World Record GT Sport Platinum Trophy Speedrun Completed in 229 Hours

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  1. WestRoadZ



    Completed in: 229:27:12

    Started: September 19th, 2020 - 12pm
    Completed: September 29th, 2020 - 2am

    Time Lost
    Disconnects: +119 minutes = 0.87%
    Game Freeze: +4 minutes = 0%
    Sleep: +50 hours 48 minutes = ~22%

    Does not include any small breaks I took to eat, change settings, or relax/get comfortable

    Driving School: 100%
    Circuit Experience: 100%
    Mission Challenges: 100%
    Experience Level: 50 | 100%

    Cars: 219
    Cars Bought: 131
    Credits Earned: 88,714,620
    Mileage Earned: 210,978
    Distance Driven: 23,930.758 Km
    Time Driven: 5 days, 1 hours, 50 minutes and 35 seconds
    Drift Points: 1,007,355
    Photos: 103
    Region: Australia / Oceania

    • Gran Turismo Sport 100% Speedrun Notes

    Tests / Needs to be Completed:

    • Need to practice Mission Challenges, Driving School and Circuit Experience

    Tests Completed:
    • Find a combination that be used once all other tasks have been completed in between Daily Races [Custom Race: Tuned N100 Miata vs Gr1, professional difficulty, 2 cars start 2nd, rolling start, closest rolling gap, boost off, 4 laps = 2nd place 440xp guaranteed (640xp for 1st) or 5 laps = 2nd place 540xp guaranteed (740xp for 1st)]
    • Exact Schedule needs to be refined [Has been refined and updated below]
    • Exact times for all additional tasks between Daily Races needs to be documented [Check Schedule but couldn't be bothered to find exact times]
    • Tuning vs No Tuning race comparison for optimal completion times in Mission Challenges [Tuning will always outweigh no tuning]
    • Need to identify when I can rush click into menus or not to prevent wrongful clicks/glitch outs [Do not rush click. It will glitch out PS4/game]
    • Optimize controller vs wheel buttons for menu scrolling [New wheel has buttons on for easy menu scrolling]
    • Any glitches to end a race quicker or leave them sooner and still count towards 322 races [No glitches or way to leave sooner and still get rewards for race]
    • Test different methods/ of staying awake without crashing from exhaustion [Can't be done, just make sure not to be one of those guys that die on stream from exhaustion]
    • Test screen brightness to background brightness for eye fatigue factors [Made it as close as possible with background brightness, should've gotten glasses for this but too late now]
    • Test different seating arrangements for comfortably and longevity [I put a soft towel on my hard chair. About as good as it's going to get]
    • Meal prep / food and drink plan [Making entire runs worth of food day prior. All food, drinks and silverware will be completed beforehand]
    • Accessibility to access food and drinks during game play easily [Wrapped in a cocoon of white goods. Fridge, microwave and toaster]
    • Relaxation and mental stamina tests and improvements [LOL. I probably wouldn't be doing this is if I wasn't mental ;)]
    • Lowest amount of sleep while maintaining optimal performance on track [Ideally, 8 hours is great sleep to maintain optimal performance. But I'm going to try and get away with 4 hours a night]\
    • Mazda Roadster need tune N100 for off-roading [Completed and ready for the dirt!]

    All Trophies

    • Gran Turismo Platinum Trophy
    Acquired all Gran Turismo Sport trophies!
    1. Self-explanatory

    • Record Number of Wins
    Matched Michael Schumacher's record of 91 F1 victories
    1. Remain in lower lobbies to acquire easy wins
    2. Experience Points earned are based off race length

    • Record Number of Races
    Matched Rubens Barrichello's record of 322 F1 races
    1. Daily Race A/B every 20min = 3 races = 60min | 322 races / 3 races an hour = 107 Hours (ONLY Daily Race A/B races)

    • Certified Genius
    Matched Ayrton Senna's record of 65 pole positions
    1. Remain in lower lobbies to acquire easy pole positions
    2. Experience Points earned are based off race length

    • Finale
    Unlocked the Ending Movie
    1. Test time took ~7:00* (New route saves over 20 minutes) to complete **SEE TACTICAL KING TROPHY**

    • Tactical King
    Earned Gold in all Circuit Experiences
    1. Only need to do 22 tracks to acquire
    2. **Exp earned from Finale Trophy and this Trophy ≈25k
    3. Test time 4 hours**** All CE Tracks though ~ 2 hours total

