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A GRID Series Retrospective: How the Franchise Put the Racing Genre on Notice

Racing games take many shapes, forms and sizes. There’s no denying that for every superb title there are just as many others that fall short. For me, that is very curious. At the end of the day, a racing game is a simple premise: cars on a track, some drama thrown in there — boom — enjoy the game. So long as the gameplay is good, then that’s a good racing game, or so you’d think.

GTPlanet Exclusive: Talking OnRush With Paul Rustchynsky

Following from the worldwide release of Onrush last week, GTPlanet has had the chance to chat with the game’s director Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky. We picked his brain from the game’s beginnings to a potential jump into esports. Check out all our questions below to see what inspired Onrush and what it could become in the near future.

Jurassic World’s Jeep Wrangler is Coming to Rocket League

Another licensed vehicle is making its way to Rocket League. The popular car football (not soccer) game has added a few real cars over the years and the Jeep Wrangler is next in line. The premium DLC comes as a tie-in to the latest Jurassic World movie, due out next week.

OnRush PlayStation 4 Review

When word arrived that Evolution Studios alumni would be joining forces with Codemasters, racing game fans were intrigued by what would come next from the studio. With a portfolio that includes various original IPs and some of the best WRC games ever, Evolution brought serious talent to Codies that could be used for its various existing IP. However, in November 2017, the wraps were taken off OnRush – a brand new series that looked deceivingly like a certain Sony exclusive franchise.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on The Edge Sidecars Update Arrives This Week

After a positive release into the wild, the first content update for TT Isle of Man: Ride on The Edge arrives this week. The new addition is something a bit cooler than you might expect though, as players will be able to pilot sidecars around the famous circuit.

Here Are The Achievements You’ll be Targetting in Onrush

Arcade racer Onrush is just under a month from release. The newest title from the house of Codemasters is certainly turning heads with a innovative spin on the genre. Coming across as a mash-up of Motorstorm, Burnout and er, Overwatch, Onrush seems to be its own unique beast. Courtesy of True Achievements, we can get our first look at the achievements and trophies players will be challenged to attain.

What Sim Racing Esports Can Learn From Rocket League

My relationship with esports is pretty complex. In all honesty, I’ve always had an indifference towards the idea of competitive gaming since it hooked its flag onto extreme brands like Mountain Dew and energy drinks. It’s pretty much the anti-thesis of what sport is all about, so this was one of a few reasons that I didn’t care for it. However, in recent years, the field has matured with professional organizations and established championships. Hell, even the Olympic Committee is starting to take notice.

A Mysterious Car Ticket System is Showing up in GT Sport

Alongside the documented changes found in the latest GT Sport update, there are naturally some hidden features to be found too. These can be minor tweaks here and there but this time around, there’s something that’s certainly of note. It looks like GT Sport could be getting a car “ticket” system in the near-future.

The 2018 Renault Megane RS Makes Its Video Game Debut in The Crew 2

With release slowly but surely approaching, players will finally get a chance to play The Crew 2 soon enough. Following a disappointing delay earlier in the year, Ivory Tower is preparing the ambitious open world racer for the end of June. The vehicle roster in the title will span land, sea and air but there’s a special treat for hot hatch fans. Meet the Renault Megane RS 2018.

Celebrate GT Sport’s Latest Update With a Sale on the Fanatec CSL Elite

Amongst the many goodies included in the latest GT Sport update, one was especially welcome for sim enthusiasts. Fanatec’s fantastic CSL Elite wheel is now officially supported by the title. It’s a big deal for those who own the wheel and now potential buyers have an even stronger case to pick one up. Fanatec is going one step further too, with a special Easter deal this week for the peripheral.

Round 5 of The WRC Esports Championship is Now Live

The latest round of the WRC Esports Championship is now live. Following the previous round’s trip to Mexico, we’re back in Europe this time around. Players will face off against the best Spain has to offer.