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    Okay, we're good. Accidentally pushed the post button.

    Chapter 20: Normality Restored

    I was finally back at home. It took me nearly two weeks to finish all of my business in Japan, but I'm back again. My neighbors did a good job of watching over my house and raiding my pantry, so I repaid them by getting them a new neighbor. The woman down the street was more than glad to rent out her house to such a young girl like Kyoko, and as long as the money continued rolling in, she could stay there as long as she liked. Of course, I don't really trust Kyoko that much, so I'm always heading over to her house to check on her.

    *Knock* *knock*

    "Hello, who is it?"

    "A molester, open up."

    "A what?"

    The door opened. Kyoko is rather aloof or something, because not only did she answer the door to a self proclaimed molester, she did so while wearing only a towel.

    "A molester."

    "Oh. AAAHH!"

    She ran back inside.

    "Oh, it was you. Hold on, I'll go get changed."

    Damn it, that girl has got some serious problems. I turned around to look at the driveway. Her RX-7 sat all sparkly in the driveway. She treated that car with serious respect, it was always in tip-top shape. She had an international plate on it, so it didn't have to worry about customs or anything. I turned around again to hear footsteps. The door opened again to reveal Kyoko in a small dress. Then again, everything about Kyoko was small.

    "What did you want?"

    "Just to talk and check up on you."

    "You checked up on me yesterday."

    "You were playing with the toaster yesterday."


    I walked in to see a nicely clean house. She at least takes good care of her property. I walked into the living room and sat on a sofa.

    "So, how are you adjusting to American life?"

    "I'm doing fine. Things are really different here, but I'm doing okay. Why are there coffee shops every few blocks?"

    "Seattle, baby. Get used to it."

    "Bah, whatever. What did you want to talk about?"

    "I'm still living in the profit of my exploits in Japan, but I need a steady income. I was going to finish up the beginner races, and I wanted to know which I should start with."

    "Hmm, well, I'd start with-"

    Suddenly the doorbell rang.

    "Who is it?"

    "Travelling salesmen!"
    "Travelling salesmen!"

    Two voices spoke out in unison. I could recognize them as Jason and Tatsuya. I figured they'd come and visit. Kyoko started to get up, but I pushed her back down. I pulled my .22 pistol out of my back pocket, and with a gasp from Kyoko, I walked toward the door.

    "We don't want no wares."

    "David, that you?"

    "Yeah, I want to play a prank on Kyoko, could you play along?"

    "Sure. Don't worry sir, we've got only the finest Tupperware."

    "Let me see it."

    I opened the door to reveal Tatsuya holding flowers and Jason holding a tupperware container full of potato salad.

    "Is this Tupperware biodegradable?"

    "Umm, no..."

    "David, what are you doing?"


    I lifted the gun and fired it twice between Tatsuya and Jason. They both fell backwards like they had been shot.

    "Oh my god David, what have you done?"

    "Non-biodegradable tupperware is a sin against the planet."

    "But those were Jason and Tatsuya!"

    "Oh. So they are. Well, they deserved it."

    "No they didn't!"

    Kyoko started to tear up. I had to reveal this soon.

    "Well, Jason molested little girls, does that make you feel better?"

    "I did not! That was a false charge!"


    The gig was up. We walked into the living room again, and we explained what happened. Kyoko started hitting my arm, but I deserved it. After she settled down, we got back to business.

    "I was telling Kyoko before, what race series I should enter now."

    "That's what we came over to do."

    "This whole story is full of weird coincidences, isn't it?"


    "I was thinking you should do them in ascending power. FWD, RWD, AWD. You still need a bit more mods on your MR2 before it can compete with the NSXs."

    "Okay, that sounds cool. Any other ideas?"

    "Skill. RWD, FWD, then AWD. You're best at RWD, FWD is easier, but AWD is your least skilled subject."

    "Yeah, I agree. But I think I'll go with Jason's idea this time."

    "Hell yeah!"

    Tatsuya gave Jason a one dollar bill. I don't like how they keep on betting on me.

    "So, I'll go ahead and apply for the FWD races now. I'll go take the Mirage over to Motorland and get in some serious practice."

    "We'll come with you."

    I looked out the window, and I saw Jason's Cappuccino and Tatsuya's MR2. Looks like they want practice too.

    "Okay. Shall we head over now?"

    "Yeah. Kyoko, follow us."

    We left Kyoko's house, and I joined the party after getting in the Mirage. It was interesting getting used to the MIVEC system on the engine, but I got the hang of it by the time we arrived at Motorland.

    "Ascending power, I say."

    "I agree. Go forth and conquer, Jason."

    Jason got in his car, drove out on the track, and did a few laps.


    As expected, he's a good driver. I personally trained him, so he's a fairly fast driver, but he's still living up to his name of B-Spec Bob. Y'know, that Cappuccino looks tiny on that track. Jason came back in the pits, and Tatsuya went out.


    His MR2 was the original inspiration for me upgrading my MR2. It still looked just as stable as it always was, but I could tell Tatsuya had improved slightly. He beat his last record time. He came back out, and tagged me in.