    • No Longer a Novice
    Earned Gold in all Driving School challenges
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • The Real Sector King
    Earned Gold in all Sector King challenges in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Rival Crusher
    Earned Gold in all Mission Challenge races
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Pylon King
    Earned Gold in all Pylon challenges in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Super Rallier
    Earned Gold in all Special Rallies in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Relentless Chase
    Earned Gold in all Catch Up challenges in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Speed Demon
    Earned Gold in all Speed challenges in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Right on Time
    Earned Gold in all Time Rallies in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • One Lap Wonder
    Earned Gold in all One-lap challenges in Mission Challenge
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Experienced Driver
    Drove for a total of 62.5 miles (approx. 100km)
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Speed King
    Recorded a speed of 187 mph (approx. 300km/h)
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • My First Car
    Bought your first car from Brand Central
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • First Victory!
    Recorded your first ever victory!
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Route 66 Racer
    Drove for a total of 2,451 miles (approx. 3,945km), the length of the USA's famous Route 66
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Collection 10
    Acquired a total of 10 cars
    1. Find cheapest car to buy and buy multiples to complete
    2. Route for cars needed might be less than 10. If so, difference would imply this ^

    • Endurance Racer
    Drove for a total of 24 hours (not necessarily in one race or session)
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Talent Discovered
    Earned Bronze in all Driving School challenges
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Welcome to the Nordschleife
    Completed your first lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Globetrotter
    Earned Bronze in all Circuit Experiences
    1. See Finale Trophy

    • Novice Drifter
    Earned a total of 1,000 Drift Points in Drift Trial
    1. See Top-Drawer Drifter Trophy

    • Decent Drifter
    Earned a total of 100,000 Drift Points in Drift Trial
    1. See Top-Drawer Drifter Trophy

    • Top-Drawer Drifter
    Earned a total of 1,000,000 Drift Points in Drift Trial
    1. Sardegna - Windmills (12:30)
    2. Loan Car: Mitsubishi Evo GrB
    3. Driving Line on, 10/90 Torque split
    4. 43 seconds a run at 16,000 average points ~45 minutes to complete
    **New updated route**
    ***Might not do because not confident with new wheel yet***
    1. Circuit de la Sarthe - No Chicane (12:00)
    2. Car: Test easiest car to drift / find out
    3. Driving line on
    4. 38 seconds a run at 20,000 average points ~32 minutes to complete

    • Newbie Driver
    Reached Level 15
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Veteran Driver
    Reached Level 25
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Legendary Driver
    Reached Level 40
    1. Bluemoon Bay Exp Farming race

    • Ultimate Driver
    Reached Level 50
    1. Bluemoon Bay Exp Farming Race
    2. Car: Mazda RX500 (N200 / N300 Setup if McLaren or LaFerrari in front)
    3. Need ~1,300 Mileage Points to tune to proper setup
    4. Have picture of tune on phone

    • King of the Ovals
    Drove a total of 500 miles (approx. 806km) on oval tracks
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Top Photographer
    Took 100 or more Scapes shots or race photos
    1. 1st location, Any ratio, any car, aim at ground and zoom in
    2. Do not need to save photos to achieve
    3. 6 seconds a photo ~10 minutes

    • The Charm of Customization
    Showed off your first car customized with the Livery Editor
    1. Just change paint and upload to complete

    • Master of Manners
    Unlocked Sport Mode after completing all Racing Etiquette Lessons
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • A Promise of Greatness
    Completed any Driving School challenge at least one second faster than the Gold time
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Run, Run, Run!
    Earned your first Daily Workout by driving at least 26.2 miles in a single real-time day
    1. Don’t worry about this one, will be completed

    • Tuning Addict
    Fully tuned a car for the first time using Mileage Points
    1. Porsche Gr3/Gr4 or Aston Martin DB9 (Find total Mileage Points for all)

    • Souvenir from Le Mans
    Took a Scapes shot featuring the Circuit de la Sarthe and the Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest)
    1. If not gifted, buy car and take picture to complete (Do not need to save picture)
    • Souvenir from the Nurburgring
    Took a Scapes shot featuring the Nurburgring and a BMW Gr.3 car
    1. If not gifted, buy car and take picture to complete (Do not need to save picture)


    Estimated Completion Times

    Record Number of Races (322)

    Time | 322 races x .333(3 races an hour)= 6,440min = 107.33 hours

    Experience | 322 races x ~200exp (have to still check) ≈ 64,400exp
    *322 races x 400exp ≈ 128,800exp

    Finale/Circuit Experience (Ending Movie)

    Time | Test Run all Gold ~683min(included Ending Movie and +10min mistakes and Frozen PS4 in this time)

