Hot Wheels Unleashed Hits One Million Sales

Cutesy toy-car racer Hot Wheels Unleashed has passed one million lifetime sales since launch in September 2021, according to developer Milestone.

The game, which places you in charge of an epic toybox of the small-scale diecast cars and an infinite amount of track which you can bend, twist, and curve into whatever shape you wish, has reached the landmark figure in record time for a game from the studio.

Milestone says it’s the fastest-selling game it’s ever made, which means HWU has hit seven figures quicker than any of the MotoGP, WRC, Ride, or Monster Energy Supercross titles, all of which feature physics considerably higher on the simulation scale.

That said, when we reviewed the game back in September, we loved just how authentic the cars felt — as if they actually were tiny, inflexible diecasts running two a solid axles. The graphics, particularly on next-gen consoles, just add to the atmosphere.

Speaking about the record sales, Luisa Bixio, CEO of Milestone, commented: “Ever since we announced Hot Wheels Unleashed back in February, we’ve received thousands of heartfelt messages from fans. This milestone is the umpteenth display of affection from our passionate community.”

While we do admire the game iself, there’s a bit of an aftertaste with the approach to post-launch content. As well as some free DLC, Unleashed leans heavily into not just passes — containing add-on cars, track pieces, and customization items — but tiered seasonal content too, where players can either race for free rewards or buy access to premium rewards too.

The latest DLC is available now, consisting of the Barbie Dream Camper ($0.99), the AcceleRacers Bassline ($1.99), the Dinopult and Spinning Tire track modules ($2.99 each), and the Holiday Customization Pack for your basement ($0.99). They’re all also included in Volume 1 of the Pass, while the current DC Super Villains Racing Season is available separately for $5.99 until it expires on January 18.

However, even without the add-ons, the base game is highly entertaining and one of the unexpected gems of 2021, so it’s not a surprise to see the success it’s had so far.

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