Hot Wheels Unleashed Hits Bikini Bottom in New Spongebob Racing Season

The latest Racing Season in Hot Wheels Unleashed is now underway, thrusting players into the underwater world of Spongebob Squarepants.

Running until March 29, the latest season will allow players to drive around in a series of vehicles inspired by the major characters of the long-running animated series, with content available both for regular players and those that pick up the specific Spongebob Racing Season expansion.

There’s six new vehicles in total, all coming from Hot Wheels’ “Character Cars” line. All players will receive the Plankton car for free, but you’ll need to pick up the expansion in order to gain access to the others. Naturally they include Spongebob himself, but also Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick.

As well as the new vehicles, there’s also a slew of customization items. That includes 12 elements for decorating your basement hub, and three items (icon, tag, and background) for your Unleashed profile.

If you’re not familiar with how HWU’s racing seasons work, they use a mechanism very similar to mobile games. During the season, all players can win new items by completing tasks and progressing through the levels, but players who’ve bought the season pass get additional and exclusive rewards.

The expansion itself is not included in any of the higher tier game versions or game passes, so however you play HWU you’ll need to part with some of Mr. Krabs’s favorite thing: money.

It comes in at $5.99 (€5.99/£4.99) and, as above, you will need to be aware that this doesn’t give you all the content, just the opportunity to win it by completing tasks during the season.

The Spongebob Racing Season will remain on sale until March 25, though the season itself continues until March 29.

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