, I didn't modify the performance of my RX-8 Spirit R until I finally got an R26B this month and installed it. But that said, I still like installing widebodies and other custom parts, to get these cars "ready," in a sense.
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