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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Tommy_861, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    So to oppose the thread with the nicest things you've done for your online friends, whats the worst you've had to deal with online. And I'm not talking about dealing with the guys who become a toilet mouth as soon as they put a mic on, I'm talking about actual direct game related activities.

    generally I've had a decent experience but I was in a room last night called "Super Cars Only" we were free running (with full damage) on Tokyo R246 when this guy shows up in a Bentley Speed 8, proceeds to blow around everyone smashing into each person as he went by. Then he stops at the 2nd corner, uses his car to push all the plastic jersey barriers into the racing line, says "later noobs" and quits. I wish I would have remembered his PSN and reported it.

    How about everyone else?

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  2. mlowther


    I actually laughed at the above anecdote, the internet is where horrible people are, I accidently rear ended some guy last night and put him in the wall at SSR5 - I was laughing all the way to the finish line, he called me a nasty rammer, I cried a little.
  3. SohnVonStig


    So what you're saying is that you're one of those horrible people? ;)
    Worst I've dealt with online are the amateur drifters. There are hundreds of drifting rooms and yet some "team" will invade any room they like, get in the way, and hit every single wall and car they see. Usually due to lack of control rather than malice at least :)
  4. jagsta


    I got PITed last night in a race room called "Clean Racing Only" on the final long straight at Nurburgring, I was in 2nd place in a pack of 4 and i'd just drafted past the loser who PITed me.

    Some Greek bloke called Dartanian1965. He was a good driver, but really, wheres the satisfaction in winning by resorting to demolition derby?

    Since then i've started opening my own lobbies with weak penalties on, that cuts out most of the extreme idiocy.
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  5. theevilgenius88


    Starting a drift lobby, and having to quit drifting every 2minutes to kick some ******
    in a pagani zonda r etc....

    And people who deside to overtake you in/right before a corner (drift)
  6. Goudvis

    Belgium Belgium

    You know the guys who always show up with zonda's, right? One refused to brake, so I was in front of him. On a straight he finally overtook me, slowed down and PITed me. :tdown:
  7. Jo3f1sh


    I have yet to join an online lobby, but it's stuff like this that's been putting me off.
  8. Conan--Troutman


    Im trying to avoid online racing right now, partly because I suck so badly :yuck:
    and also because during the last lobby I joined seemed to be full of 8 year olds screaming at each other, when the race finally started some guy decided to go the wrong way round the track and cause as many head on's as possible..........

    Maybe I'll go see if I can find some grown ups to race tonight.......
  9. Supercheyenne


    I was cruising around Tokyo R246 in my Bentley 8 and some noob named Tommy_861 kept getting in my way...

    I went to turn 2 and pushed all of the barriers into the driving line. Then I said "later noobs" and left.
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  10. Goudvis

    Belgium Belgium

    Nice!! :D

    in all fairness: it's rare. People are trying to race clean most of the time.
  11. nickg07


    Erm... When 2 people decided to stop and try to create roadblocks for everyone else? They didnt even bother to make 1 lap. it was obvious they would do it from the start.
  12. jeepster2982


    3 lap race at nordschleife, I start in 1st and at the first corner I get bulldozed into the wall by all 11 other competitors. The entire time there was a steady stream of gibberish by a group of children. That and a race on daytona with a guy going the wrong way the whole time has really made me stay away. Why waste time with children that can be used for leveling up and earning credits.
  13. guy in a dodge ram on special stage route ramming people.
  14. MatRicuLaTed


    I honestly don't see why everyone is so worked up about all of this, if you want the room to be a certain way then why not make it yourself and use the restrictions that you want, and you'll be able to kick people out whenever they do things like that
  15. jakeBG18

    Canada canada

    was in a race against two Enzo's and three Bugatti's,i was using the acr viper fully tuned and was right behind the enzo in first.drafted him on the last straight an beat him by 0.663(i believe),he proceeded to yell an scream at me because "drafting is cheating",he sounded like a three year old girl,turns out he was 19,he yelled and screamed for over ten minutes before the host kicked him(if your wondering about the bugatti's,they were very far behind due to lack of turning skill from the drivers)
  16. XyOOj-Tsib-Txig


  17. Sounds a bit familiar. For me it was a 2 lap race on Nordschleife. Going into third corner this guy behind me just rams me off totally on purpose. I spin and have to wait to let everyone by. After 1,5 laps I catch the guy and return the favour.

    Almost always I give people the benefit of doubt in such situations but this was so dirty and abvious.

    Some people also seem to have the idea that it is ok to bump the other cars from behind to make yourself the room for the pass. Or when I try to pass someone they try to sideswipe me. Some people just have no respect for other racers.

    Those bad situations are somewhat easy to avoid. Just try to join on servers which don't allow all cars and generally have a room owner who likes to race fair. Personally I just change to different room if the race looks bad. Not worth the bother. When you finally find a good room the races are very fun so I highly recommend trying online!
  18. nickg07


    Its a bit late kicking someone when they have just nerfed you off forcing you to lose a race badly? Especially as they often tend to do it at the start, so your doomed to begin with.

