Your favourite games of the decade?

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  1. zzz_pt


    I loved Skyrim and I can see how it makes way into so many people's top10 games of the decade.

    I think it didn't impact me so much because I bought it exactly at the same time as Dark Souls, which I enjoyed way more. Had I played Skyrim a few months earlier I would probably remember it more as a great game.
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  2. MroczMR


    My best games of decade?

    Witcher 3
    God Of War
    Doom 2016
    Project Cars 2
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010
    Elite Dangerous
    Titanfall 2
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  3. baldgye

    baldgye Premium

    DOOM 2016
    Starcraft 2
    Gran Turismo Sport
    Death Stranding
    Metal Gear Solid V
    Grand Theft Auto V
  4. GBalao888


    WipEout Omega Collection
    WipEout 2048
    Forza Horizon 4
    Forza Motorsport 7
    Forza Motorsport 6
    Forza Motorsport 4
    GT Sport
    Shift 2: Unleashed
    NFS Heat
    NFS Hot Pursuit (2010)
    Test Drive Unlimited 2
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  5. Emick81


    BLUR. - Mario kart type of game with real cars. 2 bad it did not well in sales. But it was FUN. 20 player online mayhem. Highly addictive with a good soundtrack.

    Worldcup 2010: Fun soccer game with great ambience of the Worldcup.

    Need for Speed Hot pursuit (2010): Supercars, beatifull landscapes and high speed action.

    Forza Horizon 1: The original FH was a great game. The FM handling tuned down and in an open world setting.

    Battlefield 3 en 4. Great modern setting shooters.

    Driveclub - From a technical POV my game of this current generation.
    The lightning in combination with the weather effects.. Most impressive gamevisuals I have ever seen.

    Forza Horizon 4: Fun racer, lots of cars, open world. 60FPS on Xbox one X. A routecreater to make your own courses.
  6. GTV0819

    GTV0819 (Banned)

    I remember I also played Pokemon Ruby and Leaf Green a lot when I still had a GBA SP, as well as Pokemon Diamond with my DS.
  7. Slapped

    Slapped Premium

    I only just got back into serious gaming at the start of 2018 when I bought a PS4, but I've played a few others before that. So in no particular order:

    Batman Arkam City: Great story, great combat, great graphics for the time, and a great overall experience.

    Ravenfield: You can fly helicopters. I've sunk way too much time into this one. It's an FPS where almost all of the content comes from modders and you can drive or fly any vehicle, including helicopters (I've a thing about helicopters ;)). Graphics are basic, but that's OK cause the gameplay is great.

    Horizon Zero Dawn: Needs no introduction. A captivating experience from beginning to end with a great story.

    Assetto Corsa: So fantastic I bought it 3 times (don't ask)

    Battle Supremacy: A Mac/iOS tank game. Simpler than world of tanks, but nonetheless it requires strategy and forethought. Surprisingly good graphics given that this will play on a potato, and even then barely use any resources.

    Homeworld Remastered: RTS with massive fleet space battles, and I mean massive fleet battles. Nothing like getting your bombers to sneak in and take out a hyperspace inhibitor, and then jumping a couple battle cruisers with a compliment of destroyers to really ruin your enemy's day.

    Elite Dangerous in VR: You're there on the bridge, actually flying a spaceship. I sometimes choose long distance runs just so I can kick back with a beer and look out of the window.

    Wipeout Omega Collection in VR: Nuff said. The game the VR world was waiting for.

    There are a few others, including GTS, that make it into my favourites, but those above are the most memorable for me over the last decade.
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  8. Torneo


    Gran Turismo 5: Huge amount of content, great driving experience for its time, mostly great graphics, lots of features, enjoyable single-player career, fun online racing, beautiful menus, etc.

    Assetto Corsa: The driving experience with a wheel in this game is amazing.

