Your Top 10 Racing Games of All Time

United States
United States
10 Gran Turismo 5
9 LeMans 24 (Dreamcast)
8 GP500 (PC)
7 SBK 22
6 Race Driver Grid (original)
5 MotoGP 08
4 Ride 4
3 SBK 2K/2k1
2 Sega Rally 1/2
1 Tourist Trophy
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Colin Mcrea 2 (psx)
Gran turismo 2 (psx)
Gran turismo 4 (ps2)
Formula 1 championship (ps3)
World toca touring car (psx)
DTM driver 3 (ps2)
Whacky racers (Dos)
Wipeout HD (ps3)
Ridge Racer Type 4 (psx)
Burnout 3 takedown (ps2)

Honourable mention:
Codemasters made a Indycar game in the 2000’s. Don’t know what it was called but I had a blast with it.
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Honourable mention:
Codemasters made a Indycar game in the 2000’s. Don’t know what it was called but I had a blast with it.
Yep, it's just Indycar 2005, is in my top 10 for how much fun it was if broken beyond belief at various points :lol:
10) Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

This was one of my first PS2 games and I was really into it, loved the soundtrack and the car roaster everything was well put together and really enjoyable.

9) Assetto Corsa Competizione

As a fan of GT3 race cars this is difficult to ignore, plus it provides the right dosage of sim and put my steering wheel to use.

8) Midnight Club Los Angeles

Played a lot on this one, I remember being quite involved on a French forum when playing it, plenty of online car shows and stuff.

7) Race Driver Grid

Same era as mcla, mostly remember the drifting and the fact it has mountain passes from Initial D basically

6) Motorstorm 2 Pacific Rift

Usually not my type of game but was blown away by the visuals and the settings, especially after the really brown first opus

5) DriveClub

Loved the challenges and the regulars updates on this, reminded me of a country road take on PGR.

4) PGR 3

My first Xbox Live game, got it on release day with my 360; great experience, and great game, remember being impressed with the sounds of the cars, the fact it was playable in first person view, and loved the balance between difficulty and fun

3) Auto Modellista

Amazed to not see it more; it’s an awesome game which still looks amazing thanks to the cell shading, very cool gem by capcom, contains every cool Japanese cars and nice mountain road, you can modify your car with lots of licenced parts and customise your garage; + at the end of the game you get a Tamiya RC mod that make your car a RC cars.

2) Gran Turismo 2

It was GT1 with way more content and for 10 yo me that was the best thing ever, one of my most played game ever.

1) Forza Motorsport 4

Simply my most played game ever. Did plenty of setups; loved the storefront; the car sharing club; had plenty of friend playing it on daily basis for 2years

Still a lot of other games but that’s my most important 10.
Automodellista definitely gets the Most Underrated racing game ever award. If it had any other games' physics, it would have been a knockout for the masses. I couldn't put a number on it. It is/was truly a unique game.
Nice thread and very good question. Now, when asking a question such as this, you really have to take into account several factors, 3 of which are very important in forming an opinion and a solid answer....

A)How much enjoyment do you have playing the game?
B)How does it score on the "Deserted Island" test? Meaning, if you were shipped off to a deserted island, would you take this game with you?
C)How much sentimental value does the game hold for you? How nostalgic is it?

With those important factors taken into consideration, I think I can safely list the following racing games as my top 10:

10)F-Zero GX
9)Scud Race
8)Initial D Arcade Stage 8
7)Rage Racer
6)GRID Legends
5)Ridge Racer 2 PSP
4)Outrun 2 SP DX
3)Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6
1)Assetto Corsa

Keep in mind, limiting the selections to ONLY 10 games is EXTREMELY tough, as I honestly feel dirty....guilty even....for not including Daytona USA. Daytona 2, or any Gran Tursimo games. BUT.....the rules are the rules, and if pressed to keep it at 10, that is my definitive list.