Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial: Rotary Club

Another Thursday means another new Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial event is now available, with a fresh hot-lap challenge for players to tackle across the next 14 days.

Located within the game’s Sport Mode, Online Time Trial events are time-limited, hot-lap challenges running for two weeks each. Each is a relatively high-value event, earning a possible 2,000,000cr, but it depends on how fast you are compared to the best players in the world.

In order to take the top prize you’ll need to be within 3% of the world record when the event closes, meaning that it’s a dynamic target which changes whenever a player sets a new record. There’s also smaller sums available, with 1m credits for a “silver” time within 5%, and 250,000cr if you’re within 10%.

For the new event available from today you’ll be heading to the Nurburgring. Thankfully, given the extreme track limits policing in the Time Trials, it’s just the 3.2-mile GP circuit rather than one of the lengthier layouts!

You’ll be driving Mazda’s late-00s/early-10s sports car offering in the challenge, with the top-spec, rotary-engined Mazda RX-8 Spirit R ’12 the required vehicle. It only needs Sports Hard tires (the standard option) for the event, and you can borrow a car if you want to keep the miles off your own. That’d be pretty wise if it were the real thing…

At this early stage the fastest times are right in the mid-2:20 area, requiring a mid 2:24 for Gold. There’s plenty of time for this to improve though, so we reckon that if you can hit a flat-2:24 or creep into the 2:23s you should have two million credits by this time on January 25.

Last week’s Trial Mountain Lap Time Challenge remains available, and will do so until Thursday January 18. At present the world record for the event is 1:50.247, which means that you’ll need to beat 1:53.554 to set a Gold time for the 2m credit reward. There’s still a chance that this bar will lower further, but a 1:53.3 ought to be safe.

In order to access the Online Time Trials, you’ll need to unlock Sport Mode, by completing Menu Book 9 (“Championship: Tokyo Highway Parade”) in the GT Cafe single player hub. PlayStation Plus is not required, as they are not multiplayer events.

The events update every Thursday, with each individual challenge remaining available for two weeks and the oldest of the two events being replaced each week. That being the case, the next new Time Trial should arrive at 0700 UTC on Thursday January 18.

Lap Time Challenge January 11 – Nurburgring

  • Track: Nurburgring GP
  • Car: Mazda RX-8 Spirit R ’12 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (M)
  • Tires: Sports Hard
  • Settings: Fixed

Lap Time Challenge January 4 – Trial Mountain

  • Track: Trial Mountain
  • Car: Toyota Supra GT500 ’97 – Garage/Rental Car
  • Power/Weight/PP Limit: BOP (M)
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • Settings: Fixed

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