    Dirt Rally: Brought back the rallying focus to the series, and felt like the first serious rally game in a long time. It sounded, looked and felt great.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2:
    Simply fun gameplay and great atmosphere.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: Really enjoyed the puzzles, the story, and the atmosphere of this game.

    Honourable mentions to GT Sport, GT6, Dirt 3, the F1 games of the early 2010s and since 2017, Project CARS 2, Super Mario 3D Land, 3D World, Mario Kart 7 and 8.
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  9. Tired Tyres

    Tired Tyres

    United Kingdom

    Wipeout Omega Collection in VR

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Demon Souls

    Assetto Corso

    Elite Dangerous
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  10. PocketZeven


    Zelda: BOTW
    This was my first zelda game and the game just blew me away. Even though the story is very thin, gameplay is deceivably simple, the game was the best of the past decade.

    God of War
    The best balanced game in my opinion. It had great pace, story and gameplay. It also helps I love greek and norse mythology.

    Red Dead Redemption 2
    This game exceed my expectations. The graphics and rich, living, detailed world is breathtaking. The open world blows the worlds of HZD and BOTW out of the water. However traveling from point A to B can be frustrating.

    the Last of Us
    The best voice acting ever done in a videogame. Excellent story and gameplay. The first part of the game is legendary.

    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Allthough many criticized the game for being nothing new and a trick of all trades and a master of none. I loved the game from start to finish. My only real gripe was the poor voiceacting. TLAU, GoW and RDR2 set a new standard in that.

    GT Sport
    Graphically a milestone and amazingly polished. At release very thin on content, but Polypohony delivered eventually

    Honorable mentions: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Rise of the Tombraider, Metal Gear Solid V, Starcraft 2

    Backlogged: Bloodborne, GTA V, Witcher 3
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  11. ghostrider135


    Not in any order.

    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Legend of Zelda - Breath Of the Wild
    Death Stranding
    The Outer Worlds
    LA Noire
    Fallout New Vegas
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  12. Venom800tt


    United States
    No order, but these are some of my favorites:
    GT Sport
    Assetto Corsa
    Tales of Graces F
    Tales of Xillia 2
    Tales of Berseria
    Gundam EX VS Full Boost
    Ace Combat 7
    Zelda BOTW
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    There are some other games that would be on that list I think, but they are sitting in my backlog still lol...
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  13. gigio79


    PS2 Tourist trophy ( simply fantastic )
    PS2 Toca race serie ( amazing )
    Gran Turismo serie and F1 serie
    Grid serie
  14. yas


    Most have been mentioned, but Spec Ops: The Line was one of those where went in expecting nothings and was blown away. Not because of some special mechanics, but execution and ending.
  15. Corsa

    Corsa Premium

    Assetto Corsa
    Project Cars 2
    Red Dead Redemption 2
  16. ctdc67


    It is tough choosing only a few because of the vast amount content and creativity in so many games. Here are some that stick out in my mind.

    Starcraft. ----- Best RTS
    TDU. ------ Lots to it on real Island
    Unreal Tournament. ------ Frag fest
    COD. ------- Split screen battle time
    FIFA. ------ Great team game
    Toca. ------- 1st simcade
    Forza Mototorsport. ------- 1st simmish
    PGR 2. --------- Cars and Bikes
    Project Cars. ------- Xbox sim. Racer
    Ride--------Motorcycles buffet....
    SBK-X -------- Motorcycle racing
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  17. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    I'm tempted to put a poll on this thread with "What's the best game of the decade" and only Skyrim as the answers.
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  18. Whitestar

    Whitestar Premium

    Black Mesa
    Far Cry 3

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Assetto Corsa
    Assetto Corsa Competizione
    Gran Turismo 5
    TrackMania 2
    Trials Evolution: Gold Edition
    Trials Rising


    The Talos Principle
    Portal 2
    The Stanley Parable

    Open world:
    Grand Theft Auto 5
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    Journey (PS3)
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  19. ForceMotion


