NASCAR Heat Evolution is Now Available for PS4, XB1 & PC


The employees of Monster Games must be excited as NASCAR Heat Evolution is now out in the wild for public consumption. One of the most popular forms of auto-racing in the US has got a new title which focuses on accessibility to all type of players.

The game includes over 40 drivers, 23 official NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuits, ability to race alongside 40 players in online lobbies and nifty Create-A-Driver career mode. Needless to say, more additions hide in the handling model of the vehicles, an area the developer tried to optimize in such a way to attract a wide range of players. Last month we shared impressions from journalist Robert Kollars who had a hands-on preview of the title, who seemed positive about the game’s development.


There are three DLC packs coming very shortly: Paint Scheme Packs, Spotter Voices and Challenge Packs. All these packs will offer something new each month. For more information on the DLC packs check out the guide on the official website.

Several weeks prior to the release date, the developer periodically launched multiple Developer Diary videos, which gave more in-depth information on what we would eventually see in the game. We reported on two of these footages, so check here in case you want to recall any of them.

NASCAR Heat Evolution is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Prices at retail are $59.88 in the US and €69.99 in Europe. The PC version is also available on Steam for £44.99, albeit in the UK only.

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  1. celtiscorpion73

    To be honest, I’ve never played any of the NASCAR or F1 racing games. The only experiences I’ve had with either have been on Gran Turismo. How different are these games in terms of feel and settings?

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      From what I remember (having last played a dedicated NASCAR game in 2011, and an F1 game in 2013), they’re typically a little more simcade than GT and Forza. However, I feel like the F1 games are a little closer to the real thing in terms of handling.


    At least NASCAR isn’t a follow the leader, listen to team orders, same top 3 in every race and snore fest like F1. The only interesting part of an F1 race is the first turn. Then the Mercedes end up 1,2 the ferraris 3,4 and the red bulls 5,6 and thats the race they might as well just take the results from qualifying and leave it there. Cause there no passing and if you ever try to pass you get a huge fine and points if you go near someone and your car explodes into a million pieces cause F1 cars are so fragile.

    1. bloodyboyblue

      Other than the cars being fragile that sounds just like NASCAR on a mile and a half. “No team orders” is one of the biggest myths about NASCAR.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      @bloodyboyblue Erm, no… NASCAR races actually typically have different winners each week. With F1 it’s almost always either Hamilton or Rosberg.

  3. termo48

    It’s not available for Australia. Its only available in America psn store. This happened last time with the previous nascar game.

    1. Skidmark68

      @Ayepocalypse That’s what I did for GT5, waited till it was 50% off. GT6 was a gift to me and the last GT game I paid full price for was GT4 hahaha, Do you think Ricky Bobby comes as an avatar in this game, shake’n’bake!

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