Forza Motorsport to Introduce Reworked Car Upgrade System in March

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Turn 10 has announced that a reworked car leveling and upgrade system is coming to Forza Motorsport soon, with Update 6 in March 2024.

It’s been just over a month since Turn 10 communicated its intentions to rethink the largely unpopular system with which the game launched back in October 2023 — one of three major points it was addressing in response to fan feedback.

The system, which locked vehicle upgrades sequentially behind driving time with each individual vehicle, had been one of the flagship features of the game with the goal being to forge a personal connection between player and car as they drove and built it.

While many expressed concerns ahead of launch, T10 pressed ahead — to predominantly negative responses. An early change to the system, to reduce the amount of time taken to unlock parts, mitigated the issues somewhat but a more significant alteration was required.

Forza Motorsport image via turk1993

T10 has been working with some players in the community to develop a new system, and it’s going to roll out with the March 2024 Update 6 patch.

There’s two significant changes to the system. Firstly, all parts for any car are available immediately, so you no longer have to level the car up to gain access to new and more exotic vehicle upgrades.

Additionally you don’t have to get some miles under the wheels to earn the Car Points required to buy the parts. You will now be able to simply buy them for credits. T10’s announcement states that it is testing a credits-to-points ratio of 4500cr to 500CP (or 9:1 for those who prefer their ratios expressed in simplest form) and feedback has been behind this balance.

However the core intent of the original system remains, as you can still drive the car to earn Car Points, and purchase vehicle upgrades with them if you so choose. You’ll also still need to get a car to level 50 — at around 2-3 hours of driving — to earn a manufacturer discount bonus.

We’re expecting Update 6 to land with the new system around March 12-19, with Update 5 — complete with the Nurburgring Nordschleife — still not penned in for a date but due some time around mid-February.

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