Watch Kazunori Yamauchi Play Gran Turismo’s “Moon Over the Castle” on Piano

Greetings from Sydney!

We are here in Australia for the grand kick-off to the 2020 FIA-certified Gran Turismo World Tour, the first major GT event of the year. As the competitors and Polyphony staff arrive from around the world, things are a bit more relaxed before activities pick up over the weekend.

This time also gives the Gran Turismo “family” more opportunities to get to know one another, and today, everyone is buzzing about Kazunori Yamauchi’s impromptu piano performance in the hotel lobby last night.

He sat down and effortlessly played Gran Turismo’s iconic “Moon Over the Castle”, as competitors Martin Grady, Coque Lopez, Adam Suswillo, and Cody Latkovski looked on:

It was a nice way to kick off the 2020 World Tour, and quite a surprise for everyone who did know about Kazunori’s skills as a pianist.

Keep an eye out for more news from Gran Turismo’s event in Sydney this weekend, which officially kicks off on Friday with a special presentation by Kazunori.

Don’t forget, the competitive events on Saturday and Sunday will also be open to the public. If you are in the Sydney area, be sure to get your tickets and say hello!

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