    Socom 2 (PS2) Online is a lot of fun, and still is through online LAN play!
    Tony Hawk's Underground 1 (PS2) Spend a lot of my youth playing this game online, and even the single player is so good with lots of content its still fun to play today.
    Live For Speed S1 / S2 (PC) Met a lot of cool people while playing this simulator and the physics are one of the best imo for a simulator.
    Bloodborne (PS4) Never got tired of this game and still play it from time to time, can never get tired of the combat and boss fights.
    Driveclub (PS4) Lots of content, graphics, and shows that a racing game doesn't need a story mode to be a successful racing game.
    The Witcher 3 (PS4) One of the best single player games ever made.
    The Last Of Us (PS4) Second best single player game for me.
    Skate 3 (PS3) Had a lot of fun learning this game, and quite challenging game as well.
    FR Legends (Mobile) Really fun drifting game for the mobile device, needs to be updated asap tho, its been almost a year.
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  20. sirjim73


    Driving: GT Sport for me (much to even my surprise!) - severely lacking at launch, but I find the monthly additions of cars and tracks keep me constantly engaged and stop me getting to my long list of shame. 4 or 5 new cars to try out each month perfectly suits my available gameplay time.

    Runner up: The Crew (first one). Hundreds of hours exploring, plus having driven US66 in real life just beforehand, it felt like I was continuing that personal adventure on my PS4.

    Honourable mentions for Dirt Rally and, being sneaky but it qualifies, Burnout Paradise Remastered :D

    Action/Adventure: I wanted to put Uncharted 2 here, but apparently that was released October 2009 :eek: so it's got to be Uncharted 4 instead. The perfect conclusion to the perfect franchise. :bowdown:

    The Last Of Us just doesn't have that Uncharted sense of fun for obvious reasons so loses out. I play games to enjoy myself, not to get depressed!

    This part of the list is limited as I spend much less time gaming now than i did in the 2000s and most of that time is spent on driving games. There are many more that would probably appear on this list as runners up if and when I get to them (God of War etc) but they won't surpass U4 in my mind.

    Open World: GTAV (the wonderful offline campaign only) , unfortunately my attempt to play online just involved me being bombed/shot/blown up by others which very quickly grew tiresome... :rolleyes:

    Runners up are probably all still on my to do list (!) and mentioned above in this thread...

    RPG: I tend towards JRPGs so, the first Ni No Kuni wins here. (Dragon Quest 8 won this for me in 2000s).

    Runners up: Skyrim (shock horror :lol:), a Yakuza game but not sure which one is the best(!) - probably number 6 as the conclusion of the story.

    Dragon Quest 11 and RDR2 and Ni No Kuni 2 are potential candidates for the list too when I get to spend proper time with them, as are The Witcher 3, Judgement, Kingdom Hearts III, Assassins Creed Origins :crazy:

    In terms of which genre has been best served in the 2010s, it's hard for me to think of anything other than RPGs, for the sheer variety and depth, even if many are sequels or borrow ideas from elsewhere.
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  21. TypeRDC5


    United Kingdom
    The last of us- by far the best game of the decade for me, a game which fully lived up to the hype!

    Other honorable mentions go to:

    GTA 5- after the disappointment of GTA 4 this was all I ever hoped for.

    Battlefield 3- after playing COD for a few years this changed my idea if a shooter completely, if I could still play it now I would.

    Resident evil 2 remake: finally a resi game back to its horror routes, cant wait for 3 remake.

    Cities skylines- the fact I can play this on my ps4 instead of having to spend a fortune on a PC puts it on the list

    Others would include: god of war ps4, fallout 3 and 4, uncharted series and gran turismo series
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  22. andrea


    In alphabetical order:

    Dead Rising 2
    DOOM (2016)
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
    Monster Hunter: World
    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
    Resident Evil 2
    The Last of Us
    The Witcher 3
    Titanfall 2
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  23. ALMF3512


    Hot Pursuit 2010
    Driver San Francisco 2011
    Most Wanted 2012
    GTAV 2013