    Experience | All Gold 100% Driving School, Mission Challenges and Circuit Experience(with addition DLC tracks) ≈ 25,000exp

    Ultimate Driver (Level 50)

    Time/Experience | Total amount to Level 50(2,400,000) subtracting sum of all earned Experience Points(≈200,000), divided by ≈8,500(average amount of Experience Points per race from Bluemoon Farm races) = 259(258.82) Races x 0.25(60min/15min(duration of race)=0.25) = 64.75hours = 3885min

    Races - 259 Experience Farming Races

    Time - 64.75hours or 3885min

    Experience Earned - ≈2,200,000

    **Experience Earned before Farming is a rough estimate, still need to find info on this**

    Collection 10 - 0min

    Top-Drawer Drifter - 45min

    Top Photographer - 10min

    The Charm of Customization - 1min

    Souvenir from Le Mans - 5min

    Souvenir from the Nurburgring - 5min

    •All combined ≈ 66min

    **Adding another 2 hours for loading times and screen changes = 120min

    Total time approx: 11,217min = 186.5 hours = 8 (7.7694) days

    Total Exp approx: 2,400,000



    Pre-start - Practice qualifying Daily Race A/B on main account for a couple laps
    Start Speedrun on Saturday @ 6:00am AEDT

    -Start game
    -Get stream up and sorted for LIVE broadcast
    -Game will be waiting to setup
    -Setup beginning settings and start Intro Movie
    -Timer starts when click circle (O) to skip Intro Movie
    -Collect First Car
    -Collect Birthday Car
    -Go to settings and setup (do not setup up wheel)
    -Sport Mode Videos (2) watch both [do not click out of the video as it will restart it]
    -Any time left remaining do a qualifying lap for either A or B Daily Race
    -|1| Do Daily Race
    -|2| Leave immediately and go to Driving School
    -|3| Complete as many races as possible until next Daily Race
    -Repeat |1-3| until completed all Driving School races (48) are finished
    -|4| Do Daily Race
    -|5| Leave immediately and go to Circuit Experience
    -|6| Complete as many races (22 tracks) as possible until next Daily Race
    -Repeat |4-6| until completed all Circuit Experience races that can be finished
    -|7| Do Daily Race
    -|8| Leave immediately and go start Top-Drawer Drifter Trophy


    Track - Sardegna Windmills
    Car - Mitsubishi Evo GrB (Loan Car)
    Time - Any
    Aids - Driving Line On, 10/90 torque split
    (Can restart as many times as needed till finished. Just stay on track, any points are better than no points)

    -|9| Complete as many points as possible until next Daily Race
    -Repeat |7-9| until completed and received Top-Drawer Drifter Trophy

    -|10| Do Daily Race
    -|11| Leave immediately and go start Top Photographer Trophy


    Location: Any
    Car: Any
    Ratio: Any
    (Do NOT need to save photos to complete. Can take shot then press back and shoot again and the game will count the photos taken)

    -|12| Take as many photos as possible until next Daily Race
    -Repeat |10-12| until completed and received Top Photographer Trophy
    -|13| Do Daily Race
    -|14| Leave immediately and go purchase cars needed for next events in this order: Sign Manufacture Contract with Porsche and get Gr3/4, Mazda Roadster $80k, Ford Focus GrB $450k, Porsche 911 GT3 RS $253k, Nissan GTR Nismo $187k, Mazda RX500 $500k
    -|15| Tune/setup all cars for what they are needed for in Mission Challenges
    -|16| Do Daily Race
    -|17| Leave immediately and go to Mission Challenges
    -|18| Complete as many races as possible until next Daily Race
    -Repeat |16-18| until completed all Mission Challenges (63) that can be finished (Exclude Mission Challenge 64 for end of speed run)

    -[The following list |19-42| can be done in between Daily Races or after at any point until completed]
    -|19| The Charm of Customisation Trophy
    -|20| Tuning Addict Trophy (will most likely be completed during Mission Challenges)
    -|21| Souvenir from Le Mans Trophy (need to have/buy a Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest))
    -|22| Souvenir from Nurburgring Trophy (need to have/buy a BMW Gr.3)
    -|23| Take (1000) photos for Achievement Level 3
    -|24| Like (1000) photos for Achievement Level 3
    -|25| Buy (100) cars for Achievement Level 3
    -|26| Like (1000) liveries for Achievement Level 3
    -|27| Make (100) Liveries for Achievement Level 3
    -|28| Spend (50,000,000) for cars value Achievement Level 3
    -|29| Spend (100,000) Mileage Points for Achievement Level 3
    -|30| Drive (40,000km) Distance for Achievement Level 3
    -|31| Play Time (100) hours for Achievement Level 3
    -|32| Drive Time (100) hours for Achievement Level 3
    -|33| Earn (50,000,000) credits for Achievement Level 3
    -|34| Earn (100,000) Mileage Points for Achievement Level 3
    -|35| Login (7) Days for Achievement Level 1
    -|36| Race (15) Clean for Achievement Level 3
    -|37| Get (20) Pole Positions for Achievement Level 3
    -|38| Get (50) Fastest Laps for Achievement Level 3
    -|39| Get (100) Races Finished for Achievement Level 3
    -|40| Get (20) Race Victories for Achievement Level 3
    -|41| Use (10,000) litres of fuel for Achievement Level 3
    -|42| Get (1,000,000) total drift points for Achievement Level 3

