Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.47 Released, Fixes BOP Glitch Ahead of GTWS Manufacturers Cup

With the next stage of the Gran Turismo World Series online qualifiers just around the corner, Polyphony Digital has released a patch for Gran Turismo 7 to address a glitch which could have affected the competition.

Update 1.47 is a relatively compact item, coming in at just 373MB on PlayStation 5 and 190MB on PlayStation 4. As you’d expect from something outside the usual update schedule and with little fanfare, there’s no new game content. Instead the update centers on one specific bug introduced in 1.46 a couple of weeks back.

In essence the issue affected the game’s Balance of Performance. This core precept of Sport Mode does largely what it sounds like, applying specific power and weight values to vehicles to broadly generate a performance parity across all cars in a given class. With this as the goal, BOP conditions also lock down vehicle settings (save those made available) to keep it all about the driving.

Players quickly discovered after 1.46 that, with some wrangling, it was possible to access full vehicle settings even in races where BOP was enabled. That meant certain online races — including the latter stages of the Nations Cup and the Daily Races — could be affected by players using vehicle tuning and making the playing field uneven.

To address this, as many players quickly noticed, Polyphony Digital changed the races to only allow “Event-Specified” vehicles. These are basically loaner cars (at no cost) in a pre-tuned state which cannot be adjusted — with the downside of only being available in standard liveries.

Of course that was only a short-term solution, and update 1.47’s purpose is to eliminate the issue and allow for players to use their own vehicles in their own color schemes once again. As of the 0950 UTC Daily Races today, “Garage Cars” are now available for selection — and this will apply to the first Manufacturers Cup races on Wednesday May 8 as well.

That wasn’t the only 1.46-introduced glitch fixed by 1.47. A second, more minor issue affected wheel fitment on the Lexus LFA, and this too has been addressed. At present it seems like these are the only changes in 1.47, although others may yet be discovered by the community.

As for the next game content update, we’re expected that to arrive on or around Thursday May 30 but we’ll know more nearer the time.

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