Which Quick Match events pay the most Cash?

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  1. Grippy

    Grippy (Banned)

    Just finished the SuperGT GT500 Bathurst Expert race with a 4 day login bonus(170%).
    6 players(I think) down to four, placed 1st with a time of 6:22.512 Best lap Approx 2:03

    How can I get more money per event?
    Which events pay the most in QM?

    2nd race:
    5 players started on track, down to 4 at the race end screen, placed 1st with a time of 6:11.260
    Best lap: 2:01.241
    $807,500 (same money)

    race 3:
    3 on grid, 3 at the race end screen, placed 2nd with a time of 6:16.871, 1st was 6:16.258
    Best lap: 2:02.8xx

    race 4:
    3 on grid, 3 at the race end screen, placed 3rd with a time of 6:24.606, 1st was 6:14.986
    Best lap: 2:xxx

    Drove Blue nissan, all races were consecutive.
    Back at QM menu: Races: 6,134, 1/5 heads
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  2. BenMillard


    United Kingdom
    Seems to be the number of drivers on grid, multiplied by your place, multiplied by some value PDI decides. Higher place and more drivers increases payout.

    700pp Garage Monza paid me just over Cr1,000,000 a couple of times for wins and Cr1,200,000 once for a win with a full room. About 3:40 race time, so about 5 minutes between payouts?

    Seasonal Races probably pay more easily as the opponents are slower and more predictable. (Although they get a huge head start.)
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  3. Grippy

    Grippy (Banned)

    Yeah it seems to be the more players, the higher the pay for everyone. I agree, it does make sense. There might be something else but I haven't collected enough data yet.

    Seasonals are my favourite. Since most of them are one-time payments, I wait till I get the 5 day login bonus then attack them all at once. Only a few times the Expert Race seasonals were difficult to get the Gold.
  4. coryclifford


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    Races pay out every time. Time trials pay out once.
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  5. Kossie


    I dont know, i won today 8 matches at Monza but i was already on 50.000.000 credits hahaha. Money is not the problem with this game.

    Only thing that frustrate me is the ****ing online connection :banghead::banghead:
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  6. Grippy

    Grippy (Banned)

    What's interesting about the 700 Monza.. you are only allowed Racing Medium tyres, just that. I don't think I've seen that online restriction before.