    -|43| Do Daily Race
    -|44| Leave immediately and if completed everything from |19-42| that can be finished, start Horse Thief Mile (HTM) Experience Farming


    Track: Willow Springs - Horse Thief Mile
    Car: Mazda Roadster N100 (rally setup)
    Race Type: Laps
    Number of laps: 4 or 5
    No. of Cars: 2
    Starting Grid: 2
    Start Type: Rolling
    Rolling Interval: 25m
    Boost: Off
    Slipstream Strength: Real
    Mechanical Damage: None
    Tyre Wear: Off
    Fuel Depletion: Off
    Grip Reduced on Wet Track/Track Edge: Low
    Overtaking Usage Time Multiplier: Default
    Opponent Category: Gr1
    Opponent Difficulty: Professional
    Short Cut Penalty: None
    Wall Collision Penalty: Off
    Correct Vehicle Course after Wall Collision: Off
    Replace Cars when they Leave Track:
    Flag Rules: Off

    -|45| Complete the 4 or 5 laps that can be finished until the next Daily Race
    -Repeat |43-45| until finished 322 races, 91 victories and 65 pole positions
    -Complete all remaining Driving School races (48 races all gold)
    -Complete all remaining Circuit Experience races (22 tracks all gold)
    -Complete all Mission Challenge races except for the 64th challenge (63 races all gold) [64th race leaving for last race of speedrun]
    -Anything from |19-42| not completed that won’t be completed from |43| do before starting |43|
    -|46| Start Blue Moon Bay (BMB) Experience Farming


    GT League: Professional League
    Professional League: Premium Sports Lounge
    Premium Sports Lounge: Blue Moon Bay Speedway
    Car: Mazda RX500 (N200 [N300 if La Ferrari or McLaren F1 on pole position] track specific setup)

    -|47| Finish and leave race immediately
    -Repeat |46-47| until completed Level 50 Ultimate Driver Trophy
    -|48| Start Mission Challenge 64 and finish 1st
    -Platinum Trophy unlocked at checkered flag of Mission Challenge 64 and time stop
    -Ending Movie will play

    Known Game Glitches
    Menu Glitch:
    No pointer to scroll through menus
    Solution - Top left GT Logo scroll to and click into the menu. Should make the pointer reappear.
    No Load Glitch: Game freezes when clicking X button before the screen loads
    Solution - Wait for the screen to load and DO NOT spam X button prior to the screen load

    Speed Run Notes

    Pre-Start Setup:

    - Set Birthday Date for the account to the day starting speedrun
    - Have game/wheel/audio/car tunes pictures ready at start

    Cars needed:
    - Sign FIA Contract with Porsche for Gr3 and Gr4
    - Mazda RX500 ($500k with 1,742 Mileage Exchange points)[N200/300 Races]
    - Ford Focus GrB car ($450k with 1,672 Mileage points)[Max Tune]
    - Porsche 911 GT3 RS ($253k with 2,922 Mileage points)[N400/600 Races]
    - Mazda Roadster ($80k with 651 Mileage points)[N100/300 Races]
    - Nissan GTR Nismo ($187k with 4170 Mileage points)[N1000 Race]
    - BMW Gr3 @ Nurburgring
    - Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest) @ Circuit de la Sarthe

    Campaign Mode Notes
    Driving School:
    Test 7:
    TCS 1, turn off TCS before 2nd gear, brake just after the white cones
    Test 9: Slight lift mid-corner, carry speed, can go off track
    Test 10: Slight lift mid-corner, can go off track

