MG Cyberster Teased for Forza Horizon 5 Series 30 Update

Although the next Forza Horizon 5 Series is still a couple of weeks away, we’ve had an early teaser for some of the upcoming content courtesy of MG Motor parent company SAIC’s social media in China.

The company has made a number of posts on China’s “everything” app Weixin (WeChat) over the past few hours teasing a forthcoming collaboration with Forza Horizon 5 that directly calls out two of MG’s flagship vehicles as heading to the title soon.

First and foremost is the Cyberster convertible — the first MG convertible since the MGF and the first under the brand’s SAIC owners. It’s rather different to the small, open-topped MGs of the past though, as the Cyberster comes in at a similar size, and weight, to a Mercedes SL.

That’s in part down to the fact it’s a purely electric vehicle. In its most powerful form, the dual-motor AWD model, it packs more than 500hp and can hit 60mph in three seconds dead. It’s set to go on sale in Europe this summer.

Also teased is the MG7, which effectively tops the model range but is only sold in China. This sports sedan comes with a turbocharged two-liter that in Trophy form delivers 257hp to the front wheels only.

Along with the distinctly unofficial-looking Super Wheelspin animation promo — titled “Which is your dream car to unwrap?” (to the best of our translational skills) — there’s some further images that lend a much more authentic air on Weixin and also give us some dates and further information.

The Cyberster is set to arrive in Forza Horizon 5 on Tuesday January 30, with the MG7 following on Thursday February 22. Those are intriguing dates, as it suggests the MG7 will be a Playlist Exclusive, but the Cyberster will either be delivered to all for free on the day of the update or as part of a new paid-DLC pack.

That’s also buoyed by the fact SAIC appears to be running a competition — for Chinese users only, unfortunately — to win a new Chinese Car Pack DLC, with 50 such packs available. We don’t, as yet, know what the contents of this pack will be (other than probably Chinese cars only), but there’s also a one-off Cyberster-wrapped Xbox Series X console and Xbox Wireless Controller as a prize.

It’ll be the second time that Chinese cars have featured in Forza Horizon 5, with Series 4 back in February 2022 adding the MG3, MG XPower SV, NIO EP9, and Wuling Sunshine. Of course it’s also the perfect time to do so as it’s also Chinese New Year, which is precisely what Series 30 of FH5 will be celebrating.

We’ve reached out to MG Motor UK for further information and we’ll update you as we know more!

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