    This track was weird. I had raced in it about four or five times, but it's weird, it's like I already knew this track. I could clip the apexes perfectly, and it's like I instictually knew the right line. This track was very, very familiar to me, but I couldn't tell why. I pulled a few more laps, then went back into the pits. I was still puzzled, but I hadn't seen Kyoko's driving since I left her alone. I'd like to see it.


    W...Wow. Her driving looked almost like mine. I could still easily beat her, but she was following the line I developed seventeen years ag-what?


    This is strange, very strange. I wonder if mom knows anything about it. As I thought that, Kyoko pulled into the pits.

    "This is a very cool track, it reminds me of Tsukuba in the length in spite of complexity."

    "Are you sure you're not a native English speaker? I'm not sure how many people would just rattle that off their tongue."

    "No. So this is the local race track? Not bad."

    "GT's Seattle Circuit is closer, but it happens to be a street most of the time. Apparently, Pacific Raceways hasn't been included in this cycle."

    "It's a shame, really. Want to go back home?"

    "Yeah. It's almost lunch time."

    After about an hour of racing at Motorland, we drove back to a small bistro in Seattle. We went our seperate ways after that, but there was something I needed to get to the bottom of. I've been noticing a whole bunch of things, weird dreams, strange phenomena, natural ability. My memories don't seem to match up when I think really hard. It's like they've been erased and replaced. I'm going to ask my mom about this, maybe she can tell me.

    I drove to an outskirt of Seattle, a town called Duvall. My mom lives here, in a small house populated by about five cats. She moved here after I moved out, and left our old house to my sister and her family. I had a few questions to ask my mother, as soon as I can find her in this godforsaken house.


    No answer. She's probably taking a nap. I walked into the bedroom, where a woman, about 40 or fifty, was sleeping, with four cats hanging off the bed.


    "Who is it!?"

    She very quickly whipped out a huge revolver, a .44 Colt, her favorite. I've had that thing pointed at me many times, but it never gets any less scary.

    "It's me, David. Put down the gun."

    "Oh, sweetie. Sorry about that. Go sit in the living room, I'll bring you some tea."

    I walked into the living room, and almost tripped on a scratching post. This was ridiculous. She loved those cats.

    "Here we are, your favorite, Earl Grey."

    "Thanks mom."

    "I've heard that you won a few races in Japan. Good job."

    "Actually, I wanted to ask-"

    "You can't help but think your memories are stitched together?"

    "...Yeah. How did you know?"

    My mother was capable of fierce expressions. When she was younger, she was incredibly beautiful. But her sharp tongue and quick wit scared off most suitors. There was only one man with the balls to approach her, my dad. He was the first one to see that my mother could make a kind face.

    "You've fallen prey to a psychological condition. When you were younger, you had an accident, one that mentally scarred you."

    "Why didn't I know about this earlier?!"

    "You weren't ready. I didn't want to tell you."

    "I'm easily the most stable one in this family! I can take anything!"

    "Maybe. But you were the closest to your father."

    Her face that was so used to expressions of anger and kindness, showed pity and sadness. I get the feeling I don't want to hear what comes next.

    "Sit up and listen. What happened to you, and your father, is a very dangerous secret. It doesn't leave this house."


    End of chapter 20. Not much racing, at all, but here's a lot of plot coming up. This is the start of the next arc, likely to be in Europe.
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    Sweet chapter. It lacked a certain Armageddon Van quality to it, but it's forgivable. :D I love the plot development and hint of things to come...YEAH this is seriously good!:tup: Also I was pleased to see Jason's cup of coffee out on the track.
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    David's family is packing heat! [​IMG]

    It looks like the story is getting more interesting...
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    Oh, it's going to get interesting.

    I can't always bring out the Armageddon Van, sadly ;)

    So, yeah. Any votes on the location of the next base?
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    Hehe. :D Just wait until he wins the French Championship and gets that stylin' pink 2CV.

    I don't know about doing this right away (write away?) but eventually the base should be in Germany so David can tackle the Nurb. :sly: But for now I'd suggest France, for several reasons: first, there's both George V and Opera Paris to run, second, he can get the pink 2CV :D, and third, Andrea's Renault will be on home turf.
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    I think France would work, too. The only problem is with the Step Van, as Europe is a tad more expensive.

    Still, it's your story.
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    Then I'll go with France.
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    Guess what's near France? :sly:
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    Switzerland! I am setting myself up for some groovy cameos, aren't I?
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    I'm glad Geneva is mainly French speaking, I made a good assumption :lol:
    Je suis AWESOME!!! :D
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    Awesome chapter. :tup:
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    I wanted reply 100! :grumpy:

    Chapter 21: Of Time Passed​

    "Your father wasn't a banker, or lawyer, or any of these other things you've said he was. He was a racer."

    "How could he be? I remember him driving me to an ice cream parlor in his sports car..."

    "He bought that sports car with the earnings he got from doing the 24 hours of LeMans."

    I racked my brain. My mother was being honest, but I still couldn't remember.

    "What kind of car was it?"

    "A RUF BTR in silver. You should know that."

    RUF, they made knockoff Porsches. Ah! I remember now, he said it was a Porsche!

    "Looks like you remember something."