    Mission Challenges:
    Stage 1-5:
    Stage 3-4: Wallride
    Stage 3-7: (Fully tune Gr3 RSR**) Use cars to slow down at corners, cut mid-track, turn in early (start of rumble strips) for fast left 2/3 into track
    Stage 5-3: 1st split turn right around the house, stay right of big bush, go slow over crests, straight across to the last corner, repeat to the last lap, the last lap only go to 1st split around the house and straight across the dirt to finish line, follow the dirt path, careful not to flip the car
    Stage 5-5: Wallride (just start), hard braking zone turn left into the wall to help decelerate
    Stage 5-7: Use cars to slow down at corners, cut at the top of the hill (Essess), can cut bottom open area but have to be careful
    Stage 6-2: Use cars to slow down at corners, cut first corners
    Stage 6-3: Wallride every corner
    Stage 6-6: Wallride every corner
    Stage 6-8: Use cars to slow down at corners, cut mid-track
    Stage 8-2: Use cars to slow down at corners, cut open lot area in 2/3 way through the track to get ahead of 1st place
    Stage 8-3: Wallride
    Stage 8-5: Wallride
    Stage 8-6: Wallride
    Stage 8-7: Use cars to slow down at corners, cut first corners
    Stage 8-8: Use cars to slow down at corners, cut the small chicane 1/2 way through track after the steep uphill braking zone

    Specific Trophy Guidelines
    Top-Drawer Drifter Trophy
    Sardegna - Windmills (12:30)
    Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.Final GrB rally Car (loan car)
    Car Setup: Driving line on, 10/90 Torque split
    Should average 16,000 points per attempt at 43 seconds per restart ~ 45 minutes total

    The Photographer Trophy
    Scapes Location:
    Laguna Seca - 1st location
    Car: Any
    Shoot in a any ratio at the ground. Each photo does not need to be saved. Should average 1 picture every 6 seconds ~ 10 minutes total

    I’ve decided I want to speedrun GT Sport. There are a couple things you can accomplish but I think the easiest would be the Finale Trophy.

    Requirements for the trophy are to complete Driving School and Mission Challenges bronze or better. Once completed the ending movie will play.

    I found a website that doesn’t provide any proof of any runs done for GT Sport and a claimed 14 hour time that to Finale trophy.

    Question 1: Has anyone found/have any websites or proof of any speedrun on GT Sport?

    Question 2: Never had speedrun a game besides GT6, level 50 speedrun seems too unrealistic. 100% complete platinum trophy off the table. What other accomplishments could be achieved and considered speedrun worthy? *Update* Deciding if I think this is doable now.

    Question 3: How would one go about when to start and end a speedrun? Having not seen any evidence of a run when would be the appropriate time to do either?
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  2. NaketWookie


    well, since speedrunning contains a lot of resets and retries, i wonder how you will do this? Every run a new account?
  3. Pigems

    Pigems Premium

    What’s a speed run?


    Quick from Wikipedia.
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  5. LeGeNd-1

    LeGeNd-1 Premium

    IMO the driving school, missions, CE and career mode are too easy in GTS compared to previous games. If you know the basics you can get gold pretty much single try making speedrun comparisons pointless.

    In previous games people have tried speedrunning completing GT League with only prize cars. But in GTS with the random roulette it's not really consistent between different attempts so that's out too.

    Honestly, the only speedrun that I think worth doing is all diamond in Hamilton challenges. There's a degree of skill involved (read: a LOT), and can be done in one sitting if you're good enough.
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  6. WestRoadZ


    Yes, unfortunately, having a new account each run would be the way to go.

    I’ve been doing some research and considering doing a Level 50 or Platinum Trophy run now. Going to have heaps of time off soon so figure why not lol

    From what I found last night I calculated around 136 hours to complete platinum trophy. On another account I’ve already clocked 11:23:17 for Circuit Experience(with all current tracks), Driving School, Mission Challenges all gold personally on Twitch. Just have to go about the most efficient route and a more precise estimated time of completion.
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  7. Pigems

    Pigems Premium

    The Platinum trophy in GT requires 91 online wins, 65 online poles and I think 322 races completed, not the easiest of Platinum trophies to get.
  8. WestRoadZ


    I’m not too worried about the wins and poles. If you derank a couple races they should be quite easy to achieve. 322 races though is what will be the grind. I updated the OP with some figures and how long I roughly think it will take to complete. Still need more information and testing but think it could be doable
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  9. MaxAttack

    MaxAttack Premium

    United Kingdom
    I think the most impressive "speed runner" thing you could do with GTS is try to set a record time for DR/SR from E/B to A+/S.

