Forza Motorsport Update 7 Out Now: Brands Hatch, Retro Racers, & More

Turn 10 is kicking off April for Forza Motorsport by releasing Update 7 for all Xbox and PC players.

It’s a rather hefty update at 15GB for both PC and on Xbox Series S/X, introducing more new events and cars for players to try out.

After a break in the previous update, there is a new circuit to learn, as well as a raft of other changes and fixes we will be covering.

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Forza Motorsport Update 7: Brands Hatch

The newest circuit to return to Forza Motorsport is Brands Hatch. This Kent circuit is often considered a favorite for both drivers and fans thanks to its steep elevation changes and technical challenge.

Formerly a host of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch now regularly sees top level action from the British Touring Car Championship and British GT as well as GT World Challenge Europe. In 2003, Brands even hosted the American CART series and was the inaugural event for the A1GP series in 2005.

Two layouts will be available depending on where you prefer to test yourself:

  • Indy Circuit
  • Grand Prix Circuit

Forza Motorsport Update 7: New Cars

April will see just three cars making their debuts in the Car Pass. The modern Ginetta G55 GT4 and Ligier JS P3 LMP3 are joined by the 1970 Matra-Simca MS650. These are the final cars coming for those who have purchased the Car Pass.

Five Spotlight cars will each be made available over the next five weeks. Each can be purchased from the showroom with a 30% discount using in-game credits. These cars will also be the stars of the new featured career tour.

Car Pass

  • Ginetta G55 GT4 2019 – April 10
  • Matra-Simca MS650 Tour de France #146 Equipe Matra-Simca 1970 – April 17
  • Ligier JS P3 #11 Eurointernational 2016 – April 24

Spotlight Cars

  • Ford Capri Turbo #2 Zakspeed Racing 1981 – April 10–17
  • Lola T163 #10 Simoniz Special 1969 – April 17–24
  • Brabham BT24 1967 – April 24–May 1
  • Jaguar XJR-9 #1 Jaguar Racing 1988 – May 1–8
  • BMW 3.0 CSL #25 BMW Motorsport 1975 – May 8–15

The latest Spotlight cars are all about the classics from across the racing world.

Group 5 racing was one of the maddest racing series in the 70s and 80s, and the 1981 Ford Zakspeed Capri is often regarded as one of its most iconic cars. Retaining very little from the production car, this super silhouette used a heavily turbocharged, 1.4-liter engine making over 600hp, making it quite a handful to get the best out of it.

One series that can lay claim to being even more insane than Group 5 was Can-Am. Lola entered its T163 during the 1969 Can-Am season where it grabbed podium finishes. Weighing less than 1,500lb and packing over 600hp from its Chevrolet V8, the T163 needs that massive rear wing to get that power to the road.

Brabham is one of the legendary marques from F1 in the 1960s, and the BT24 would go on to win both the Drivers and Constructors championships in 1967.

Within the spaceframe chassis and minimalist bodywork sits a 3.0-liter V8 making just over 300hp. It may have been down on power compared to the might DFV Lotus that year, but better reliability saw Brabham come out on top.

The 1988 Jaguar XJR-9 in its Silk Cut livery is synonymous with Jaguar’s time in sportscar racing. The Group C monster would run in endurance racing both in America and Europe, netting numerous victories. It would also dethrone Porsche’s dominance at the Le Mans 24 Hours by taking the overall victory.

Powering the Jag is a 7.0-liter V12 packing 750hp, allowing it to do over 240mph. The version in Forza Motorsport features a large rear wing rather than the Le Mans specification aero.

Finally, there’s the 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL. Nicknamed the “Batmobile” for its wild flared arches, the CSL would mark the debut of the iconic colors of what would become BMW’s M Division. The CSL was an exercise in light weight, with an aluminium body and stripped interior.

It would go on to become one of the most dominant touring cars of the 1970s. The 3.5-liter straight six makes over 430hp in race trim.

Forza Motorsport Update 7: New Events

The latest featured career tour highlights what many would the glory years of motorsport. Known as the Retro Racers Tour, these latest series takes you through several classic periods of racing, with the Spotlight cars taking center stage.