    "Yeah, he used to go off jumps in that car!"

    "Heh, yeah, he used to do that. It scared the living daylights out of me the first time he did it."

    She took another sip of her tea.

    "I'm going to tell you a little story before we go on."


    When I was younger, I was very prevalent in the racing circuits. I was known as "Karin of Aria." I drove a BMW 2002 my father gave me. Yeah, believe it or not, I was a racer myself. I lived in Assisi, Italy, so I could race to my hearts extent. Every weekend, the city would close off a route in the town, for official racing. The track that was made was colloquially known as "Citta di Aria." I was easily one of the best in my day. I got all my income during these races. But the real racers would always challenge me on the weekdays, where we had one on one battles. It was here where I met your father. A few weeks before I met him, my father, who worked at Renault, gave me a Renault 5. His team went crazy with it, and put the engine in the back, turbo'd it, then decided to start rallying with it. They gave my dad clearance to sell it to me.


    It could recover from any drift I put it in, it was a true rally bred car, despite not seeing a dirt road. I had a lot of fun in it. It was more powerful and far faster than my BMW 2002, and I began to get cocky. I had a reputation for being a bit of a bitch, and this wasn't helping. Until he came.


    He was driving a Datsun 510. I could tell it was modified, so I thought it'd be nice to have a challenge, finally.


    It wasn't a challenge. It was straight up overkill.


    He won this match fair and square, and he made it a point to dig my attitude a grave while he was at it. When I got out to meet him, he turned out to be a handsome man. I was attracted to him the moment I met him, and there was no turning back when I started talking with him. His name was Daniel Fuhrmann. He was a kind person, undeniably sweet, and was capable of winning any scenario he was in. I never did manage to win an argument with him. We dated for a year, then we married. It was here when the problems started. He belonged to a team, Solar Flare. He raced under a nickname, L. Tracer, because he was the only person who could trace the leader's racing line. But he was also able to improve on it, and by the time we got married, he was by far the fastest racer there. But we got married. He had different priorities now, he had to keep a family alive. He did a bunch of races to "buy" his freedom from the team, including winning the 24 hours of LeMans. I even had to pitch in, and sell my beloved Renault to this rally prodigy from Italy. We finally got free, but some members were reasonably angry.

    Daniel got in a huge argument with the five other leaders in his group. They didn't want their ace to leave, but they didn't have a choice. As we prepared to buy a home, a black car did a drive-by on the real estate agency. They were angry enough to try and kill Daniel, so we had to flee. I wanted to go to Daniel's home town, New York City, but we both knew they could find us there. We flew to Seattle, changed our name, and settled down to start our family.


    "But why did he buy the RUF?"

    "You're accepting this fairly readily."

    "You're not lying. This subverts all I know about my life, but I am more than capable of adapting."

    "You're his son, I guess. So, to answer your question..."


    Your father had the racing bug, there was no way around that. He was depressed even after we had you, so as a present, I bought him a RUF in his favorite color, gray. There was a recently constructed circuit that he started to frequent, Motorland. By the time you were three, and you were able to talk, he started teaching you about cars. You picked it up quickly, and by the time you were four, I knew you'd follow in your father's footsteps. You'd ask to go with him wherever he went.


    "I follow all of this, but none of it is clicking."

    "Well, here's something that might help."


    He taught you how to drive. The two of you had come home, your father walked up to me, and said "I taught David how to drive." I didn't believe him, you were only five. But I secretly followed you on one of your trips to Motorland, and sure enough, he put you in the driver's seat. I thought he was still joking, until you started to drive.


    At this point, I couldn't believe it. You were racing in the same line Daniel took, and you weren't slow either. When you were five, you were easily faster than me. And you learned on one of the most dangerous cars on the planet.


    I... Remember now. He brought me out to ice cream once, and I made a remark about how fun it must be to drive. We started talking about it, then he asked if I wanted to drive. Of course I did. But he trained me hard. I went slowly to begin with, and when I finally went faster, I'd spin out and go on the grass. But I caught the hang of it, and before long, I was able to drift. But I can't remember past that...

    "That's not the end of the story."


    You boys went out for ice cream again, and left me to deal with your sister. You did this to me a lot, but I was okay with it by this point. Boys will be boys. Then I got a phone call. I heard the words that I least wanted to hear, from the voice I least wanted to listen to.

    "We found you."

    It was the voice of the former number one, and the one who was pushing for Daniel to get killed. And killed he was. One of the men fiddled with the brake linkage on the BTR, and another followed him. Daniel would of course be able to get home fine, even without his brakes. But not when he's being assailed by another car.


    On one of the back roads to home, the car that was following Daniel started the chase. Daniel couldn't slow down, and so crashed on a blind corner.


    I found you hiding behind a tree. It seemed the men weren't told we had children, and so Daniel sent you into the woods as far as he could, before the men got him, shoved him in the BTR, then burned him alive. After looking in the glove box, I found a lockbox with a ring in it, with "Happy anniversary" engraved on it.


    My mother, the strongest person I knew, started to cry.

    "I'm sorry, it's just..."

    "Don't worry. I remember now. I'll get out of your way so you don't have to face it anymore."

