Koenigsegg Regera Charging Towards the PS4?


Koenigsegg made waves last year at Geneva with the Regera. Billed as the “more luxurious” relation in the Koenigsegg family, the car had all sorts of impressive bullet-points. 1500 horsepower! Three electric motors! A single gear!

For those keeping score, that battery-assisted total output trumps even the One:1’s massive amount by roughly one new Miata’s-worth of ponies. That particular Koenigsegg was the one to receive gaming attention in 2015, arriving in both Forza 6 and Driveclub, but it looks like 2016 will be the Regera’s year, based on this Facebook post from Koenigsegg themselves. What’s especially curious about the post is the edit history:


Why Koenigsegg removed the Sony reference we don’t know, and unless there’s a major racing game in development for the Vita, it’s safe to say this is for a PlayStation 4 game. What we do know is that Polyphony has a studio in Amsterdam, while Evolution Studios (the makers of Driveclub) are based out of Cheshire, England.

Driveclub already includes the afore-mentioned One:1, as well as the Agera R. It stands to reason adding another one of Christian’s creation to the lineup would be easier given the existing relationship. There’s no arguing it’d be right at home amongst the other exotica, too.

On the other hand, Evolution’s Alan McDermott – Audio Manager for Driveclub – has gone on record that the team uses “upwards of 16 mics,” which doesn’t jive with the Facebook post.

Could it be for Gran Turismo? Koenigsegg is one of the more prominent names yet to feature in the franchise, and Polyphony do have a penchant for including technologically-advanced models.

Whichever game(s) the Regera ends up in, we look forward to hearing it, and taking it for a digital spin. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Psychopulse

    Granted Driveclub uses more than 16 mics, and the crew at Koenigsegg used 14 mics, it can (arguably) only mean one thing: GT! Or so I wish! Lol

    1. SZRT Ice

      Most other games use 3 to 6 mics (one at each camera view). It’s still most likely DriveClub as it’s very close to their minimum mic requirement. The 2 extra mics were likely not necessary for various reasons.

  2. SZRT Ice

    If it was for GT, PD would likely have mic’d up a couple of other Koenigsegg models since they have never featured the brand before, and not just the Regera. Since the Regera is the next in line for DriveClub, being that the Agera & One:1 are already in. My bet is on DriveClub. It would also be nice to see the CCX’s show up as well.

    But here’s hoping that Koenigsegg also makes it in to Gran Turismo.

  3. ALB123

    The article mentions the Koenigsegg One:1 being available in Forza 6 and DriveClub, however, it is also available in Assetto Corsa via a free download. It is a 3rd party mod download which has earned considerable praise among the Assetto Corsa faithful. I will be the first to admit that many free modded car’s for Assetto Corsa are of questionable quality. This Koenigsegg One:1, on the other hand, is impeccably modeled inside and out and the driving physics are extremely detailed and programmed to match the real world performance of the vehicle. If you own Assetto Corsa and don’t have this car yet, do yourself a favor and download it today!

  4. GBalao888

    I have a feeling that since they mentioned Sony and the fact that Driveclub (which is also a Sony game) uses 16-27 microphones, this could be for Gran Turismo Sport but it’s also possible for Driveclub to have this car. PD says that future Gran Turismo games are going to have improved sounds (as in really, as they hired Forza’s previous sound director).

  5. TomBrady

    14 mic’s, definitely driveclub. They made it known that they use a ton of mic’s to record samples. Odd considering the cars still don’t sound great in Driveclub, even if spatially they are simulated very well much like GT.

    1. SZRT Ice

      14 is relatively close to 16. My guess is that if the sound is booming enough and resonates throughout, less microphones are would likely be necessary.

      Evolution is said to have used close to 40 microphones on some vehicles. My guess, is that that was done for vehicles that have low HP, noise reduction qualities, are electric*, and generally have low sound throughout. Greatly straining/minimizing the tones, pitches, volumes, & levels of sound heard throughout & around the vehicle. Thus requiring more microphones to pick up the various sound levels to better distinguish the nuances in the differences of the sounds in the 3-dimensional space around the vehicle.

      So yeah, Hyper cars with booming distinct sounds that resonate throughout may very well require less microphones. And the Regera certainly fits the description.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Troll comment. And you know Mike Caviezel is working in PD’s sound department now, so that no longer flies. This isn’t PS3 we’re talking about. It doesn’t have the RAM for a 14 point microphone setup on top of everything else GT6 is pushing anyways. It would obviously be for The PS4 GT releases. So let the sound jokes die with the previous generations of GT games already.

  6. binbin90

    I’ll go with others, it might be driveclub, but I’m hoping it’s GT…..(why not both :P). And Polyphony has a studio in Amsterdam?!? :O

  7. Thomas2012

    Sounds like driveclub to me aswell but there always the possibility that it’s Gran Turismo. I’d love it if it was!

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