Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges: Performance Points Mean Prizes

The next set of Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges is becoming available over the next 24 hours for players around the world, ticking over to February Week 3 as midnight passes on your console.

Introduced in the “Spec II” update of November 2023, Weekly Challenges present players with a short playlist of events — usually drawn from the World Circuits section of the game — with incentives for completing them with a third-place finish or better during the seven-day window.

This week’s five events unusually feature several that are restricted by your car’s “Performance Points” (PP) value, which can be affected by power, weight, downforce, and — particularly — tires. That means you might want to adjust these values if you’re planning to enter a car that doesn’t quite meet regulations.

The exception to that this week is the traditional entry-level event, with the European Sunday Cup 400 at Sardegna Road Track B. Although “400” is in the name, it’s only a suggested PP value, so you can go in over-powered if you wish — but you will need a road car from a European manufacturer. As there’s just 7,000cr available as a reward for the two-lap race, we’d suggest not overthinking it.

Alsace Village hosts the World Rally Challenge for this week’s second race, a three-lap sprint for cars with a 700PP cap. Although your rivals for this race are mainly Gr.B class rally cars, you might find a Gr.4 car is better for this twisty track, and there’s 60,000cr for victory.

Another 700PP race takes place at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, in the “Race of Turbo Sportscars”. As the name suggests, you’ll need a turbocharged car (look for the “T” under “aspiration” in your garage) for this five-lap race, with a 63,000cr prize for first place.

Things get a lot faster in the last two races this week, both of which require you to have at least started a relevant Extra Menu Book in order to see the events in your World Circuits screen.

The first is a five-lap race around the Tokyo Expressway South Counterclockwise course — including the container port loop — in the Vision GT Trophy. Naturally you’ll need a VGT car for this race, which has an 850PP cap and awards 85,000cr should you win.

That leaves the Gr.1 Prototype Series race at Suzuka Circuit, and you’re going to need some brave pills for this. It’s a ten-lap run with weather enabled around the famous Japanese circuit, for cars of any kind equipped with racing tires and a 950PP limit. We’d very firmly suggest buying some Intermediate and Wet rubber for this race if you want the 175,000cr winner’s prize.

Although there’s only a small amount of bonus credits this week — with 100,000cr for clearing one event and 150,000cr for passing three — there’s a rare, car-only Six-Star Roulette Ticket for completing all five. These usually contain high-value vehicle and may include cars you can only buy through Invitations.

Weekly Challenges update at midnight local time on Wednesday evenings/Thursday mornings, with the next set due at that time on February 21/22. You’ll need to have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie in order to have access.


  • Alsace Village – World Rally Challenge
    • Number of Laps: 3
    • Restrictions: ≤700PP, Racing Tires
    • Win Reward: 60,000cr
  • Road Atlanta – Race of Turbo Sportscars
    • Number of Laps: 5
    • Restrictions: ≤700PP, Turbo
    • Win Reward: 63,000cr
  • Sardegna Road Track B – European Sunday Cup 400
    • Number of Laps: 2
    • Restrictions: Road Car, Europe
    • Win Reward: 7,000cr
  • Suzuka Circuit – Gr.1 Prototype Series
    • Number of Laps: 10
    • Restrictions: ≤950PP, Racing Tires
    • Win Reward: 175,000cr
  • Tokyo Expressway South Counterclockwise – Vision GT Trophy
    • Number of Laps: 5
    • Restrictions: ≤850PP, Vision Gran Turismo
    • Win Reward: 85,000cr


  • Complete 1 event: 100,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 3 events: 150,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 5 events: Six-Star Roulette (Car) Ticket

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