Microsoft Studios Launches New Freemium Racer Miami Street

It looks like Microsoft Studios is branching out to include a new racing IP in its roster. Coming into the spotlight this week, Miami Street is a new (seemingly freemium) racing game for Xbox One and PC.

The title appears to be a street racer that takes place in Miami (unsurprisingly) with a host of officially licensed cars under its belt as well. Developed by newbie studio Electric Square under the Microsoft Studios banner, Miami Street is available right now in very select regions. A Facebook post on the official game Facebook page gives us a bit more information.

According to the developers, Miami Street is being built for a broad audience who want a pick-up-and-play experience. Updates are coming to the game throughout its lifecycle as is usually the case with these types of game. Interestingly, turning is automatic and releasing the accelerator causes your car to brake. Going on this, it seems Microsoft Studios has been inspired by mobile-only racing games which use a similar control set-up. This probably won’t appeal to more traditional racing game fans but it’s interesting to see something like this on console and PC.

The gameplay might sound disappointing but we’re intrigued to see where the car models have originated from. Screenshots show a half-decent level of quality and we’re curious if they were made specifically for this game. Perhaps, as a Microsoft Studios game, these are adapted models from Forza.

Launching in select regions first, Miami Street will see an incremental rolling release to the rest of the world. Those who can access the game now can give it a go on Xbox One and PC.

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