Live Stream: 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual

[Update] Formula E Pro Driver Banned After Hiring Sim Racer to Drive for Him

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Forza Motorsport 7 to Feature in 2020 Special Olympics USA Games Event

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Le Mans to Run a Virtual 24-Hour Race in Place of the Real Thing

The organizer of the 24 Hours of Le Mans has announced that it will stage this year’s race, for the first time, entirely in the digital realm. Going by the… Read More »

Red Bull to Stage GT Sport "Homestretch" Series for Pro Racers, Starts May 14

Energy drinks brand Red Bull is the latest company to stage a virtual race series for pro drivers and celebrities, but there’s a little twist. The event, called “Homestretch”, will… Read More »

Live Streams: Watch All This Weekend's Esports Action

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IndyCar iRacing Challenge Ends in Collisions and Controversy

After six weeks of exciting and intense competition, the IndyCar iRacing Challenge has ended in controversy. The 70-lap race involved one of the most controversial incidents yet, and a further… Read More »

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NASCAR Driver Rage-Quits Esports Event, Loses Real World Sponsor

NASCAR Series partner Blue-Emu has terminated its sponsorship of Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace in a truly bizarre set of circumstances. Up to 2015, Blue-Emu — an emu oil joint… Read More »

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