More Gameplay Images of GTR 3 Released

Spa Francorchamps remains the focal point of the newly-released screenshots. We have a question though: can we buy it yet?

If you haven’t heard the good news by now, the recently re-established SimBin Studios has confirmed to RaceDepartment that its return to the racing game scene will be accompanied by the third installment in the GTR franchise. Following the reaction to the news, the studio has taken it upon itself to release a new batch of screenshots, featuring Spa Francorchamps and the BMW Z4 GT3.

The new screenshots showcase the progress the team has already made, with both the renowned Formula One venue and the Z4 GT3 draped in a variety of lighting conditions, giving an indication of what awaits in 2018 courtesy of the Unreal Engine 4.

GTR 3 will be powered by the Unreal 4 game engine allowing the game to take advantage of features such as dynamic weather and 24-hour time of day transitions, not only making 24-hour endurance racing possible and all of the grueling visual distinctions, but the associated weather conditions affecting the driven vehicle. Studio Head Allan Speed expands:

“Well with Unreal we will have aquaplaning and water displacement that will affect the handling of the car. Its a great opportunity to move forward the wet weather implementation found in current racing games.”

The BMW Z4 GT3 tackles Spa with the sunlight beaming down.

A reputable franchise name among PC racers, GTR 3 has all the early signs of a great title ahead of release next year. With dynamic time and day and weather conditions, vehicle damage, and the team wanting a “substantial improvement” in the game’s use of AI over RaceRoom Racing ExperienceGTR 3 looks to be a return to form.

Let us not forget, while the game is currently scheduled for release in 2018, a playable demo of some kind could be in players’ hands before the end of the year. As always, keep an eye peeled to GTPlanet for more details on the game as they become available.

For the original reveal, head on over to RaceDepartment.

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