Time Extend Episode #21 – Podcast Competizione

Gaming 127 June 18, 2019 by

With Assetto Corsa Competizione finally out, and GTPlanet’s verdict now live, there’s no better time to highlight the latest episode of Time Extend. Last week, Brendan Rorrison and I dove head-first into Kunos’ new Blancpain GT-licensed sim.

It was an exciting one for us, especially because we’ve never covered a PC sim on the show before. That’s not so much because we didn’t want to, but more because neither of us actually owned computers to game on until this spring. Maybe now we’ll be able to revisit classic PC mainstays as well, and make up for lost time with the likes of Richard Burns Rally and Grand Prix Legends.

Despite our blue skies, Sega-arcade roots, Brendan and I have gotten along really well with the latest Assetto Corsa. It’s the kind of focused, series-based racer you rarely get these days, and because of its limited scope but impressive depth, we reckon it’s the perfect hyper-realistic sim for relative newcomers like us to dip our toes into. We hope you enjoy the episode, and with a busy rest of June ahead of us, we look forward to returning in July with some exciting new guests and features — so stay tuned!

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