Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges: SUVival of the Fittest

The latest Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges are beginning to arrive for players around the world as the clock hits midnight on Friday morning.

Weekly Challenges comprise a playlist of five events for players to tackle during a seven-day window. For the most part these come from the suite of existing events within GT7’s World Circuits, but sometimes they may include a unique “Special Event” created just for the week. In addition there’s some bonus rewards for completing one, three, or all five events during the seven-day period.

Unusually, all five races this week take place on circuits in the Americas section of the World Circuits and that includes this week’s Special Event for the new Lamborghini Urus. This is a one-make event for the “super SUV”, with no restrictions other than the car and the fact you need to use Dirt Tires. Victory is worth 75,000cr.

The Urus is also the thumbnail car for the second race, which itself was added in the 1.44 update today. That’s the European Clubman Cup 600 at Blue Moon Bay Infield A Reverse, for which you’ll need any Road Car from Europe. This four-lapper awards 50,000cr to the winner.

You might also be able to use the big Lamborghini for the Hypercar Parade event at Trial Mountain — although chances are it’ll need a bit of a fettle to match the monsters in that race. The race itself won’t be available unless you’ve at least started Bonus Menu Book 44, which requires a Collector Level of 35, but winning the five-lap race is worth a cool 100,000cr.

Strapping on some Racing Tires will make the Urus also eligible for a fourth event this week. The World Touring Car 700 only requires that and an upper limit of 700PP for this ten-lap race of Laguna Seca, although the high tire wear and fuel consumption might make this too big of an ask if you want the 110,000cr reward.

You definitely can’t use the Urus for the final race though, which is restricted to Vision GT cars only. Handily there is a Lamborghini Vision GT if you want to stick to a theme, and you only need adhere to a 850PP cap to enter. It’s a seven-lap race around Interlagos, with 88,000cr for taking first place.

This week’s completion rewards are unusual. You’ll score a Six-Star (Parts) Ticket for completing one event — awarding one special part from the Ultimate section of the Tuning Shop for a random vehicle — and a 150,000cr ticket for clearing three. Ticking off all five awards a Six-Star (Car) Ticket, which usually gifts a high-value Brand Central vehicle and can include Invitation cars. This wouldn’t be a good week to be hit by the ticket glitch…

You’ll need to have completed GT Cafe Menu Book 39 and watched the ending movie in order to have access to the Weekly Challenges. Following a recent shift in timings, the events update at midnight local time on Thursday evenings/Friday mornings, so we’d expect the next set on the morning of Friday April 5.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges March Week 5:

  • Autodromo de Interlagos – Vision GT Trophy
    • Number of Laps: 7
    • Restrictions: Vision Gran Turismo, ≤850PP
    • Win Reward: 88,000cr
  • Blue Moon Bay Infield A Reverse – European Clubman Cup 600
    • Number of Laps: 4
    • Restrictions: Road Car, Europe
    • Win Reward: 50,000cr
  • Fishermans Ranch – Special Event
    • Number of Laps: 2
    • Restrictions: Lamborghini Urus, Dirt Tires
    • Win Reward: 75,000cr
  • Laguna Seca – World Touring Car 700
    • Number of Laps: 10
    • Restrictions: ≤700PP, Racing Tires
    • Win Reward: 110,000cr
  • Trial Mountain – Hypercar Parade
    • Number of Laps: 5
    • Restrictions: Road Car
    • Win Reward: 100,000cr


  • Complete 1 event: Six-Star (Parts) Ticket
  • Complete 3 events: 150,000cr Ticket
  • Complete 5 events: Six-Star (Car) Ticket

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