    I walked over to the door, when my mother called out to me.

    "Hold on, I was getting ready for this moment for a long time. I have something I need to give you."

    Sniffling, she lead me to a shed in her back yard. She whipped out a set of keys, and went to work unlocking the door. This shed was here when my mom moved in, but it wasn't locked up. It was pretty big, more like a small garage than a shed. She finally opened the door and walked in. I followed behind her, to look at what she wanted me to see.

    "He'd have wanted you to have this."


    This was a lot if information to take in. My mind was alight with connections being made and information being released. The past that I knew was a lie, and fell to the truth. The accident scarred me, and I blocked it off, and my whole past. I never realized how much of a wimp I was. I went home, ate dinner, then went to bed. Sleep should clear up my memories.


    "Hello, this is Tatsuya."

    "This is David. What do you know about the Solar Flares?"

    "They're a natural phenomenon that occur when-"

    "The racing team."

    "Racing team? Oh! The Solar Flares. Ah, got you. What do you want to know?"

    "Tell me about them."

    "They were the top racing team about twenty years ago, lead by six irrationally fast drivers, including L. Tracer. They stuck together after Tracer left, and started illegal activities around the world. Now, they're something like a mafia based on racing. They do plenty of illegal activities now to fund their school and their racing."

    "Who was the number one in the mid 70's?"

    "That'd be a Kurt Rinehart. He's still with the group to this day, and he's still the number one. I've heard that he's looking for a person who could beat him, like L. Tracer."

    "Kurt Rinehart. Thank you."

    "Is that all?"

    "Where does he live now?"

    "He's a frequenter at Chamonix, so it's safe to say he lives around there. Why?"

    "Because he killed my father."

    I hung up the phone. I have business to attend to, and I'll need that weapon my mom showed me.


    I finished packing up my cars in the blue 747, when I heard a voice call out to me.

    "Don't you dare leave without us."

    I turned around to see Tatsuya, Jason, and Kyoko standing with suitcases in front of a small gray roadster, a white and gray Toyota, and a deep blue sports car.

    "I'll be doing some dangerous things from here on out. I don't want you to get hurt."

    "Danger? Do you think we care about danger, now that we've achieved a kill to death ratio higher than Simo Hayha in a car that should technically not make it above 80? We're going with you if you're going to take on the entire UN in a fistfight."

    Jason, you always were the one for speeches.

    "Come along now. We're going to be heading for Europe. If I say the wrong thing, we're all liable to be killed. I need you guys to obey everything I say. Alright?"


    "Good. Let's board."

    As we walked on, everyone stopped.

    "Whoa, what the hell is that?"

    "That, my friends, is my new weapon. Come, I have a story I need to tell you guys."


    I wanted to call this chapter The Plot Strikes Back, but I thought that was too pretentious, even for this story. Very little racing again, but lots and lots of interesting plot to hopefully make up for it.

    NOTE: Kill to death ratio is the number of vehicles destroyed, not people. I do not condone using lawnmower powered vans to assault an east Asian country's military force. Unless you win.
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    "Unless you win." :lol: Awesome chapter! I'm itching to find out what his new weapon is...
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    You probably aren't going to learn for a few more chapters. I'm absolutely itching to tell you, but it'd spoil the beautiful plot I've layed out.
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    Well, I can wait, since I'm more looking forward to the plot development anyway.
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    Hey, Stignumbers, i was wondering: Can you actually find that Black Datsun 510 in GT4? Or is it a "Photoshop Special"?

    Either way, this is a pretty good story. Quirky, off-beat but still pretty good!
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    The 510 is a genuine copy. I couldn't tell you when I got it (Or maybe I could, I'll check) but it does indeed come in black.

    I got it year 33, month 1, day 30, or by my math, week 1725, and so it should show up on week 25. I think.
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    This is gettin' real good!
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    So, Daniel died... Ryan, are you subliminally telling me that you hate me? :mad:
    Not very nice :lol:

    Nice chapter, can't wait to see what David (Johnson, not Bosch :p) is gonna drive.
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    I am now working out the kinks in David's new "weapon." This sucker is hard to tune to my preferences.

    And yes, his new "weapon" will be incredibly awesome. And what did you think Daniel? I was thinking perhaps a contrived plot where David's father would be the main antagonist, but I've got daddy issues.

    And how the hell did you know my name?
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    Wow, this chapter was breathtaking. Awesome!
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    Look at my Avatar for Pete's sake! :rolleyes:

    Jk, Your intro thread in The Rumble Strip:

    How the hell do you know my name?

    Oh, yeah... :dopey:
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    Great chapter. I almost had a tear in my eye when I learned how David's dad met his end.
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    Chapter 22: PLOOOOOOT

    "...Then my mother showed me my new weapon."

    I had just finished telling my friends my new past, and the look on their faces were something else.

    "Your father was L. Tracer?! My god! That explains it!"

    "The fastest man in the world? That L. Tracer? I recognize the face now."

    "I... I can't believe you had such a hard past."

    Kyoko got up and hugged me. I like hugs.

    "Man, if I knew what you went through years ago... I'm sorry for not noticing it."

