Sparco’s Gaming Range Fully Unveiled

Italian outfit Sparco, already well known for its real-world racing kit, has released details on its soon-to-be released gaming product lines, after first announcing its decision to enter the market late December.

Sparco will be offering products for nearly every aspect of the sim-racing accessory ecosystem, from gaming seats and frames to smaller items like gloves.

Gaming Chairs


First of the three ranges of product offered by Sparco is its “Gaming Chairs range”. The seats range from €220.49 for the “Grip” model, all the way to the height of €654.92 “Comp C” model. A total of five different variations are on offer, one of which being the official Codemasters DiRT Rally collaboration seat.

There is a range of different materials used for the seats, with the lower end seats sporting synthetic leather finishing, to higher end seats being equipped with carbon fiber back-plates, coupled with Alcantara upholstery. The armrests, as well as the seat assembly, can be raised and lowered, allowing for an optimum driving position, as well as the ability to further use the chair in day-to-day use. This is also assisted by the spring loaded reclining back.

Gaming Simulators

Second is Sparco’s Gaming Simulators range. There is only one product on offer at the moment, the “Evolve”, but the usage of a plural suggests more items will becomes available down the line. Future offerings could potentially come with a more accessible price figure, as we imagine the Evolve’s €1139.34 list price will scare off the majority of racers.

Fitted with a solid body, carbon fiber Sparco racing seat, the chassis allows for full adjustment of each component, extending to the seat, pedals and wheel deck. Due to the design of the wheel deck, users have full freedom over both tilt and height adjustment preferences. In addition to this, padding can be removed to accommodate even the tallest of drivers. Wheels on the chassis make for easy placement: a very valuable feature for those who do not have the luxury of dedicated rooms for their setup.

High-end equipment users will appreciate the large steel tubing used within the wheel deck risers and main chassis. Coupled with the thick steel plating for the pedal plate and seat mount, the Evolve should have the ability to take the most strenuous of sessions.


The last, and probably most accessible category (it’s in the name), is Sparco’s Accessories range. Making up this range are its “GT Vent” t-shirt and “Hypergrip” gloves, both of which continue the red and black theme of the Evolve.

The GT Vent shirt is made out of perforated polyester to help keep your body temperature in check, and is offered for €44.18, available in small, medium, large, XL and XXL sizes. The Hypergrip gloves are priced at €40.90, and provide a skin-tight fit to keep fine control of your wheel.

At the moment, these products only extend to the EU website, but US availability is expected to soon follow suit.

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