Retro Racers Tour

  • Rulebook Racers – Ford Zakspeed Capri
  • Unlimited Racers – Lola T163
  • Grand Prix Racers – Brabham BT24
  • Consumption Racers – Jaguar XJR-9

Each of the series will see you pilot classic race cars, from silhouette touring cars, to crazy prototypes and grand prix legends. At the end of each four race series, you’ll win the 1977 Renault F1 #15 Equipe Renault Elf car to use in the final reward showcase.

The Retro Racers Tour kicks off on April 10 with Rulebook Racers, with the rest of the following series being unlocked after a seven day period. You will have plenty of time to tackle this tour, as the end date is May 29.

Open Class Tour

Cars from the 1960s are the main course for the Open Tour. Pick and build some of the very best machines from the Swinging 60s as you work your way from E-Class up to B-Class.

Finish the Open Tour and you’ll be rewarded with a 1964 Brabham BT8 to race in the final showcase. You’ll need to manage your time more carefully as this series is scheduled to end on May 15.

Forza Motorsport Update 7: Multiplayer Events

Featured Multiplayer continues with the classic theme with the latest Spec Series events. The Spotlight Series will put the star cars into their own series. These events will be available to attempt as many times as you please for seven day periods along with the Open Series.

From F1 to Le Mans, players in the Spec Series will get to wrestle with some of the wildest machines of bygone eras. Each Spec Series will be available for seven days before being rotated.

  • Formula 60s Series – April 10-17
  • BMW #6 M1 Procar Series – April 17-24
  • GTP/C Series – April 14-May 1
  • Vintage Le Mans Sportscar Series – May 1-8
  • Formula 70s Series – May 8-15

Forza Motorsport Update 7: Rivals

A new set of Monthly Rivals events will have each of the five Spotlight cars in their own events that will each be available for seven days. Brands Hatch also gets its own featured event that will be available throughout Update 7, where you’ll get to tackle the Grand Prix Circuit in the fearsome Lola T70.

Players with VIP can enjoy trying to tame the 1987 Porsche 962 around Hockenheim in their own Rivals event.

The Rivals list for Update 7 is below:

  • Featured Track – Brands Hatch – Lola T70 MkIIIB #6 Penske Sunoco 1970 – Brands Hatch – GP Circuit (Apr. 10-May 15)
  • VIP – Sunset Showdown – Porsche 962C #17 Porsche AG 1987 – Hockenheimring – Full Circuit (Apr. 10 – May 15)
  • Spotlight – Ford Capri Turbo #2 Zakspeed Racing – Watkins Gen – Full Circuit (Apr. 10-17)
  • Spotlight – Lola T163 #10 Simoniz Special 1969 – Spa Francorchamps – Full Circuit (Apr. 17-24)
  • Spotlight – Brabham BT24 1967 – Indianapolis – Brickyard Oval (Apr. 24 – May 1)
  • Spotlight – Jaguar XJR-9 #1 Jaguar Racing 1988 – Kyalami – Grand Prix Circuit (May 1-8)
  • Spotlight – BMW 3.0 CSL #25 BMW Motorsport 1975 – Maple Valley – Full Circuit (May 8-15)

Forza Motorsport Update 7: Other Changes

One of the biggest updates done by Turn 10 is reducing the installation footprint of the game by 15-20%. Console players should see a reduction in total file size of around 25GB and PC will see a reduction of nearly 30GB.

Several stabilty improvements have been made to reduce crashing and infinite loading screens. Graphics changes include reducing video memory usage for medium, high and ultra car livery quality.

Drivatar AI has been tweaked again to correct behavior during race starts in Free Play with small grids. Multiplayer sees proximity arrows being enabled by default and Forza Race Regulations sees updates to sideswipe collision data as well as penalties to reduce false negatives.

A small number of cars including the 1971 Ford Mustang, Brabham BT24 and McLaren Sabre have received tweaks to correct modelling issues. Le Mans has been given a number of fixes in regards to textures and lighting, while changes on PC feature tweaks to audio settings to reduce CPU usage.

More updates and fixes to the livery editor include the addition of “uniform” Scale and “non-uniform” Stretch tools to replace the general Size tool.

Unlike the traditional four-week run of updates, Turn 10 has stated that Update 7 will run for five weeks. Those anticipating another circuit for Update 8 will be disappointed, as T10 has said no track will be added in the next update, although a new circuit will be coming in Update 9 in June.

The full list of patch notes can be found here. Make sure to also stop by our dedicated Forza Motorsport forums for further discussions about the latest update as well as any undocumented changes that have been discovered.

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