    "Don't worry Jason, even I didn't know. I'm pretty tired now, we'll arrive in Paris in a few hours, I'll go catch some shut-eye."


    David walked out of the room. He had a sort of presence he lacked earlier. Almost... An aura.

    "He's changed. In just one day. He's changed so much."

    "It's like he's in turmoil. His past self is fighting his true self for dominance. To us, he has two paths, return to his old self, or go to the future with his new self. But I've never known him to choose A or B in a question, he always makes his own answer, C."

    "So, his mind is fighting a bit of a battle now?"

    "The battle for control of his life. He might come out victorious, or come out a new person."

    He was fighting right now, and I only now knew. What could I possibly do to help?

    "Be his friend, Kyoko. It's written all over your face."


    So, should I choose my past self, or move forward to my future self? Is it really a choice I have?

    Hell, I'll just choose both.


    I woke up with a start. It seems we've touched down now. My mind's clear now, once again, and now I can start to make a battle plan. I walked to the back where my friends were now talking. I felt weird yesterday, but I feel fine now.

    "Hey guys, What's up?"

    "How are you feeling?"

    "Actually, funny you should mention that. I felt really strange yesterday, but now I feel fine. Thanks."

    "So you're back to normal now?"

    "Hm? What do you mean?"

    They looked around at each other briefly, then Jason spoke up.

    "You seemed like you were in a dangerous condition earlier."

    "Yeah, I had a bit of a decision to make. It's gone now, though. Oh crap, forgot my bag, I'll go get it."


    David walked back to get his bag.

    "He has a different aura now. There's no rage."

    "Yeah, it's like... He's going to win whatever fight he's in, through sheer indignation and audacity. This is the old David, but with more added awesome."

    "He's so... Cool now."

    Tatsuya and Jason looked at me.

    "I told you."

    "Man, why can't I get one too?"

    "Become a sexy game breaking driver. You'll find one."

    "What are you guys talking about now?"

    "Bacon sandwiches."
    "Bacon sandwiches."

    These two confuse me more than anything, save for Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

    "I'm back!"


    My bag was filled with underwear and hats. They're all you need to survive. The other bag was filled with luxuries like shirts, pants, toothbrushes, and toilet paper. Tatsuya and Jason had retarded expressions on, while Kyoko was doing a double facepalm. For whatever reason, I feel like assisting.

    "We ready to go? All the cars unlocked?"

    "Yep, we'll drive the cars out to the parking lot, then we'll drive around the Life Step. That sound okay?"


    "Okay, but no military destruction. I've heard that an injured person is going to be in Geneva."

    "Yeah, an important person will be in GENEVA."


    "So? Lots of injured people live in Ge... Ne... Va..."


    We did a little dance.


    "This story was pretty serious until now."

    "There's less pressure now. The plot will arrive soon."

    "The plot better be good, because I'm nothing more than a joke character at this point."

    "It'll arrive, just be patient."


    Oh dear, Kyoko's pissed. This happened before, my testicles retracted on instinct.

    "Nothing. We're just all crazy, don't worry. I'm hungry now, let's go eat at a French cafe."

    "We're in France. Everything is French to some degree."

    And so, leaving the sheer ridiculousness of the previous scene behind, because the writer finally settled down and remembered what we're doing, we arrived at a small cafe. For whatever reason, the people all spoke English, which made things remarkably easier for us. Though Tatsuya speaks French. I think.

    "So, to business."

    Tatsuya sipped a small cup of coffee.

    "Damn, that's good coffee."

    "We need to assess the goals. I want, first and foremost, to end Kurt Rinehart's career with my own hands."

    "What do you mean by end?"

    "I was thinking of racing him so hard, he crashes into a wall, and gets paralyzed."

    I sipped my own cup of coffee. He's right, this is good coffee. It makes me happy.

    "That isn't going to work. Kurt is pretty much the fastest racer in the world, and we should treat him as such. He won't fall prey to such petty tricks."

    "But, David has the highest potential of any racer I've ever seen. I've had my ass handed to me by Kurt readily. He's indeed one of the best, but he's out of potential. He's gifted, that's it. You, David, have legendary levels of potential. You absorb knowledge like a sponge, but that is tipped with the ability to innovate, like your father. He was incredibly fast, but he was incredibly fast in all situations. He could turn any situation into his positive. You can too."

    "Andrea, get you and your treasonous behind out of here before I'm forced to stab you in the eye with the little toothpick that came with my sandwich. Why are you even here?"

    "A little touchy about my puppeteering skills, eh?"

    "You better believe it."

    "Trust me, this time around, I'm here to help directly. I heard from your mother what happened."

    "Why do you know my mother?"

    "Met her several years ago on the circuit."


    "Nothing. Anyway, you want to take down the lead of the Solar Flares?"

    "Yeah. What do I have to do to get there?"

    "You're going to need a team and skill. You sort of have a team, you almost have the skill."

    "Why do we need a team?"

    "Around the world, you're going to encounter drivers banding together under one name to win. When you're challenging a team, they usually don't accept a challenge unless they can add your name to the list fo teams they've defeated. The Solar Flares are like that."

    "Huh. Who started the Solar Flares?"

