Gran Turismo 7’s Next Update Set to Arrive May 30, Adds Five New Cars

The next game update for Gran Turismo 7 looks set to land on our consoles this coming Thursday, May 30, with series creator Kazunori Yamauchi posting his traditional pre-update teaser on Twitter.

It’s a date we’ve been expecting for a little while, with content updates coming far more commonly on the final Thursday of any given month than at any other time. A server maintenance notice was also posted for the game for that date earlier today — keeping up the 100% record of server maintenance coinciding with a game update in GT7’s lifetime.

Fans had been a little on-edge as Yamauchi’s teasers for a content update as usually — but not always — posted the weekend before. His teaser Tweet for last month’s update came only a day before the update landed, although that was down to the unveiling of the Skoda Vision GT. However we now have a confirmation that there will be five vehicles in the update.

It’s actually quite a hard image to decipher, with very few clues in the heavy shadow, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got a good idea of most of them — and it looks like a good one for the nostalgics.

Probably the most obvious though is the leftmost car, the classic Honda NSX from Japan’s JGTC championship. It’s likely most recognizable to Gran Turismo fans in its Castrol Mugen paint scheme, and we’ve been expecting that to arrive for a little while now.

Just above that there’s enough of a clear look to decipher the Nissan Skyline R31, in GTS-R specification. Behind it is the unmistakably boxy, estate-bodied Volvo 240 — which will become GT7’s very first wagon and a return of Volvo to the game.

That actually looks to be accompanied by a second Volvo, with what looks like the headlight and hockey-stick hood ridge of the second-generation Volvo V40. It’s not clear which version, but we’re certainly hoping for the straight-five, 254hp T5. Either way, it’ll be the car’s debut in the series.

The final car, in the bottom-right, is the most obscured of all, but we’re pretty sure it’s a fifth-generation Honda Civic EG. Again, the specification isn’t obvious, but the car that makes the most sense is the 168hp SiR-II that fans of the original Gran Turismo may remember well as one of the best early-game cars.

As usual, this teaser only shows the car content coming to the update, which we presume to be v1.48. There’s no information on any other aspects of the update, including whether there’ll be a new track or track layout (fingers crossed), and we’ll have to wait until probably Wednesday to find out more.

Watch this space for all the latest information as we get it.

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