Worst rewards/unlockables in a video game?

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    Ever unlock something in a video game that you just feel wasn't a good reward for your efforts? Well that's what this thread is about. Yes I know anything may be better than nothing, but I am sure some of us have had at least one instance when we feel what we unlocked was just not worth our time.

    So the questions for the topic are simple:
    What is the worst reward you can think of?
    Why do you think it is?
    What do you think it should have been? (You can list more than one if you want)

    (I am sure I missing something in this post so it may be subject to change later on)
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  2. JR98

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    Some from Gran Turismo 4

    WISHB = What It Should Have Been

    Event: World Classic Car Series (5 Race Championship)
    Reward: Mercedes Motor Carriage '86
    WISHB: Any classic sports car you can actually drive (E.G. Lotus Elan, Alfa Giulia GTA, Honda S800, Toyota Sports 800, Nissan Fairlady 2000, etc.)

    Event: Grand Valley Speedway 300KM (Endurance)
    Reward: Auto Union Type C Streamline '37 (Special Car)
    WISHB: Any modern GT racer (E.G. Any GT500 car, Nissan R390 GT1, Toyota GT-ONE, BMW M3 GTR ALMS, Ford GT Concept LM Race Car, etc.)

    Event: 1000 Miles! (5 Race Endurance Championship)
    Reward: Alfa Giulia Sprint Speciale '63
    WISHB: Classic race car (E.G. Honda S800 RSC, Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Rally Car, Ford GT40 Race Car, Corvette C6 (C2) Race Car, etc)

    Event: All American Championship (5 Race Championship)
    Reward: Chevrolet Corvette (C1)
    WISHB: Corvette C5-R, Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, Panoz Esperante GTR-1, Saleen S7, Ford GT Concept LM Race Car, Chapparral 2J, etc.

    Event: Golding S-Licence (Utter Hell)
    Reward: Ford Model T
    WISHB: Literally anything else

    There are many others but these are what I remember right now.
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    Winning a Toyota Yaris for beating the Professinal Yaris/Vitz series in Gran Turismo 3.

    People rage about getting cars they already own in the daily reward for driving 26 miles in GT Sport, well there was nothing like winning a Toyota Yaris/Vitz that you already own from a very long and boring championship like the Professinal Vitz/Yaris series in Gran Turismo 3.
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    I could certainly understand the Alfa. I would ask why you think these are bad, but you already specified on my status.

    What do you think it should have been though? ;)
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    The Porsche 911 GT2 and the Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMG in Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005).
    Easily one of the worst ever for me. For starters, you get these cars from the challenge series which consists of 68 challenges (70 if you include the Black Edition and Burger King Challenges) Even with cheats, it takes a LONG time to beat them all, it gets very difficult half way through and even requires a bit of practice. In the end all you get are two cars with "okay" performance that you can't even customize and can only use in quick race. For all the time and trouble it takes to get them, it's really not worth it and you'd be better off just using cheat codes to have the challenge series completed.
    (Especially knowing you unlock at least one or two cars every time you beat a blacklist rival in career, which takes FAR less time and difficulty than the challenge series)

    What do I think it should have been?

    - Make these cars available in all modes and make them customizable along with it.
    - Instead of making the Camaro and the BMW M3 GTR (street) Black Edition exclusives, they should do the same for them as well, maybe even give us Rog's and Razor's car along with the slower BMW GTR from the career prologue, but with a special livery that they already have in the game files that they chose not to use in the game for some reason.
    -More customizations in general for the cars in the game especially since NFSMW is somewhat lacking in this field.
    (The Black Edition of the game can just have a pre customized Camaro and M3 GTR (Street) like the other exclusive cars you get for buying it)

    If they did all that listed above, it would probably be worth it then and while it may be a lot to ask for, well so is the challenge series so it may as well be worthwhile!
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  6. Lain

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    Lootboxes that you then have to pay for keys with real money to unlock, especially in games that aren't free-to-play.
  7. JR98

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    Forza Editions for completing each "cup" in Forza 7, especially when there are over 200 locked cars in the game. I honestly have 0 motivation to finish the career now since the cars you get aren't even worth it. Would much rather have actual new cars instead of preset builds for existing cars.