    What do you mean you dont know why everyones worked up about it? Are you one of them? i cant even imagine the cretinous mentality of some of these people. There are no restrictions you can put on to weedle out **** heads.
  19. Counter_Z23


    I pitted some guy once but he deserved it so I didn't regret that.

    The worse is when someone pits or blocks you in drift sessions, I hate those little kids.
  20. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    We were having a good time before and after. Theres no reason to have to do this, especially when people you know set up rooms. The host was AFK for a minute we were on free run. Theres a lot of these things that just happen and can't be prevented by a host.
  21. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    Gee, you're hilarious...

    Quoted for truth. Alternatively, go to the Online section of this forum and look at the races available there, try different races, meet new people maybe even put an advert up for your own race, it'll be alot better than going online.

    All of this stuff is pretty tame compared to Prologue and a certain person who raced on that.

    He thought he owned High Speed Ring, intermediate 650pp. He had the same familiar tactics and behaviour the entire time Prologue was online.

    He would always start at the front, even if it meant reducing his car's pp to as low as 640 or less, he always drove black cars and would do anything to stop anyone from overaking him. If you did get the better of him, he would follow you all over the track until he'd rammed you off the road, he wouldn't even care if he crashed, along as you went spinning off, that's all that mattered to him. If you got past and got too far infront for him to take you out, if he made a mistake or if he crashed and you didn't then he'd always quit the game and restart.

    He would then send you an explicit message telling you what he thought you were, I can't repeat it, and he did this to everyone, without fail. This carried on for over 3 years and (I have 60+ GT5 friends) he became notorius to us all as the biggest ........ there was on the game, period.

    If he did manage to win a race he'd aways weave all over the track then handbrake turn over the line, before sending you a message telling you what a looser you were.

    We found out he wasn't a kid or a teenager, but some dude in his 20's.

    Thank the heavens for personal lounges on GT5, we will never see this guy again.
  22. Tommy_861

    United States NY

    its funny, I got a random message on PSN last night while I was playing. It kinda fits this description, the only problem is I don't recognize the PSN, nor is it in the list of names I recently encountered.

    It could just be one of my friends or my cousin messing with me though.
  23. Xouved


    I find the races where there is a horsepower limit (600-700 works great), they tend to be good races. It's just a generalization but it seems that having a horsepower limit removes all the Bugatti Noobs from the stage... :)
  24. Bandwidth815


    Well there's this ongoing thing with one of my PSN "friends" involving car trading. Since he was not at a high enough level, I bought him a murcielago SV. In exchange, I asked for the Gallardo. When he got the SV he spent a large portion of cash tuning it, which is fine. What really ticks me off, is he then won a bugatti and spent the rest of his money tuning that! WTF! I asked for the gallardo BEFORE you tuned the Veyron. So now, I am pestering him to get enough money to get my my gallardo. Since he has failed to do so, he has offered other cars (which I don't want). And when I ask him for the SV back, he just ignores it or says its the car he always used, which he doesn't since he got Black Ops and rarely plays GT5 now!
    When (and if) i get my gallardo or SV back, I am going to remove him from my friends list. He is also really annoying too.
  25. jagsta


    It also helps if you like to race with no assists, this also puts off a bunch of people you probably don't need to be racing with.

    I've been friending people I meet in online races who are fast and fair, then i'll try joining the lobby they're in if I see them online, that way you've got a head start on avoiding lobbies with idiots in them.

    To people being put off by these incidents, don't be, in my experience they're the exception, not the rule, depending on what type of race lobby you're joining (I'm usually looking for Nordschleife with no assists for example).

    Wales Newport

    Racing on TGTT. Guy in front of me spins out on the 2nd to last corner and i get into the lead. Someone in a yellow Murciolago uses the stricken car as a wall to get round the corner quicker then rams me off the track at Gambon. I end up in 8th :(
  27. Tacula


    I'm getting sick of jumping into lobbies where two or more people are friends and they block the road like a p@&&y so nobody else can pass but their friends. Or they decide to wreck you cause you get around them.:grumpy::tdown::tdown:
  28. MeanElf


    You could go over to this lot https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/group.php?groupid=227 and I'm sure they'll fix you up with some good, clean races.
  29. BearVomit


    As much as we(gt5p) players hoped for to have private rooms the online matching and pp system was far superior and enjoyable to current gt5 system. No running and hiding in private rooms . Playing enough online in gt5p people learned who the douche bags were. It became more of a self policing group. Grass cutters and blockers were dealt with accordingly.
    Online matching in gt5p also made the players meet new people. I have met some truly good players from around the globe. shame they didn't use the monthly update and matching system like gt5p and allow people to have private rooms too.
  30. thechosenwonton


    It's been pretty good for racing - some people seem to get a little bent out of shape when they realize that when it's not the AI they're racing ,they suck, and get pissed off, or accuse me of cheating (if you cut me off in the middle of a clean inside pass, and wreck yourself, that's on YOU bro, not me), but for the most part, it's been really good.

    I need to do more online, but money and leveling is quite addictive : )
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