Forza Street Arrives on Android and Apple Devices, May 5

Mobile device players will finally be able to get their hands on Forza Street next month. The free-to-play Forza series title, currently only available on Windows 10 machines, lands on Apple and Android devices from May 5.

Electric Square has developed the game from its 2018 title Miami Street together with Turn 10 Studios. The title revolves around both racing (on the street, as the title would suggest) and collecting cars, with both a campaign mode and multiplayer available.

Players can earn credits and gold by racing, and also through completing ‘events’ in the game’s story mode. These may feature class restrictions, with vehicles slotted into one of four categories in the game — street, sports, muscle and super — along with rare and epic vehicles. You’ll also be able to tune your cars.

Through gameplay you’ll be able to pick up card chips, to go towards your vehicle collection, or buy them with in-game gold — along with a free daily card. Each week a Spotlight car is available, which you can win through competing in the relevant events. There’s also the now-traditional shortcut: microtransactions. These range from a small amount of gold, or a high-level car, for around $4.50 (£4), up to $90 (£75) for the most expensive gold pack.

The mobile title features some unusual controls. In fact the cars steer automatically, with the player controlling acceleration and braking — and a boost function which increases faster as you’re more accurate with your inputs.

You can pre-register for Forza Street on your Apple or Android device now, ahead of the May 5 release. Players who pick up the game and head out on track between May 5 and June 5 will also receive a special ‘Founder’s Pack’ reward, including a rare 2017 GT, and an unspecified amount of gold and credits.

If you’re undecided on whether to pick up the mobile game, check out the original Win10 launch trailer below:

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