    I feel like completing each division should give you a special locked car from each division

    Ariel Nomad Spec - Ariel Atom 500 V8
    Classic Street Muscle - Chrysler VH Valiant Charger R/T E49
    Early Prototype Racers - Peugeot 905 Evo 1C
    Early Sport Luxury - BMW M5 (E39)
    Early Sport Touring - Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3
    Elite Factory Racers - Ferrari F50 GT
    Exotic GT - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
    Formula 70's - McLaren #11 McLaren Cars M23
    Formula 90's - Renault R.S. 17
    Formula E - Formula E #11 ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport FE02
    Formula Ford - Ford Fiesta ST
    Formula Mazda - Mazda MX-5 Super20
    Forza GP - Mercedes-Benz #63 Sauber C9
    Forza Group Rally - Subaru #199 WRX STI VT15r Rally Car
    Forza GT - Bentley #17A LIQUI MOLI M-Sport Continental GT3
    Forza P1 - Porsche #2 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid
    Forza P2 - Ford #02 Chip Ganassi Racing Riley XXVI Daytona Prototype
    Forza Touring Cars - Volvo #13 Polestar Racing S60 STCC
    Forza Trophy Trucks - Ford #11 Rockstar F-150 Trophy Truck
    GT Racing Reborn - Datsun #33 Bob Sharp Racing 280ZX Turbo
    Historic Road Racing - Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455
    Hot Hatch Genesis - VW Scirocco S '81
    Hot Hatch Icons - Honda Civic Type R (EP)
    Hot Rod Revival - Ford Deluxe Five Window Coupe
    Hypercar - Koenigsegg Regera
    IndyCar - Honda #9 Chip Ganassi Racing IndyCar
    Major Micros - VW Beetle '63
    Mazda MX-5 Cup Spec - Formula Mazda
    Mercedes-Benz Racing Trucks - Mercedes-Benz #9 Erebus Motorsport E63 AMG V8 Supercar
    Modern Hot Hatch - Renault Clio RS 200
    Modern Off-Roaders - Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Shelby
    Modern SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8
    NASCAR - Toyota #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Snickers Camry
    Nostalgic Drag Racers - Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt
    Off-Road Buggies - Penhall Cholla
    Open Wheel Legends - Honda RA300
    Polaris RZR Spec - BAC Mono
    Prototype Group Racing - Nissan #21 Nissan Racing R382
    Radical RXC Spec - KTM X-BOW R
    Radical RX8 Spec - Radical RXC Turbo
    Rally Heroes - Lancia Stratos HF Gr.4
    Rebirth of Muscle - Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
    Rise of the Supercar - Bugatti EB110 SS
    Showroom Rally - Lancia Delta S4
    Sport Compact - Dodge Dart GT
    Sport Compact Icons - Subaru SVX
    Sport Coupe - BMW 1 Series M Coupe
    Sport GT - Porsche 911 GT3 RS '16
    Sport GT Icons - BMW Z8
    Sport Luxury - Bentley Continental GT Speed
    Sport Touring - Ford Falcon GT F 351
    Sport Touring Icons - Audi RS4 Avant '01
    Supercar Renaissance - Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
    Supercars Championship - Ford #17 SHELL V-POWER Racing Falcon FG X
    The Birth of Grand Prix - Maserati 8CTF
    Track Toys - Lotus 340R
    Ultima 1020 Spec - Caterham R500 Superlight
    Vintage GT Racing - Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
    Vintage Off-Roaders - Land Rover Series III
    Vintage Sport Compact - Chevrolet Vega GT
    Vintage Sport Coupe - Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso
    Vintage Sport GT - Ferrari 365 GTB/4
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    The Stealth Ship in Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars.
    Among one of the worst rewards out there for me. You get this for collecting all 130 gold bricks in the game, pretty much beating it. Lego Star Wars III is not a hard game, but it certainly takes time to get all of them and in the end, all you get is just another missile launching ship like all the others you already have at that point that doesn't do anything special. What makes it even worse is you can easily get it with a cheat code regardless of your progression, which makes collecting all the gold bricks even more worthless than it already it is. It's a pretty lousy reward for what it takes to get it, especially compared to what previous games had, and it's just not worth it!