    "It was a group of six young men and women. Your father included."

    "Solar Flares... It'll need to be something like the opposite of them... Hold on."

    I caught a fragment of a memory I had.


    "Daddy, I'm going to make a race team!"

    "Oh, what are you going to call it?"

    "Black Suns! It'll be like a black hole, but even cooler!"

    "Oh? I had a team called the Solar Flares, maybe we'd be enemies."

    "No, daddy! I'm always your friend!"

    "Heh. So, do you have a design?"

    "Yeah, I'll draw it now..."


    I grabbed a napkin an a pen, and quickly filled out a sort of shape.


    "Black Suns. That's our name."

    "Black Suns, eh? That's pretty audacious of you, directly opposing the Solar Flares from the get-go."

    "Audacity is my middle name."

    It was actually Hiro, but never mind that.

    "So, we've figured out the first part, what about the second part?"

    "The Solar Flares are rather Cliche, you fight from the bottom up, until you get to the captains. There's four to a leader, you challenge them on their grounds, then you fight their leader. There's five of them, and if you win by a big enough margin, the number one, Kurt, should challenge you. He then races you around a track of his choice. No one's gotten past that step though. Even I was only able to get to Kurt, then he curb stomped me at Amalfi."

    "You have a team?"

    "I'm well known in the racing world, I didn't need a team. You guys, no matter how prodigal you are, aren't well known enough yet. You guys need a team."

    I took a bite of my sandwich. This was just as delicious as my coffee. I am a happy. And I should be, this stuff was pretty cheap.

    "Okay, about skill. What more do we need?"

    "David, I'd say, you're about 99% as fast as me. If I show you a few tricks, you'll run off like a mad rabbit and improve two fold. But that may not be enough to beat him."

    "What about these guys?"

    I gestured toward my friends.

    "Kyoko is about 80% as fast as you. Tatsuya is hovering at about 60, and Jason, sorry to say, is about 20%."

    "How can we fix that? Not much of a team if I'm the only batter."

    "We'll find your niches. I'd say that only Kyoko here has a chance of approaching you, she has enough potential to beat me, easy. Tatsuya would be on par, and Jason is pretty much useless at driving."

    "Why me?! Why must I suck at what I love?!"

    "Don't worry, you can concentrate for days on end, I bet your niche already is endurance races. You're slow, but above all, you're steady."

    "What about me?"

    "I have no idea, Tatsuya. there's only one niche left for you, and that might be dirt racing."

    "What about you?"

    "I'm only an adviser. At this point, you don't need me as a driver anymore. Never needed me in the first place, actually."

    "I've never raced on slippery conditions, though."

    "I'll train you myself, then."

    "And me?"

    "David will train you. Since you're copying him, it'll help you notice behavior that needs to be changed. It'll help both of you train."

    "Huh. So I was doing the right thing."

    Everybody at the table took a nice sip of their individual drinks.

    "And me?"

    "I'll just show you a bunch of tricks. You'll be able to apply them and improve on them."

    "What about me?"

    "You have no more potential. Shut up and listen to what David says."

    "Man, you guys suck."

    He took a bite of his sandwich.

    "So, we've got all that sorted out. Now what?"

    "Now, we need to get noticed. It'll help if you establish a name before you attack the Solar Flares. I suggest races around here. Nothing that would require your new weapon though."

    "We don't have any European cars, though."

    "I think I can help you out there. Remember how I said I knew your mother?"


    "Did she tell you about her car?"

    "The Renault 5, right?"

    "Yeah. Walk over to that road. Over there."

    I walked out onto a road, and saw a blue Renault.


    "The racing family is well connected, no?"

    "Why are you in France anyway?"

    "Heard you were coming, thought you'd like a present."


    Yaaaay, a picture at the end! This chapter sucks! Ah, well, a necessary evil, plot comes first.
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    This chapter doesn't suck, mate. Is the name of David's team shaped in any way by the name of the old team of the Takahashi brothers in Initial D, the Red Suns?

    P.S. Sorry for being reply #100.
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    No problem, I was just being silly. ;)

    And it was vaguely inspired by it. What happened was actually, I wanted to come up with a personal symbol for myself years ago, I traced the outline of the sun's corona, saw a cool pattern, then designed the shape you see above. I thought it looked weak in yellow, so I made it black. Then, when the time came to name the symbol, what came naturally, was "Black Sun." I just thought it would be oh so fitting, with the parallels to the Red Suns.
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    Jeez, you're really mean to Jason. :lol: j/k

    Good chapter. You're laying out the setting for the future.
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    Have you ever been nice to B-Spec Bob? :lol:

    It was a great chapter Stig, don't worry.:tup: I think if you made a chapter where all they did was drive around trying to decide what to do it would still be awesome. :D And eventually with all these plot chapters you're going to have to name one "The Plot Thickens". It's just tradition man, go with it. :sly:
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    B-Spec Bob may play a more important role later. But now, he's a doofus.

    Finished the next chapter up, there's action this time! But it turned out a little short, so I added a character power sheet.
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    Chapter 23: ACTION STATIONS!​


    "Okay, now, going into this corner, brake late, but follow your line, until you are going slow enough."


