Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 5 Bundle Launching in Japan This October

An announcement on the Japanese PlayStation Blog has revealed that a special Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 5 bundle will be available from October 20 this year.

It’s one of two bundles of 2022 launch titles announced, with Horizon: Forbidden West also getting a PS5 bundle. That will launch slightly earlier, becoming available on September 15.

In each case the bundle is available as both a standard edition console (CFIJ-10002) and the Digital Edition (CFIJ-10003), without the BluRay drive, packaged in a special design box relevant to the bundled title.

The box contains the PlayStation 5 console — with Astro’s Playroom preinstalled — and base, a regular DualSense controller and USB-C charging cable, and power and HDMI leads.

There’s also “a set of printed materials” listed, which appears to just be associated PS5 information, customer warnings, and such rather than any special media related to the game.

As for the games themselves, they’ll be provided by way of a PlayStation Store voucher code rather than a physical item.

For now, this bundle will only be available in Japan, coming in at ¥66,968 ($488) after taxes for the standard console and ¥55,968 ($408) for the Digital Edition.

That’s a ¥6,490 ($47) premium over the console itself at the new PS5 prices set to come in on September 15 in Japan, so we can expect similar pricings should Sony put together bundles in other regions too.

This will be the first time that the latest version of Polyphony Digital’s racing game will be available in a console bundle, but Gran Turismo has appeared in bundles for most of Sony’s consoles, including a special edition PlayStation 4 for Gran Turismo Sport and a GT-branded PSP.

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