Gfinity Supercars Eseries Moves to iRacing, Begins August 2019

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Australia’s pre-eminent sports car racing series is returning for another virtual championship this year. After last year’s Forza Motorsport 7-powered season, the 2019 Gfinity Supercars Eseries will take place exclusively on iRacing.

The change in title represents a new primary partner in Gfinity Esports Australia. It’s a name that’s all over racing esports, with the global brand also involved in the Forza Racing Championship and F1 Esports series.

Twelve teams will compete for the 2019 title. These will consist of real-world Supercars teams — Boost Mobile Racing has already signed on as the first — as well as “others representing high-profile brands.”

These teams will select their drivers through a series of open qualifiers in iRacing before the eight-race season kicks off in August. The series will run through to the end of the Supercars season.

Fans will be able to watch all the action unfold live, for free, via broadcasts on and social media channels.

Supercars CEO Sean Seamer sounds off:

“This is a great opportunity to embrace and engage the growing Supercars fan base and esports community. The partnership with Gfinity will help engage a new generation of fans and offer a pathway for sim drivers to showcase their skills in our cars against our best teams and drivers.”

Open qualifier registration begins in July. Interested racers can head to the dedicated Eseries website to register, and in the near future, find more info on the team driver nomination program.

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