You Can Win a PlayStation 5 With a Dorito-Themed AR Quest

GTPlanet’s European members who were unable to secure their PlayStation 5 pre-orders this week are in for a treat, courtesy of a treat. PlayStation has teamed up with gamer’s-favorite snack, Doritos, to give away more than 200 PlayStation 5s, both through instant wins in special packs and an unusual Augmented Reality (AR) quest.

The instant win competition is open to consumers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. It’s a pretty self-explanatory deal: buy a pack of special PS5-branded Doritos in any flavor, then enter the pack code on the PS5 competition area of your regional Doritos website. In the UK alone, this will offer some 180 PlayStation 5 consoles as prizes, with another 3,779 PlayStation prizes of an unspecified type.

More interesting is the AR Quest. This is only available in Belgium, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Spain, and the UK, and will have gamers scouring the country to find virtual bags of Doritos.

It’s not entirely clear right now how the game will function, though it’s likely it will require a smartphone app of some kind. Players will need to wander around their locale to hunt for these otherwise invisible snack triangles, which the quest refers to as “Vatoms”. Each Vatom may contain an instant win prize or one of the four “PlayStation Shapes”.

If you collect all four Shapes you’ll also win a PlayStation 5 console, but be warned that this is no simple task. There’s only a maximum of 150,000 players in this quest (102,000 in the UK, 22,000 in Belgium/Netherlands, 21,000 in Spain, and 5,000 in Ireland), and even in the UK there’s only eight consoles on offer for the quest. There are several tens of thousands of unspecified PlayStation and Doritos prizes too.

You will need to register for the competition, though the AR Quest itself won’t start until November 2 (October 12 in Belgium/Netherlands) so you’ll need to wait to do so. It’ll run for four weeks (three weeks in Ireland), with the instant win competitions running through to December 31 (December 20 in Spain).