    What do I think it should have been?
    -Stud Fountain. Lego Star Wars II and The Complete Saga had one and it was a great reward that was very useful since you didn't have to grind for studs anymore.
    -They could have just ported Lego City and New Town from the Complete Saga and maybe even give us more levels like those along with it.

    Any of these would have been so much better than what we got in the end. I don't know what Travelers Tales was thinking when they thought about making this the end game bonus, but they could have done better like they did with previous games.
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    Especially when it's another pink one.
  10. allsupratt


    logging in to NFS payback to get various cars months after completing the game was, lame.. especially aftwr realizing afterwards, there was no reason to get that old volvo. Wasnt even interested in it in the first place. From what i understand, the new T10 games are doing three same at a much slower rate.
  11. Cowboy

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    The Alfa Romeo that you get after you win the 1000 Miles championship in GT4.
  12. MeanElf


    Borderlands 2 (for a change of pace away from all these car games ;) )

    The random generation of weapon drops is extremely random, which isn't in itself a bad thing but when a frequent drop for a known legendary level location ends up being a plain old white weapon far too frequently, it sort of begs the question about the wisdom of including such a broad spread into the parameters (the game does after all contain a gazillion guns.)

    Stick to one colour class for each boss level as it gets frustrating when taking down a tough on on UVHM solo only to get a white level weapon.
  13. Morgoth_666


    Yeah, the car you got for the 1000 Miles was a bit poor, but you got paid quite well for only running four races so I never considered that to be a weak reward at the time. I loved that championship for that reason and because the races were fun(except that stupid Fiat 500). I had Bob run a lot of it while I was away and ran some myself whenever I had the itch.

    That series paid for the majority of my mean black monster cars, although I got the last 25% or so of the money for them from running the MUCH less enjoyable Costa di Amalfi(I think that was it) race which gave you a far better(well... far more expensive) car than it should have. Nice track, lame event. Boring as hell but it got the last bit of money taken care of in less real-time than Bobbing a zillion miles.
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    Starkiller Destruction in Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens.
    This is a challenge you unlock for getting all 249 gold bricks. In the challenge itself you get to fly either Starkiller Base or the Death Star II and blow up planets until you have a million studs. It sounds very exciting, but it really isn't in my opinion. For starters, lets rewind back to The Complete Saga, you had Lego City and New Town which also involved getting a million studs, but you had to do a variety of different things to get them all and it was fun just to play and explore. Starkiller Destruction? All you do is shoot stuff, nothing more. I got bored with it after 2 minutes of playing.

    I feel each level in this game managed to bring more to the table than previous titles in my opinion, but this one somehow brought less, which is pretty disappointing. Even if you ignore the previous games, it's still not that fun. Sure it's better than what Lego Star Wars III gave you in the end, but to me it's still pretty underwhelming for the time it takes to get there and it just ain't as good as Lego City and New Town, which had the same goal as it did.

    What do I think it should have been?
    -A level in the same spirit as Lego City, but much more expanded upon. It's fitting because the game itself I feel brought a lot from previous games and more, so we should get a level that reflects this.
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    Warthog from Twisted Metal 2012.
    This is a vehicle you unlock for getting all golds in the story on the hardest difficulty and it's like another version of Axel. Like Axel, it's special allows you ride over enemies crushing them in the process and doing great damage. (Granted it's not a Juggernaut) Problem is, of course like Axel you can only use it on that enemy once and then afterwards you can't use that special on them again for the rest of the competion. It also requires a bit of coordination, which in a game where your aim is constantly be thrown off, that's not good. His alternate special is also similar to Axel's and just like it, it's not that great either.

