Time Extend Episode #28 – Gridlocked

“More like a support race instead of the main event.” That was GTPlanet’s verdict on GRID upon its release a few short weeks ago. While the reboot of Codemasters’ beloved circuit racer retains the visceral on-track thrills you expect from the franchise, it lacks the substance to match its style.

Time Extend Episode #26 – Starting Grid

It’s hard to imagine we’ve gone more than five years without a new GRID. Once among the elite racing franchises out there, many fans expected Codemasters’ circuit-based series to continue to flourish on this most recent generation of consoles — but it didn’t.

Time Extend Podcast #24 – Free Practice

The summer months are perfect for kicking back, imbibing in a cold, refreshing drink of your choosing, and simply enjoying the company and conversation of your friends and family. At Time Extend, we figure it was time we do the same.

Time Extend Podcast #23 – Wipeout Vol. 2

Ranking entries in a beloved series that means so many things to so many people is inevitably going to ruffle some feathers. There’s no way to avoid it. Egos will be bruised. Friendships will be tested. Awful takes that can never be retracted will be uttered. (And the internet never forgets a bad take.)

Time Extend Podcast #22 – Wipeout Vol. 1

Any discussion of the golden era of ’90s early-polygonal racing games is incomplete without Wipeout. Between its trendy electronic soundtrack, savvy visual direction courtesy of legendary U.K. studio The Designers Republic, and of course its revolutionary floaty-yet-technical gameplay, Wipeout not only defined the early days of the PlayStation — it defined cool for the entire medium.

Time Extend Episode #21 – Podcast Competizione

With Assetto Corsa Competizione finally out, and GTPlanet’s verdict now live, there’s no better time to highlight the latest episode of Time Extend. Last week, Brendan Rorrison and I dove head-first into Kunos’ new Blancpain GT-licensed sim.

Time Extend Podcast #20 – Super Sonic Racing

Time Extend enjoys all kinds of racing games. If you’ve listened before, you likely know by this point we love our old-school arcade coin guzzlers, but we have a soft spot for brutal rally simulators, semi-realistic circuit experiences, and, of course, the humble kart racer. Which brings us to today’s show.

Time Extend Podcast #19 – Unreleased Racers

This week’s Time Extend kicks off with a chat about a game Brendan and I are very excited for — the Switch release of Sega’s arcade classic Virtua Racing. It’s without question the finest port yet of one of the most influential racers ever made, and we’ve definitely been bitten by the hot-lapping bug in the quest to improve our fastest times (especially around that tricky Bay Bridge circuit).

Time Extend Podcast #18 – An Evening with Rushy

Late last year, it was reported that Driveclub was the most-played PlayStation 4 racer, sitting pretty at 10.5 million players. For comparison’s sake, GT Sport topped 6.6 million players at that time.

Evolution Studios’ WRC: Sideways In Style

Welcome to Mirror Mode, GTPlanet’s series that shines a spotlight on retro racing games. With rally season in full swing, we’re revisiting the first installment of PlayStation’s fan-favorite, fully-licensed WRC series. 

Time Extend Podcast #16 – 24 Hour Party People

Here on Time Extend, we like giving long overlooked and forgotten racers their due. And few have captured our attention quite like a little title from the turn of the millennium, based on the grandaddy of all endurance races.

Time Extend Podcast: Episode 15 – Keep Rockin’ Baby

Sure, we all love our growly and occasionally whiny engine noises. But what good is a long drive without the right tunes? To that end, this week Time Extend welcomes Andrew Elmore, musician and artist behind Real Racing Roots 2019 — a collection of songs inspired by cult-classic PlayStation racer R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Introducing Time Extend Podcast on GTPlanet!

Hello there! My name is Adam, and you may have seen some of my ramblings on GTPlanet before. Well, myself and fellow GTP alum Brendan Rorrison run a little podcast called Time Extend — our feisty, mildly irreverent corner of the internet where we honor racing games of all kinds, of the past, present and future. (But more often than not, the past.)

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Hands-On Preview

It’s hard to believe it’s already been just over one year since Eden Games ported its popular mobile racer, Gear.Club, to the Switch. With its release, Nintendo’s hybrid console received its first semi-realistic racer — if “semi-realistic” can be defined by an absence of hovercrafts and cartoon mischief.

Project Gotham Racing: When Speed Isn’t Enough

Welcome to Mirror Mode, GTPlanet’s series that shines a spotlight on retro racing games. To commemorate the release of Forza Horizon 4, we’re revisiting another popular racer from Xbox’s past.