The Grand Tour Game Will Use rFactor’s Physics Engine

Gaming 16 December 14, 2018 by

With just one month until the release of Amazon’s The Grand Tour Game, more details have been announced about the unusual new racer.

In a sit-down interview with MCV, Amazon Game Studios Creative Director Craig Sullivan discussed the challenges of bringing the feel of the show to consoles.

Sullivan explains that the task of producing the game required a sizeable team, and one developer he mentions will surprise some:

“We have a core team in Seattle and then there’s a second smaller US team as well, Heavy Iron [Studios], based in Manhattan Beach in LA. In the UK we have two teams: Electric Square down in Brighton and Stellar Entertainment in Guildford. Plus we’re also working with some guys, Studio 397, over in the Netherlands.”

Studio 397 is the developer behind popular PC sim racer rFactor. The team’s involvement with The Grand Tour Game will be significant; Sullivan mentions that S397 will lend its physics engine to the game.

Sullivan states:

“We had to do a lot very quickly and we wanted to do the best possible job – just making a fun driving model takes a long time. So we were lucky to work with Studio 397, who were the guys who made rFactor and they accelerated a lot of our development – we use rFactor physics in our game.”

Despite the The Grand Tour Game‘s focus on recreating Clarkson, Hammond and May’s global adventures, players can expect a substantial driving model to go along with it.

We will watch with interest to see what other surprises The Grand Tour Game will bring.

The Grand Tour Game launches on January 15 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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