Wicklow Circuit

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    Hello all,

    My first post here after being an occasional lurker for who knows how long, and I'm showcasing my first track design, the Wicklow Circuit!

    This is in fact a recreation of a real-life circuit in my hometown that hosted an annual Formula Libre event called the Leinster Trophy between 1950 and 1957, among its winners 1958 F1 World Champion Mike Hawthorn. It was fast and dangerous as you might expect from a 1950s road circuit. Not surprisingly, it saw fatalities, such as British sports car racer Don Beauman in the 1955 event.

    The real-life layout

    Due to the limitations of the Eifel Flat theme, the circuit of course does not feature the elevation changes present in its real-life counterpart and the pit-lane is on the wrong side of the track. Also, the main straight is too long. This being the first version there are no trackside objects, and a few other issues are present: Nine times out of ten the AI seems to turn in too early at the Beehive hairpin (the extremely tight corner at the southwestern end of the circuit) and the AI also tends to run wide at the final corner, sending them into the pits by mistake! I hope to somehow fix these issues in future iterations should I find the time.

    EDIT: I realise I've already made the n00b error of not posting this in the right sub-forum. If a mod can move this to the proper place that would be fantastic. Sorry for my foolishness :nervous:
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