    You could record it with races entered, miles driven or overall time taken. You also wouldn't need a new account every attempt as DR/SR can be force reset through unscrupulous means.
  10. WestRoadZ


    Hey mate, I’ve already done this but without qualifying. E to A+ Rank with no quali in America’s region as well as Oceania Region. Only have EU region but no plans on doing that anytime soon.

    Kudosprime vvv

    NAQuaiichallenge (yes that’s correct spelling, messed up when making OG profile, NAQualiChallenge, and put it in Australia lol still looks like how I want it though in game)

    Last edited: Apr 16, 2020
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  11. splitwindow


    Under normal circumstances no, however I do recall one guy here who via unashamedly gaming the system (I think he was quitting every second race, if not 2 out of 3 in order to keep his rankings bottomed out) managed to get those two trophies in 14 days.
    While not what I would consider an enjoyable and rewarding way to play the game, I did have to pay the guy props for achieving his goal in a brutally efficient fashion.

    Good luck speed grinding level 50 without a rubber band though lol.
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  12. MaxAttack

    MaxAttack Premium

    United Kingdom
    Interesting. I personally think it'd be faster if one were able to reliably qualify up the sharp end of races, but it might present a hard choice between ~20 mins qualifying or entry in a race where rank can be earned.

    Either way I'd have to say the master run should be set in EMEA, the most populated and competitive region. An official-ish record for this might create an interesting challenge amongst the faster drivers in the game.

    Cool to see people trying some stuff like this with GT and a game with such a heavy online component.
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  13. WestRoadZ


    I might take that route. Just so it’s easier and takes less mental strain for the long speedrun it will be :lol:
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  14. JayRS200


    I self deranked to get the the wins and poles trophies quickly as I was trying to platinum the game. Don't really care about playing GT "the right way" when it comes to trophies. Eventually gave up when I saw how slow XP builds but had a go recently at grinding XP.
  15. stpatty


    For the poles/wins trophies it could be dependent on when you try to get them. Around 40 each of those for me came during one of the first weeks of weekly races, with the Honda Beat around Yamagiwa in Race A. I put a lot of time into it and got a very good lap time. It was also a race - and I didn't know this at the time - where A/A+ drivers aren't likely to feature very often. Couple that with the recent increase in people playing the game overall and it's a potentially beneficial combination.

    Even then, 322 races with a race every 20 minutes is what, the equivalent of nearly four and a half straight days. I'm not sure how you can cut that down.
  16. Baka_Marimo

    Baka_Marimo Premium

    Maybe take more people on board and play in shifts? Kinda like in an endurance race ;) This Platinum is way too daunting to speedrun on your own. For me that is at least.
  17. zocker_16


    I got the game on 19.10.2017 and earned Platinum Trophy almost 2 months later on 11.12.2017.
    My last trophy was the 322 online races. This wasn't a Speedrun but I played it a lot (several hours per day).
    You can calculate this down to 2 hours ( 6 races with 20 min) per only in online mode. Additional I used the first glitch grinde on Nürburgring for XP , where you had to enter the pit backwards to complete a race in 20 sec. Don´t know how many times I did this but it was several times faster than what we have now.
    Level 50 needs 2,3 Mio. XP and good races to grind make about 36k per hour, so this takes additional 60 hours.
    I think in total you need about 200 hours to do this. Most of it just boring grinding.
    In my opinion better Speedruns for GT would be all License tests on gold, or completing all driving missions.
  18. MaxAttack

    MaxAttack Premium

    United Kingdom
    You could also try and speedrun all diamond on the LH DLC, if masochism is your vibe. That's basically just ten uber hard time trials back to back so it'd be similar to an all gold license type of run.

    I know that some of the top players (some of them resident here) cleared the whole thing pretty quick and even streamed the whole thing, so you'd have other times or "records" to work against.

    Gonna need to be bloody quick and consistent to clear it faster than the world tour boys. Definitely an impressive record to set.
  19. Baka_Marimo

    Baka_Marimo Premium

    According to PSNProfiles, the current fastest completion time for the GT Sport Platinum is 2 weeks and 4 days (or about 439 hours). It's totally doable in less than that, but it will take a lot of determination. Doing it on a team account would be a lot easier but in the end you'd have to share the glory :p
  20. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    That was only achieved via a glitch which allowed for much more rapid leveling. Doing nothing but the most profitable race for XP will take you 52 hours to go from 0-50 (and that's ignoring the fact that you don't unlock it until level 20 anyway) on its own.

    Then you have to do 322 online races, which is a minimum of 107 hours (and you have to win 91 of them, though you can game that by coming last in two races and winning the third [lather, rinse, repeat]) because they only take place every 20 minutes.