    "Good, that's called trail braking. It'll help you later."

    "But I already knew how to do that."

    "It's called refinement, David. Now that you know others have done it, you can use their knowledge to improve on it."

    "Oh, I see."

    "Now then, for this corner, purposefully induce a drift, but subtly."

    "Like this?"

    "Yes, then use your left foot to brake, without lifting your throttle."


    "That's left-foot braking. You use it when you need to slow down in a corner, but don't want to let up on the throttle, risking lift-off oversteer. You've now got two tactics, for eliminating under and oversteer."

    "Oh, I see! This is helpful!"

    "You already know what a Scandinavian flick is, right?"

    "Yeah, shifting weight to the inside wheels to initiate a drift."

    "You already have a good feel for the racing line, and you're better than me at energy conservation. You've got a few bits and pieces here and there, but your training with Kyoko should iron those out. Remember these techniques, and you should okay."


    Andrea has been teaching me all morning, in the Renault. It is even more tail-happy than my MR2, before the LSD was put in. How did my mother race in this thing? I've learned a few tricks of the trade, and now that I'm done here, it's my turn to train Kyoko.

    "Hey, boys. Is it my turn yet?"

    "Yeah, David's all ready for you. I'll take Tatsuya to a track up in the hills, I've got my cellphone if you need me."

    "Alright, have a good time. What are you teaching him on?"

    "I'll be using the Renault."

    "What will we drive then?"

    "Just use your MR2, it'll work."

    Yesterday, we made a choice about what we're going to be doing, so today, we're training, to make sure we don't lose. We're at this track called Grand Valley, in eastern France. Andrea is going to this track called Swiss Alps, which isn't technically true, it's closer to France.

    "So, shall we go?"

    "Yeah, you drive."


    Kyoko had gotten really good. Andrea wasn't kidding about her being 80% of my skills, she's doing really admirably.


    "Alright, next time, take that corner a little slower, and cut it a little closer. In fact, keep "go a little slower" as your mantra for this time, and focus on hitting the perfect apex."

    "Alright, here."


    "How was that?"

    "Really good! Nice clipping, but since that one was leading to a straight, I'd have chosen a later apex."

    "What does a late apex do, anyway?"

    "Basically sacrifices a bit of corner speed for exit speed. I use a late apex on hairpins and corners leading to a straight.'

    "Ah, I see."

    She's also a fast learner. I'd say she's already cut a good half second off her times now that I've told her to slow down a bit.

    "I thought I was supposed to conserve energy?"

    "It's that you don't let your entries and exits influence your speed, if you sacrifice a perfect corner entry for a bit of speed on entry, it's worth it."

    Huh, never even thought of that before.

    "Ah, I see."

    We did several more laps, with me giving advice, and, as Andrea guessed, me learning about my own style, Kyoko managed to get a time within one second of my worst lap time.

    "Alright, now, let me show you a few tricks Andrea taught me."

    "But I'm still not even a second close to your time. I need to be faster, don't I?"

    "You've technically got better precision control over the car, although I'm faster. If I can safely apply something, so can you."

    "Really? I'm better than you in some way?"

    She looked at me with some really excited eyes. Wow, she's happy.

    "Don't let it go to your head, you've got a lot to learn. And besides, you'll improve, you just need time."


    Oh, she's so cute when she's happy. Reminds me of my little sister, before she got all snooty and ran off with some man I never met. I guess Kyoko's my little sister now. Good thing she's so adorably squeezable.

    "What are you doing over there?"

    "Nothing. Keep driving."

    We did several more laps, until I got into the driver seat, and applied a little of what I've thought of and discovered.


    "Wah! You just posted a new fastest time!"

    "Sweet, by how much?"



    "The amount I've improved on, two seconds."

    She looked downtrodden.

    "Don't look sad. You're as good as Andrea at this point."

    "What about you?"

    "If Andrea is right, then I've already improved on him. He can't lay a finger on me now."

    I wonder, is that really so? Can I really beat him so handily? I'd like to try, I did, after all, beat him last time.

    "Should we go up and see how Tatsuya's doing?"

    "Yeah, might as well. I'm pretty tired."

    "Me too. Are we taking your car, or mine?"

    "Why not the life-step?"

    "Because we can't seem to avoid starting international conflicts."

    Andrea left us a little map if we decided to come along. We did, and we drove for a good hour to Swiss Alps.


    "Is that Andrea behind the wheel?"

    "No, Andrea's helmet is a Simpson Diamondback."

    "Actually, some say, his helmet is a Super Bandit, and that he stole it from a man from Paraguay. All we know is, he's not drifting."

    "So, that's Tatsuya behind the wheel?"

    "Yeah, he's doing really well. I don't think even I drive that well on dirt."

    "He did find his niche, evidently."


    Or not. Oh dear. Even Kyoko winced a bit.

    We drove into the sort of off track area that counts as the pits, and the Renault came driving by.

    "He's found his calling."

    "I saw. What's his ability?"

    "He's come within two seconds of my time."

    "Not bad. Can I try?"


    I hopped in the Renault, and went for a spin.


    Two laps later, I pulled into the pits.

