Why can game credits be bought in GT6?

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  1. bnt189


    Game credits used to be earned! What about us grinders? Is this Hendricks Motorsports?......you can just buy a championship, or what?!!
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    If someone buys credits, how exactly does that affect you? I personally like the challenge of earning my cars, but if someone doesn't have the time or drive to do that go ahead buy your credits. The thing is you can't buy experience so in the end they aren't gaining that much of an advantage.
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  3. bnt189


    Since GT began, part of the game has been working for your garage. It affects me because it is an unfair advantage when people can just buy the best cars instead of earning them. Really? You don't get the principle? I guess you are in favor of "entitlement". As far as I'm concerned, it's all about the money.....it's a sell-out. How can anyone who takes pride in earning what they get be okay with someone just buying about a 1 year advantage?
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  4. Kobooi


    Exactly. The game should also allow only 1 hour gameplay per day, because that's the amount of time I can spend now, and it's an unfair advantage of those people who have more time to play and buy faster cars quicker. But in that one hour per day, oh boy, I'm sitting in my underwear in the couch winning all those races and my wife and kids see me and they're so proud of me. Of course my youngest thinks that his daddy made the whole game himself, I'm not telling him that the only thing I had to do was buying the thing. (*)

    (*) not a true story as I didn't buy GT6, and judging by the reviews that's not gonna happen anytime soon
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  5. Bluntified

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    This is old news. It's been discussed to death on this forum, do a search for "micro transactions", you'll find tons of opinions on it!
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  6. magburner

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    Oh, do not get me started on this! lol I am a veteran gamer from the older generation, and most of what I see in games nowadays, takes away the challenge and the fun. But, each to their own.
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  7. So PD didn't have to fix anything with GT5's economy.
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  8. mister dog

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    And remember; for the democratic price of 140 dollars the Jaguar XJ13 can be yours, and you don't have to make the effort to grind 3 years to acquire it seeing that we lowered in game price money :D
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  9. magburner

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    Thankfully, PD have put the 20m credit cars out of the reach, except for the most concerted grind dodger!
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  10. jflomario

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    I disagree with the structure a bit but in defense of PD, by the time you would have earned a high end car like 20 mil dollar jag you probably would have spent that much in electricity and effort anyways. Its by no means perfect, but it gives people options. Even to those of us who grind this helps alot.
  11. I collected 1000+ cars in GT5 due to money we could earn on seasonal events and I am not really great in the game either. I hope they do not put us in a position like forza5 where it encourages to buy credits with tiresome grinding to do :nervous:
  12. jr4737

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    For people dont like to drive but like to buy
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  13. watermelon punch

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    :lol: :tup:

    But that frame of viewpiont was exactly what I was thinking.

    Anyway it's hardly like some games of the past - where 99% of the game was about the "game economy", and black market items became just ridiculous, and obviously people thought that was a cheat.
    Gran Turismo is different.
  14. redrick

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    Very much agree. & Sony or PD or whatever has a huge motive to keep players short of credits. I mean, in GT5, why would anybody need to buy credits with cash?

    We may never be able to buy all those new cars.
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  15. watermelon punch

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    There are people with more money than time? Certainly people with more money than sense. :sly:

    People buy "unneeded" things all the time. I'm not saying anybody's wrong to speculate nervously about it, or that there isn't something cooking. I don't know obviously.
    Just mean there are always people willing to pay a premium for what seems absolutely ridiculous. So it could quite easily be true that the credits are there to buy expensively, when most people won't see any reason for bothering with such an additional purchase.
  16. redrick

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    All true but I don't think I made clear enough my main point. In order to enjoy GT6 in the same way I enjoyed GT5, I would have to buy credits with cash.

  17. watermelon punch

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    You're speculating that's going to be the case?

    Or you really feel that's the case, right now? And if so, seriously?
  18. redrick

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    It's the case so far, and no reason to expect it will change. Of course, Sony might fix it if people get angry enough, or simply don't buy the game from word-of-mouth or reviews, by adding GT5-like elements (like bonuses for signing on after 5 days, higher seasonal payouts, etc.). The future always might change and the present is always subjective.

    But quite simply, the game obviously has to be compromised if the maker has a financial interest in making a certain part of it more difficult than it would be if the quality of play were its only concern.

  19. foxdylan


    When you were young grinding was easy but now Your dad of 4 who Runs a engineering firm With about 60 mins of game time a week..... Does this mean our not aloud to enjoy GT6 ?
  20. DigitalBaka

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    It's all about instant gratification. PD is taking advantage of the people who have no patience. The kinds of people that buy in-game credits for their free mobile games. So much the better I say. The more money PD gets from those clowns the more content they can get me faster.

    I got the anniversary edition with 25 free cars. They are all in my stockyard untouched. I enjoy working my way through and am using different cars than I have in previous GT games. Some people need to spend money on fake money to buy fake cars. As they say, a fool and his money are easily parted.