Wishlist for Update v1.27

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Hello Everyone! 👋😊

  • PREVIEW WINDOW - If an upgrade part includes a visual change to your car (ride height, brake rotors, exhaust) a preview window showing vehicle specific visual changes before purchasing should be available. EXAMPLE: I prefer certain exhausts based solely on aesthetics and I find it silly having to purchase all 3 exhausts (Sports, Semi-Racing and Racing) and having to swap back and forth between them all until you decide which one you like the look of best instead of simply seeing what the visual change would be in a preview window before purchase.
  • KEEP ORIGINAL DESIGN WITH A NEW COLOR - If you buy a Used Car such as the 1978 Pontiac Firebird T/A with a factory livery and no option to buy it in another color, why are we forced to remove the livery before we can paint the car another color? Or even a new car that has pinstripes? I may love the pinstripes and want to keep them, but just paint the car itself a different color. Why can't we do that?
  • CARBON FIBER FOR SEPERATE PARTS - The use of Carbon Fiber in the Livery Editor for hoods, spoilers, rims or whatever. EXAMPLE: Who doesn't love a nicely painted S14 with a carbon fiber hood? We should be able to do that.
  • INTERIOR COLOR OPTIONS - Interior color options should definitely be a selectable option. EXAMPLE: With cars such as the Aston Martin DB11, there are so many different interior color options, but they're only tied to certain standard paint jobs that you may not like. You may love the green interior option that's only available with 1 of the 35 color options. What if you want that color interior to contrast with something different? Too bad? Definitely would love to see an option for selectable or customizable interior colors after purchase.
  • ORGANIZATION AND FILTERS - These are needed in Showcase. EXAMPLE: Trying to find certain designs such as Takumi Fujiwara's AE86. There may be 100+ examples, but none of them are ordered by rating or replica accuracy or amount of likes or comments or anything. It's all just random. I'm not sure what the fix would be for that, but I'm struggling to find the best one. There needs to be a rating system?
  • TIRE WIDTH - An upgrade option to widen your tires is necessary! These skinny little tires the classics roll on are fine for standard hp, but once you get some power going, they don't stick. EXAMPLE: I should be able to choose what tire size I want like 16/60/275, 18/35/245, etc and it actually reflect in the tire model physics. Even if it wouldn't allow for a full custom range of tire width, give a set range from skinny to whatever thickness makes sense.
  • FREE-LOOK CAMERA - To look around your car in the garage. Not these little preset angled scenes. EXAMPLE: I want to be able to use R3 to look around the exterior and interior of my car at whatever angle I want without it changing every 2 seconds to a new angle that isn't even the right angle I want while simultaneously using L2 and R2 to zoom in and out.
  • RENDER THE CAR YOU ARE ACTUALLY PAINTING - The Paint Color menu in GT Auto is a flaw. Why is it such an issue to render the car you're actually painting instead of a Supra, Delta and a Beetle? EXAMPLE: A certain green may look fantastic on a Beetle, but it may not look nearly as good on the car you're planning to actually apply it to.
  • UNLOCK WHEELS - Why are certain wheels locked for certain cars? EXAMPLE: I thought it may have been lug pattern, but that's not the case since there's 4 and 5 lug wheels available for my RX-7. May be another explanation I'm unaware of?
  • OVERHEATING - The fans on my console always turn on full blast upon clicking on GT Auto on that first menu with the 3 tiles, and only on that menu.
  • CAMERA SHAKINESS - While using a controller in the cockpit view, using R3 to look full left or full right the screen shakes uncontrollably. Why is the interior camera so incredibly unstable?

  • TRANSFER HOST IN LOBBY - Instead of force closing the entire session for everyone, allow a swap host option.
  • FIX THE LAG - It's unbearable. There's gotta be a fix because I don't remember Sport ever having that issue so badly
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- FoV and dashcam. It's a huge thing for me, I'm sure anyone with a rig in particular agrees.

- A trophy for getting 107 wins. Seriously. That kept me coming back to GT Sport for years!
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United States
Imagine the lobby map was a small ‘open world’ town, where you could drive to each location on the map. No racing is done here, just a small area to test drive your selected car. Once you arrive to your location the map opens up to its current interface, or you can just fast travel like it does currently.

