Meet The Smallest Sim Racing Rig in the World

Gaming 19 June 19, 2020 by

Sim racing has been pretty big news this year, with major events springing up all around the world featuring some of the best-known names in the business. Now it’s becoming small news. Very, very small news.

Like so many other keen sim racers, Twitter user XieLongLong spent over a month building their ideal rig, as part of a perfect space for gaming. Unlike everyone else however, this particular driving enthusiast made it in miniature – 1:24 scale, to be exact.

XieLongLong is a model builder, and their Twitter feed is filled with examples of individual models and dioramas — usually featuring cars — based on the 1:24 scale. The sim racing rig is no different, and you can see images of the various parts of the build over the last few weeks.

A close look at the gaming den diorama reveals some incredible details. The rig itself appears to be an RSeat RS1 model, based on a standard 1:24 model sports seat painted with a mixture of black paint and white powder to create a suede effect. Hooked up to the rig is a Thrustmaster T300 Racing Wheel, along with TH8A shifter and T3PA pedals.

The tiny gamer is quite platform agnostic. Looking around the scene you’ll spot a PS4 Pro, an Xbox One X, and a Nintendo Switch — with spare controllers for each dotted around — though there’s no PC. Ahead of the race seat is a curved display, clearly showing Assetto Corsa, and a 2.1 audio system, while a keyboard, mouse, and tablet lie off to the left.

Just to give you an idea of size, XieLongLong shows the PS4 Pro balanced on top of a Chinese 1 Yuan coin. This is roughly an inch (25mm) in diameter, of which the 1:24 scale console occupies about half.

The room isn’t quite done there however. Along with all the necessary wiring — and we’d like to have a word with the occupant about cable management — there’s appropriate furniture, a clock, a kettle (for vital tea-making), and even an air conditioning unit. Recursively, there’s a model of a model in there too, with what looks like a 1:24 scale model of a 1:200 scale model of a Space Shuttle. You’ll also spot some J-Pop posters and a tissue box…

While we’ve provided some images of the model and build, to do it justice you should check out XieLongLong’s Twitter account. There you’ll see not only this but some of the other really impressive models they’ve created.

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