    Combined, you're talking about the two grindiest trophies in no less than six days of game time (because your 322 races will count towards the XP you need to get to level 50) - that's without any breaks. If you assume you will be sleeping for some of that time (and you can set the game to gain XP while you're sleeping, and do some other tasks while you're eating; hope someone will bring you food and caffeine), figure on the minimum being eight days.
  21. WestRoadZ


    This is more of a personal challenge. I've done all of GT6 way back in the day and that took forever. Did it on Twitch in segments and used the ingame playtime timer to get the completed time. This time however I want to have it fully recorded for an official record on GT Sport ;)

    Hey @zocker_16 first off love your Youtube channel :)

    That's about how many Experience points I'd earn doing the BlueMoon Bay Premium Lounge race an hour ~34,000xp (averaging N200/N300 races with LaFerrari or McLaren F1 in 1st)

    I thought there was 2.4 million Experience Points Total? Or is there 2.3 million in just Level 50 alone??

    2 weeks ago I did a Finale Trophy all Gold speedrun in 7:29:36 and 100% Campaign (Circuit Experience all current tracks) all Gold in 11:23:17. I found some time to be cut since going back and testing different routes so having that knowledge should help with this run ;)

    Might give this a go after the speedrun, down to 3 shifts a week is stretching the income :lol:

    Being in Australia that limits the quality of the races going to another region. I do agree that there will be more competition and users in EMEA and higher DR drivers online at any given point. This is something that I'm still deciding though. It being a speedrun would make sense to have the easiest region to put less mental strain per race give3n how long it will take. But then again a lot of the big YouTubers and streamers are in EMEA and if they got ear of this and wanted to give it a go surely they would pick the EMEA region. Definitely something I need to look into a bit more though.

    Like @stpatty did, beginning the week with a strong qualifying time in either Race A or B seems the best way to get easy wins and poles on the Monday and Tuesday. I will most likely end up doing what @Famine has suggested and @JayRS200 has done for it seems the best route at this time. Unless the higher DR lobbies give a substantial amount more of Experience points per race. I still need to test this.

    Hey @Famine I've put up a vote on two GT Sport Facebook pages to ask if I should use the rubberband trick in an online lobby to gain experience while I'm asleep. I've had results showing that they believe this would tarnish the achievement. So not going to play while asleep and leave the game on the Home Screen still streaming for continuous gameplay/recording. I have a rough schedule of 5 hours a sleep a day getting around 9 days to complete.

    I have the roommates and Wifey on board with helping achieve this feat. Meal prepping the day prior to the start of the speedrun, detailed list of foods and drinks and times to interact to stay mentally fit throughout. A lot of this run will be their help with keeping me focused on the game. Naturally, going to have to treat them after this occasion :bowdown:

    Just have to time it so it falls between updates. Can't imagine 7 days in and have a surprise update from PD :lol:
  22. stpatty


    You don't get more XP for higher DR races. Race length is the only thing that affects XP for online races.
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  23. WestRoadZ


    Thanks mate, this saved me some time having to go test this out
  24. Baka_Marimo

    Baka_Marimo Premium

    You might already be aware of this but just one final piece of advice: Since you're going for the Platinum completion time world record, your speedrun only ever begins when you've earned your first trophy. Therefore it's wise to delay popping any trophies for as long as possible. There are a few trophies where this works very well, like for instance the ones for beating all Driving school challenges. Just beat all challenges except for one and you'll have made quite a bit of progress before even starting the timer. The same goes for all the Mission Challenge related trophies. The most problematic trophy here is Experienced Driver (Drove for a total of 62.5 miles). I don't think there is a way to stop the game from keeping track of your driving distance while saving your campaign progression at the same time, so the best advice here is to one-shot as many challenges as possible before this one pops. You can do this offline on a blank account which will prevent you from going through the hassle of signing up for PSN every time you need to restart. You could also one-shot the challenges one by one while backing up your save file inbetween to prevent yourself from losing your progress in case you mess up. Once you've secured yourself the best possible starting position you can sign up for PSN and receive your birthday gift car. Also watch out for Run, Run, Run! (Earned your first Daily Workout). This one can be prevented easily but you need to be mindful of it.