It would allow you to test your newly tuned car out on the way to the ‘race track’ to enter a race, or to the cafe to check challenges. It could be a fun way to test the new tunes made to your car, without it being fully open world and without having to actually enter a race.

It could also have an online lobby function where a certain amount of players on each server(say 10) can cruise down the street together, or meet in the museum parking lot to show off their cars and use the photography function for more fun in the photo editor.

This open world aspect would immerse the player much deeper into the game and create a very fun way of testing out your tunes. Being able to briefly free roam would also open up lots of opportunity to use the photo features.

I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it, but I can be hopeful something like this is integrated into future GT games.

A fully developed career.

I'm still waiting for it since the game was released.

  • Rain and 24hr cycle on more variety of tracks, the more the merrier.
  • Proper collision/contact physics
  • Bigger private lobbies
  • Adjusting the downforce on high-downforce cars, it's too exaggerated, most noticable in the Gr.1 and Super Formula cars, way too sticky. LMP1 don't cruise flatout through the Porsche Curves at Le Mans..
  • Further updates on custom race feature, allow custom grids by selecting setup sheet and livery per each car instead of having to buy multiple of the same car/cars.
7hr to nordschleife
  • TRANSFER HOST IN LOBBY - Instead of force closing the entire session for everyone, allow a swap host option.
  • FIX THE LAG - It's unbearable. There's gotta be a fix because I don't remember Sport ever having that issue so badly
Host migration and the possibility to check others car characteristics (Tyres, weight, power) as in GTSport ..

Seeing to which settings a Sports- or Semi- suspension changes before buying it.

And of course a huge number of new events on numerous tracks for a lot of different car classes...
I dont think next update is gonna be a big one since last one was already big (new track, 3 cars, selling).
All im asking for next update or for the next updates althought a pretty big addition is a race D for the sport mode, since now race A doesnt give sr or dr points and many people dont care about crashing, and sometimes race B or C are just boring and it gets repetitive so having a race D would add some more spice to the mix.

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More races on the track or a custom solo championship builder!
Id love Oulton Park as a circuit, but I do t see that happening! :(
Oulton Park would be great, it's 5 miles from me so it's my local track. And it's a decent track too.

I'd like to a see proper single player career mode added, but even though that's been my number one requested thing since day 1, even if it arrived now it'd be a shame I couldn't experience GT7 with instead of getting to where I am through a heavy grind and the uninspired linear Cafe menu progression.
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  • Share tuning sheets in Showcase!
  • Ability to copy tuning sheets (incl parts) to the same duplicate car in your garage
I cant believe this option doesn't exist, the tuning sheets were almost made for this. If I want to do a race with 5 duplicate cars its such a tedious work to replicate the same tunes on all cars.

Custom Races
  • Share custom race setups in Showcase (including cars)
  • Raise payouts custom races
I think this really could make GT7 an unlimited challenge. A bit like the Challenge creator in Forza Horizon (not sure about the name), so there is unlimited fun stuff to do.

Sport Mode
  • Sport Mode added
Yes, I still believe a separate Sport Mode like we saw in GT Sport would be a welcome addition. But make it grid starts!

GT Auto
  • Ability to revert widebodykits
Livery Editor
  • Group decals
  • Stamp decals

Dave A

TreVoR fan for life
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Cuddington, Cheshire
Something I think would give GT7 a hell of a lot more playability would be improving Custom Races, remove the rubber banding and scripting and improve the AI difficulty selection so it's 1-5 not 1-3. Improve the payouts which should increase based on difficulty so a 10 lap 5 chilli races pays 300k or more and then allow users to share their races like we can with liveries. If they wanted to go even furher, you could import those races into the World Circuits events.

Tired Tyres

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Fix boost in create race mode. I'd like to drive a slower car in a multi class race without the faster cars slowing down so I could catch them....

Gimme my R390 GT1 road and race cars.

Endurance races in tracks so repeatable with saves in pitstops which include the weather seed.

Grand Valley. No change to the layout