Here Are The Achievements You’ll be Targetting in Onrush

Arcade racer Onrush is just under a month from release. The newest title from the house of Codemasters is certainly turning heads with a innovative spin on the genre. Coming across as a mash-up of Motorstorm, Burnout and er, Overwatch, Onrush seems to be its own unique beast. Courtesy of True Achievements, we can get our first look at the achievements and trophies players will be challenged to attain.

Achievements range from simply using your boost for the first time to maxing out your “superstar rating”. Getting all the Gamerscore or platinum trophy for Onrush requires dedication. Let’s hope that the outlandish game modes are addictive enough to keep us coming back for more.

As with most Codemasters games, there are references to other racing titles in some of the achievement names. No points for guessing what “Off The GRID” and “Eat DiRT” reference but there’s a more unique callback tucked away. “Driving Club” is an obvious wink and nod to Evolution Studios’ Driveclub – Sony’s prime racing exclusive before GT Sport arrived on the scene.

With Evo heading up development of Onrush, it’s great to see that DC still lives on in the minds of the developers. There’s no obvious reference to Motorstorm surprisingly but I’m not a huge fan of the series so perhaps I’m missing it.

Check out the full list of challenges below. Onrush releases June 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with an open beta also expected to release this month.

  • What does this button do? – Use boost for the first time
  • No Hard Feelings – Introduce yourself to the fodder
  • Stay on Target – Takedown an opponent!
  • Ready for the Rush – Rush for the first time
  • Origins Superstar – Start ‘Origins’
  • Off the GRID – Reach player level 5
  • Ground Pound – Perform a ‘CRUSHED!’ Takedown
  • Paying your disrespects – Smash 5 Tombstones in a single match
  • Uprising Superstar – Unlock ‘Uprising’
  • Which way is up? – Perform a ‘VOMIT COMET’ action
  • #Crashtag – Earn 10 Crashtags
  • Fashion Victim – Personalise all 12 Characters
  • Classy – Personalise all 8 Classes
  • Stampede! – Play 10 OVERDRIVE Matches
  • Another Consonant Please – Play 10 COUNTDOWN Matches
  • Not now chief, I’m in the Zone – Play 10 LOCKDOWN Matches
  • We’re DRINKING, Karen! – Play 10 SWITCH Matches
  • Regeneration Superstar – Unlock ‘Regeneration’
  • Geared Up – Collect 250 or more Gear Items
  • In the Spotlight – Feature in the player spotlight 10 times
  • Burnt Out – Earn 50 ‘HUNTER’ Medals
  • Starpower Superstar – Unlock ‘Starpower’
  • Formula 15 – Reach player level 15
  • Tag Evolution – Earn 5 Ubertags
  • Driving Club – Perform 1000 ‘NEAR ALLY’ actions
  • Snow Bound Superstar – Unlock ‘Snowbound’
  • Superstars Superstar – Unlock ‘Superstars’
  • Founder Superstar – Win the Founders’ Trophy
  • Eat DiRT – Earn 50 ‘CHECKMATE!’ Medals
  • Dizzy Heights – Reach player Level 30
  • It’s not an addiction, it’s a lifestyle – Earn 100 Gold ‘GAME TIME’ Medals
  • ENTER YOUR INITIALS Superstar – Max out your Superstar Rating

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