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    okay this time had my long three hours t300 fill with wrc8, and I'm beginning to realize that perhaps some of you are still under early post release hype, because even in the know the game is a clear step forward from its predecessors, physics and handling still remain as mediocre as usual.

    Let's begin:

    I find no tyre model at all in this game just like in dr1 and 2. I don't know what you mean by tyre model in a game like this.

    ok, still way bellow dr2 suspension effects.., but ok.

    Is classic burnout insta-braking style to be branded as positive now in a game like this?

    despite having finally added powersliding, the feeling of it gets crippled by the massive understeer (as usual in this wrc games), and the car engine literally hogging. Dirt 1 and 2 is still leaps and bounds ahead of WRC8 in this area, perhaps the most important one for a rally game. WRC8 still doesn't deliver here.

    That, stage design and career mode structure, two areas where WRC clearly excels at over its competition.

    It is progressive, which I don't find that good for controller handling.

    Yes, it is better than DR1 and 2 definitely

    DR2 eats wrc8 alive in this area too, specially after the wear off surface thingy from the second game.

    Must be playing different games.

    I'd say dinamic weather which dr doesn't have.

    Worry not, guess I am the dr fanboy now.

    In short. Powersliding; braking; weight transfer; the feeling of the brakes; handling on the different gravel surfaces (even on asphalt on DR2 with 4x4 cars mostly), all of that I find it way way way better on DR2. WRC8 wins as usual on stage design and career of course too.

    My two cents
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    No tyre model? What the actual!

    The tyre model clearly isn't as developed as the ones found in the likes of AC or PC2, but DR, DR2 and WRC 8 all quite clearly have tyre models. The areas that WRC 8 is ahead of DR2 in this regard are the modelling of Self Aligning Torque (which is only just present in DR2), aquaplaning and tyre wear

    The effect of trackside impacts, suspension droop when in the air and the impact on landing is actually very similar between the two, with neither being well below the other at all.

    Except it doesn't have that at all, with the ABS off its both progressive and needs to be managed, with brake lock-up well modelled and uneven load transfer having a significant effect on the braking performance and the stability of the car.

    Sorry but that's not the case in my experience at all, with the cars being able to be modulated well on the throttle, as the Alpine A110 demonstrates quite clearly.

    Which has nothing to do with if its accurate or not, a progressive handbrake is exactly what you should get, as such it's well modelled.

    The track degradation in DR2.0 is nowhere near as in-depth or as substantial as the pre-release hype made it out to be, and quite frankly the effect the differing track surfaces in WRC 8 have on the car, both in terms of handling and damage through wear and tear are significantly better done, again something that can be clearly demonstrated by driving the ES in Rally Turkey.
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    The changing conditions feel more effective to me than the degradation. Would be nice to have both but after spending some good time with WRC8, the changeable conditions are much more.importsnt to me if I could only pick one. @Scaff has hit the nail on the head on all the points I mentioned. :tup: The more time I spend with it the more nuances I feel and see in its engine.

    I still love Dirt but WRC8 feels like a huge step forward overall.
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    Sounds like only thing WRC8 is guilty of versus DR1/2 is having settings to cater for people who struggle with Dirt Rally. Doesn't mean to say it doesn't have enough realism or challenge for simulation fans. I trust the reviews I've read from Sim fans plus know how much I enjoyed their last effort a respectable 2 years ago. If you don't like their feature rich and content packed take on Rally vs Codemasters almost stripped down (albeit highly polished effort) then your entitled to that of course.

    I've a mate who loves literally every driving game I have with my set-up but just can't get with the Dirt Rally series at all. When he played WRC7 he was enjoying his first rally game in years (ever with a wheel) since the original Colin McRae games with a pad, so Kyloton are clearly onto something. Maybe managing to nail a more intuitive model overall for beginners. Before that I remember him frustratingly saying that he thought he "just didn't like Rally games with a wheel". WRC7 changed his mind.

    Regardless, from not too long ago having no decent Rally games, arguing over which is best between 2 shouldn't really be so much of a thing anyway!

    Competition is always good and maybe Codemasters next effort will represent more value for money on release and they'll raise their game. If they do it will largely be thanks to Kyloton with what they've delivered on release with WRC8.

    Overall it does seem to be a more complete package outside of spending potentially a lot of money for the full Super Deluxe edition of Dirt Rally 2 and in order to have anything like the same quantity of content.
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    Ahem. <pushes glasses up to bridge of nose>

    I'm pretty sure the quote in that trailer is supposed to be "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend" and it was a different Ford who came up with it - Film Director John Ford
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    Reinstalled the game, TSS Handbrake works fine now.