    Speedrunning trophies can get quite complicated when you get into the meat of things so you'll have to decide for yourself how seriously you want to take this ;) I wish you the best of luck :tup: I've got nowhere near the persistance to take on a challenge like this :lol:

    edit: I just remembered you can't back up your save before signing up for PSN. Since save files are encrypted so they can only be used by the player they belong to, the PS4 won't let you transfer them anywhere else before you've signed up and thus the encryption is in place.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2020
  25. Quakebass


    United States
    It’s possible that you could cut down some of the sport mode time by doing short portions of CE or license tests between the waiting periods for the entry. For example, this last week’s race A was only ~6mins on track, with another 3-4 spent on matching, warmup, and pre and post-race screens and loading. I was usually getting the practice/quali with 8-9 mins before the next match, which is certainly enough time to cram a few sectors in even with load times. You just need to hope for a short race A/B to show up again. That’d be quite the calculation for the optimal path, though...

    Also, doesn’t quitting a race lower DR/SR? You might be able to clock up entries while keeping the matches easy for wins, if it doesn’t require a finish for an entry. And if this does in fact work then you can alternate between race A and B for 10 min intervals, and/or maybe include the above strategy of interspersing short licenses, missions, CEs, or other short tasks. So potentially ~230 short interval races and 91 full length races for wins at perfect efficiency.

    You list the acquired car trophy completion requirement with purchasing from Brand Central, but forgot to account for the CEs awarding you cars (unless I’m mistaken and that trophy requires the cars to be purchased with credits).

    With photomode I believe there’s an option to render at 1080p or even lower and that should reduce time to some extent.

    You probably won’t have to worry about the level requirements if you time the sport races and CEs well, as they should give hefty enough payouts. My friend started the game recently and with a single-digit number of completed CEs, only the first license row, I think only the first three mission rows, two Mercedes F1 league events, and less than 100 sport races he’s almost level 29.
  26. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    It does.
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  27. WestRoadZ


    Thanks for the tip! I've actually been looking around for a time to start the speedrun but I think the proper way to go about it is to start when I get my first car after the intro movie. Just to have a total length from the very start to finish :tup: I have heaps of accounts and recently made a tester account for different things to test on this speedrun :lol:

    Thanks for the support again :cheers:

    That's what I have in mind right now. It would be good to get all the small Mission Challenges, Driving School and Circuit Experience events out of the way. The Photographer Trophy will take around 10 minutes to complete so I can split it in two lots of 5 mins to accomplish that as well as the two other photo mode trophies. Still having to take a look at it and plan the most efficient route so I don't miss a race on accident.

    I have an updated list on my phone and when I have time I update GTP :D But yes, as far as I know, I have to buy the 10 cars to get the trophy. This could be wrong but I'm not too worried about it because that will take all of 5 mins in the grand scheme of things.

    The Photographer Trophy route I'll be going from Daily Races to Scapes to Laguna Seca (first one up), select the first location, changed to a 1:1 ratio, any car in the frame and aim at the ground and zoom in. This seemed to have a low render time even without having a lower resolution option. (6 seconds for the shot, render and back out for next picture) Might have a look to find a lower resolution photo that might speed things up. But then again you run into taking time going through the menu to get there with the possibility of accidental clicks. Still something that can be refined.

    Yeah see the first 30 levels are quite quick, it's going to be the last 10 levels that are really going to test me and my patience :lol:

    Thanks for the help mate, seems we're both thinking the same level here :cheers:

    Other than that, still coming up with a route that will keep me from mentally draining myself too soon in the run. The BlueMoon Bay Experience Farm I can do literally half asleep. It's maintaining that focus on the Daily Races and a great qualifying time that will really set the pace of the run. But for some reason, I feel that there will be a lot of time just waiting for races to load with nothing left to complete a couple of days in. The campaign doesn't really take all that long to complete compared to the ~186 total hours I've estimated.
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  28. WestRoadZ


    Hello again GTP :gtpflag:

    The time has come and on the 19th of September I’ll be starting the Platinum Trophy Speed Run! Welcoming you all to come check it out streaming on Twitch.TV / WestRoadZ!

    I’ve put a couple of months on and off into routing and planning this run and not expecting it to be perfect but to just complete it would be the goal. Can only hope that GT doesn’t decide on an update during it or massive internet issues on my end. Anywho, thanks for the support everyone :cheers:
  29. Racing_Miku

    Racing_Miku Premium

    You can get 10 free cars from daily workout and it will still 'pop' the trophy, it's Collection 10 for a reason, don't have to be bought, just own 10 cars!
  30. FerrariF1GT

    FerrariF1GT Premium

    United States
    I hope you have plans to eat, drink, relieve yourself, rest, etc. during the run. It’s going to be quite a long run, especially for the Sport Mode trophies. To put it into perspective, there’s a GT3 100% speedrun on YT with over three days of constant driving. This is a plan for eight days. I’m not sure if I can handle even six hours of nonstop racing.

    Good luck!