    "I hate you, David."

    "I don't."

    "What did I do?"

    They turned the screen toward me. I beat Tatsuya's time, but I didn't quite hit Andrea's time. He's home here, after all.

    "Wow. I'm not even that good at dirt."

    "Not that good?! I've found my calling, and you still destroy me at it!"

    "That's why racing is tricky business for me."

    Arr, I shot little eye beams at Tatsuya. Arrr...

    "What's Jason doing?"

    "He's meditating in the Life Step. He really can't improve any, so he's making sure his inhuman endurance doesn't lag."

    "Meditating? Don't you mean, what sort of villainy he can perform on the town of Paris?"


    "But not Geneva."

    "Yeah, Geneva's hands off. Geneva is made of handsoffness."

    "Why is that again?"

    "Because we have a cameo we want to perform, and it'd be rendered useless if we accidentally let a battleship smack him in the face."

    I wonder if we'll get back on the news again...

    "What sort of endurance does he have, anyway?"

    "He once raced go-karts for 48 hours without getting out of the kart."

    "Then did he..."

    "Nope, jumpsuit was all clean."


    "That's why he's our official endurance driver. He's good at doing things for a long period of time."

    "Cool, so he's got a lot of patience?"

    "He's stuck by my side all this time."

    I took a bite of a sandwich I hid in my jacket. I based it off the design of the sandwich I got in Paris, but with more bacon.

    "Delicious sandwich. Hey, it's pretty cold here, I should have brought a heavier coat."

    "It's actually going to snow tonight, and at Chamonix. Hope you've got some snow driving skill under that IA License."

    "More than you can think."

    "Oh, really? I'd like to see it."

    "Soon, old man, soon."

    Later that day, we made our way back to our house in Chamonix. Turns out, Andrea is rather wealthy, and has a home here. After we ate dinner, we had another meeting.

    "Tomorrow, there's going to a few races at the road course Chamonix has set out. Want to do a few races there, get the name Black Suns out into the world?"

    "Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Will these be GT official or Special condition races?"

    "The second. Depending on what you bring to the table, you'll be classed against similar drivers, and will be told to drive a certain number of laps. If you bring a really hi-po car, like the one you just got, you'll be facing rally cars, and not even my Renault has much of a chance against that. You'll be fighting uncharted territories."

    "Actually, I don't even have snow tires yet, what should I get them for?"

    "I think your MR2 would be good offroad, but I think your 22B, tuned down a bit, should work wonders for you for time to come."

    "Yeah, I was thinking the 22B as well, I've got a few mods I've set my eyes on for the MR2, and I'll need the money. I guess tomorrow, I'll be getting tires for the 22B."

    I walked over to a window. There wasn't much of a view from here, but it was still nice. I heard an interesting noise though, the distinct sound of a Honda VTEC engine. I looked a little closer, and saw a yellow Integra drive by.


    I'd remember that car anywhere. The first car I ever raced that gave me trouble. Was that black one in Japan a feint, or was this one?

    "You doing okay?"

    "I'm fine, but a section of my past has come back up."

    "Wasn't that the Integra you raced at Seattle?"

    "Yeah, I think so."

    "Looks like we'll have a job to do, later."


    Short chapter, so I'll make up for it with some character stats.

    E Class: Normal drivers. Most haven't learned to countersteer when sliding.
    D Class: Amateur racers. The very beginnings, where all racers start off.
    C Class: Experienced Amateurs. Nothing special, but able to put in a good lap.
    B Class: Solid racers. Able to put in a good lap, and control many kinds of car.
    A Class: Very good racer, where most professionals race at.
    S Class: Master rank. Most drivers can only hope to improve to this area.
    EX Class: Master rank plus one. Select few racers ever reach this zone.
    EX+ Class: The true legendaries. You can't hope to race them on even ground.

    Jason: A class average
    Tarmac: B Class
    Dirt: B Class
    Small courses: B Class
    Endurance: EX+ Class

    Tatsuya: A class average
    Tarmac: B class
    Dirt: S Class
    Small courses: A class
    Endurance: B Class

    Kyoko: S Class average
    Tarmac: EX Class
    Dirt: A Class
    Small courses: S Class
    Endurance: C Class

    David: EX Class average
    Tarmac: EX+ Class
    Dirt: EX Class
    Small courses: EX Class
    Endurance: S Class

    Andrea: EX Class average
    Tarmac: EX Class
    Dirt: EX+ Class
    Small courses: EX Class
    Endurance: S Class

    Kurt: EX+ average
    Tarmac: EX+
    Dirt: EX+
    Small courses: EX+
    Endurance: EX

    Karin: S class average
    Tarmac: S Class
    Dirt: A Class
    Small courses: EX Class
    Endurance: A Class

    Daniel: EX++ Class average
    Tarmac: EX++ Class
    Dirt: EX++ Class
    Small courses: EX++ Class
    Endurance: EX++ Class

    Armageddon Van: S Slass average
    Damage: EX+
    Accuracy: EX
    Speed: D
    Special: EX


    Special note, the black Integra I wrote about during the finale is now null and void. I couldn't find a yellow Integra until last night.
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