    From the beginning, I did not have high hopes for this to be a great reward and I ended up being even more dissappointed than I expected! The story gets very difficult especially near the end and when it's all said and done, what you get is a vehicle that is essientally just another version of Axel with more armor, that is arguably inferior to most of the vehicles you already have unlocked by then. I know I keep saying this, but it's not really worth the trouble it takes to get it. At best, it's just something for you to gloat about to your friends and show how you beat the game. Don't get me wrong, it's not useless, but it's not incredibly useful either. It's not as bad as the Stealth Ship from LSWIII or those cars from NFSMW2005, but it's still not great.

    What do I think it should have been?
    • Juggernaut 2.0 and the Limo. These are already in the game as enemies in story mode, but they're not playable sadly. I think making them playable would be a step in the right direction, especially since they're already in the game and they would just need to be made to be used by the player.
    • Challenges that allow you to play as the bosses from story mode. Rewind back to Twisted Metal Head On, it had a challenge you unlocked later on that allowed you to play as Tower Tooth on one specific level and it was epic! If we had something like this in the game for The Brothers Grimm, Iron Maiden or the metal beast on the levels they were designed for, it would take this already epic game up to another level!
    • A be all, end all vehicle in a similar vein to previous games. In the previous games, we had vehicles like Dark Tooth, Tower Tooth and Minion and they were all great unlockables. They could bring any of those back or introduce a new one and I am sure it would be better than Warthog ever was.
    Any of these 3 would be better than what we ended up with and I feel like it would be less difficult for some of these to be implemented than it was to add Warthog in the game anyways.
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  16. Robin

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    Completing the infamous 'flying the plane through rings on GTA San Andreas' mission.

    Your reward... being able to continue the story :lol: :banghead:

    Given the nightmare it was, giving you anything would have been better than just letting you move to the next mission.
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    Slave 1 in Lego Star Wars II and The Complete Saga.
    In both games, you get this ship for collecting all the mini kits in each level in the game and although I like the ship, I really don't think it should have been utilized as a reward for this. For starters, getting all the mini kits in both games requires you to do a variety of different things, some harder than others and some of them require certain characters in order to get them and it can take a while to get them all. Okay, let's look at Lego City in both games for a moment, in LSWII you unlock it for getting 60 gold bricks in the game and 10 gold bricks in The Complete Saga. In both games, it takes considerably less time and effort to unlock Lego City than Slave 1 does (especially in TCS) and yet it is in my opinion, a much better reward.

    Although I really like playing as Slave 1 in both games and I am glad it's in there, it's like the Stealth Ship from LSWIII, it's just another ship that's functionally the same as the others you've already unlocked by the time you get it and it'd be much better off as one you'd buy in the shop. I really don't think it's special enough to justify being a reward for getting all the mini kits in the game (no character or vehicle is), especially since both games have rewards that take less time and effort to unlock, yet are much better in my opinion. Although it's not as frustrating or annoying as the Stealth Ship in LSWIII was, it has a lot in common with it.

    What do I think it should have been?
    1. In LSWII, I think porting the level "A New Hope" from LSWI along with the characters they used in the level (which are noticeably different than what LSWII uses) would be a lot better and it would be fitting for LSWII given how it's set in the original trilogy. I say LSWII because it wouldn't really work in TCS though because TCS already has this level in the game normally.
    2. For TCS, I think going through and finishing the unfinished original versions of Anakin's Flight and Bounty Hunter Pursuit from LSWI along with the scrapped level with Obi-Wan and Jango Fett over Geonosis from the same game would be totally worth the effort for getting all the mini kits. Sure they may be a lot more to ask for than what I said about LSWII, but TCS is a bigger game with a lot more levels than LSWII, so it should give a bigger reward.

    Though it might be a bit of stretch for them to add these as unlockables in those games, it would be totally worth the effort and far better than giving a single character or vehicle ever could be.