Skoda is Coming to Gran Turismo 7, Vision GT Car to be Revealed Next Week

Skoda has posted a teaser of its Vision Gran Turismo car as the marque prepares to make its entrance into the Gran Turismo series at long last — and soon.

The Vision GT car is set to be revealed next week, with a live event broadcast from the PLAYzone Arena in Prague — hinting at a physical model — to uncover the vehicle at 1600 UTC on Wednesday April 24. That could mean it will be part of an as-yet unconfirmed April content update for Gran Turismo 7, which we’re expecting to be on or around April 25.

Skoda’s announcement is accompanied by a large teaser image showing a very small, and slightly blurry image of the rear of the car, along with a small amount of copy that gives a little clue of what to expect.

The Czech manufacturer describes the car as being a “spectacular”, all-electric concept car, which features a monoposto layout and all-wheel drive. It adds that it’s inspired by the classic Skoda 1100 OHC Spider ’57, but also features the current “Modern Solid” design language featured on the latest cars.

We can see hints of that in the image, showing only the rear of the vehicle and appearing to show an open-top design with a pronounced central ridge. That mimics the 1100’s driver fairing, although it’s offset on the original car due to the two-seat layout not present in the Vision GT.

There’s not a lot of other clues in the image as to what the car will look like, though there does seem to be some serious aerodynamic treatment going on with what appears to be a low, central light possibly sitting between the ducts of a large rear diffuser. We can also see a split, full-width light bar and some decent bodywork aspect changes up over the wheel wells.

A later, short video clip revealed a little more of the car, although again mainly shot from the rear. There looks to be some similarities with a previous concept car from the brand — revealed in October 2022 and coincidentally called “Vision GT” but without any stated connections to the VGT project — but also some differences.

Notably, Skoda will reveal the car on its official Skoda Motorsport channels, and the brand comments that it is “strengthening its presence in the digital racing world” with the car. As it doesn’t appear in a lot of racing games, that may hint that there’s more to come.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching this announcement with some interest.

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