Xtreme Drift Circuit | Presented by Drop5 | Starts June 14th | Sign ups are live!

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JDM Only
450 hp CH tires
DT Lobby
First Come, First Served
Top 8
Hybrids allowed*

*Hybrids are allowed. No race car chassis' or front downforce. If you are caught to be using either you will be banned from further competitions and your points will voided.

The Mazda Rx7 Spirit R is the only car choice that cant be used.

Information About Xtreme Drift Circuit:

The Xtreme Drift Circuit Championship consists of 7 scheduled events. Drivers compete in a single elimination Top 8 bracket based off registered participants. Drivers individually compete head-to-head against other competitors in single elimination runs on the designated course. Competitors progress through a competition bracket and are awarded points towards the season championship. Head to head Runs are judged and scored based on a number of pre-determined criteria where the higher scoring entrant moves on to the next level of the bracket. Points are awarded based on finishing order and cumulative season points will determine the championship order.

Driver Eligibility:
Must be registered to compete in championship.

3 Selected Judges throw Round 1 to Round 7. Two alternate judges will be selected in the
event two judges are on track at one given time.

The drift line is defined as the ideal path a vehicle must take on course and is marked by inner clipping points and outer clipping zones. The exact line of each track will be dictated by the judges at each track.

Spinning out
Clear and punctuated straightening or losing drift (Losing drift and reinitiating quickly is a major deduction, but not a zero. Judges will determine if an action results in a zero)
Two tires off course

The maximum drift angle at which a driver can maintain and control.

This is used to the aggressiveness of the driver. Not quite as important in qualifying as the rest of the criteria. But each round will have a run done of overall average speeds that should be exhibited during the overall run. It will be posted with the given line video along with a track map with acceptable speed ranges thru clipping points and zones. They do not have to be exact but should be close.

Lead Car:
The lead car is to drift the course using the line, angle and style as defined by the judges for qualifying.The lead car should driver 90 percent of the time focus specifically on hitting all clipping point and zones with the maximum line, angle and style as possible. Reverse entries are highly frowned upon, in case if a lead driver executes a reverse entry and causes contact due to rapid loss of speed, they will lose advantage.
Follow Car:
The driver must follow the line the lead driver chooses, maintain consistent and larger angle than the lead car and use the vehicles power to maintain consistent and close proximity to the lead car.

Passing is allowed anywhere on course as long as the lead car is clearly off the line the judges have specified. Any passing that occurs outside the scope of the aforementioned criteria will be deemed illegal and constitute an equivalence to a zero (0) run. A chase driver will be considered the lead driver once a legal pass has been completed and clearly shows the original chase driver has assumed control as the lead driver.
Tandem Elminations:

Three Judges will observe both runs during a head-to-head battle.At the conclusion of the head to head battle each judge will individually declare a winner.*

*At any point you lag out during your tandem runs, you will get 2 minutes to get back in the lobby. If you fail to do so your opponent will advance.
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Knightshade YT
Addaaam.... y u no tell me u were going to do this..

Need to brainstorm another name now.

Locked and ready though, let's see if the R32 GTS can keep up.
Royale Natio Touge
Any chance this can be pushed a little later to 8PM PST.. If it's consistently held on a Saturday at 8PM, I'm pretty certain a few of us Oceanic Guys can make it. It's alright if you can't. It's understandable.
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No. Because the fact that would take the euro guys out because the time difference.
Cheese & Tullips
If the track logos beneath the picture is the official track list you should remove GT Arena since its not possible to use that one on DT.
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If the track logos beneath the picture is the official track list you should remove GT Arena since its not possible to use that one on DT.

Its not the official list.. Just looks good.. LOL. Car change's please PM me. Thank.. Its easier to keep track off.
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