Why Mount Panorama is One of the World's Greatest Circuits

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    Super cool. I've had the privilege to lap the Nurburgring, Laguna Seca and Mount Panorama Bathurst is still on my bucket list.
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    Plus most other street circuits, including Baku, Long Beach, Adelaide, Montreal
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    At Le Sarthe, you can drive from Tertre Rouge, down Mulsanne, then back up to Indianapolis, all the way to the Porsche Curves. The speed limit is 90km/h. The southbound part, on the D338 is pretty busy with traffic. It's wide too, so you feel like you're crawling along. Heading back north, towards Indianapolis on the D140 is less heavily trafficked, and it's a much narrower road. You wonder at what it must be like to drive along there at way above 300km/h.

    I have crashed in sims many many times on the entry to Indianapolis, and that was strangely on my mind as I approached it in my road car with my family on board.

    The museum is well worth a visit. Charmingly disorganised, there are a mixture of interesting old road cars as well as machinery that has competed in the 24hrs. There's an incredible collection of model cars too. The cafe was non-functional when we visited, even though it wasn't 2020. The females in the party were very distressed about that.
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